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WTF… : Green Smoothies

So a while back I started a “what to do with…?” series, where I was planning on writing posts about common superfoods, and health products and explain sort of the basics of what to really do with them. The series started with a post about chia seeds (full post HERE) aaaand the series pretty much stopped there. It’s apparently this new kind of series where actually there’s only one post in it #fail. In any case, I wanted to start it again, but this time make it a little more broad. I want to be able to cover all the health & fitness basics, the things no one really takes the time to explain; enter the WTF series. And no better way to kick it off than covering the ultimate “symbol” of health; the green smoothie. They’re everywhere now, and all them yoga-practicing, quinoa-eating, herbal tea-drinking chicks are blending em up for breakfast, but question: why are they that great? What are they even? How do I make one? Oh and what about smoothie bowls? Are they just smoothies…poured into a bowl?! I received some of these questions from friends and it made me realize something: All this stuff seems kinda just logical to me, but in the end, that’s probably cuz admittedly I am one of those omg-I-can’t-start-my-day-off-without-some-yoga-and-a-green-smoothie kinda girls (don’t worry, I know, I also cringe at the sound of that). So here are some of the green smoothie basics.


So like…wtf are they

Well a smoothie is typically just a blend of some or all of the following: fruit, vegetables, juice, milk (nut milk in my case), nut butter, superfoods, water, ice, yogurt (soy yog. for me), seeds, etc. So pretty much everything and anything you feel like. Now what makes it green? Well usually they’re made green with the addition of a leafy green (typically spinach or kale). Omg ew what why the hell would you do that?!?! Like bro make a salad if you want but don’t you go putting spinach in my delicious banana-peanut butter concoction! Well actually, the point is that you don’t taste it at all. For real I’m not joking, other than the fact that your drink is now green (which is a total plus cuz now you feel healthy AF) you would never know that the leaves are in there. So yup that’s it that all, to make a green smoothie shove all your favourite things in a blender, add some green leaves and voiiiillaaa!

Alright gotcha…but what’s all the hype about?

The great thing about green smoothies is that you can eat your greens, load up on vitamins like mad, and it can come in the form of what is basically a fruit and nut milkshake. Like double win and I right? When making a green smoothie, the key is the darker the leaves the better: they’re loaded with vitamin C, A, K, iron, calcium and potassium. For real 100g of spinach (about 2 big handfuls) 402% of your daily recommended value of vitamin K and 35% of your iron while only being 24 calories…But okay I gotcha, I know it’s annoying to have to buy like 4 massive spinach bags every time you go food shopping and if you’ve also got roommates, yeah they won’t like you much when you take up the entire fridge. Solution? Frozen spinach. Seriously though, this has changed my life. The leaves are just compressed raw and frozen into cubes, so I only need to buy a small frozen spinach bag to keep in the freezer for the week and I don’t have to worry about my leaves going bad. Ain’t no reason not to hop on the green smoothie band wagon now;)


What about smoothie bowls?

So this is sort of a side note, but I got this question from a good friend of mine and I was like damn…good question. Is a smoothie bowl just a smoothie…in a bowl? I can’t really talk for others cuz I guess everyone just sort of chooses the recipient they want for their beverages, like drink your smoothie out a flower vase or a cardboard box if ya want, don’t matter to me (except I wouldn’t recommend the box), but in my case, I’ll put my smoothie in a bowl if it’s thick enough to eat with a spoon. It’s also nice cuz that way you can load it up with toppings and then have little crunchy bits in your smoothie (omg now I’m craving a smoothie bowl). So how to make your smoothie thick? I mean step 1 would be to add less liquid (duuuhhh), but also to blend in frozen fruit instead of fresh ones, or to opt for fruit that have less water in them (bananas, mangos as compared to oranges, apples) or even veggies such as zucchini (I know that sounds weird, it even sounded weird to me until a few months ago where I had a left over zucchini and actually googled “can you put a zucchini in a green smoothie” the verdict was yep, yep you can). Nut butters can also help thicken up your smoothie (peanut butter is my all time fav, k omg why am I talking about peanut butter now I’m craving it..) but so can seeds such as chia and flax seeds. Best smoothie bowl toppings? Check out my blog post about it here.


How to make a killer green smoothie

Even though as I said before you can literally shove everything and anything into your blender to make green smoothie, here’s a little guide if you’re in need of some inspiration:

Fruit (pick 3)               Vegetable (optional, pick 2)       Leafy green (2 handfuls)       Seeds (1 tbsp)

-apple                           -carrot                                             -spinach                                    -chia seeds

-orange                        -cucumber                                      -kale                                           -flax seeds

-mango                        -avocado                                         -collard                                      -hemp seeds

-kiwi                             -celery                                             -swiss chard

-lemon                         -zucchini

-banana                       -broccoli

-berries                        -ginger root

-pear                            -beet root

-dates                          -parsley

Nut butter (optional, 1 tbsp)             Liquid (1 1/2 cup)                  Superfood (optional, 1 tsp)

-peanut butter                                      -water                                      -spirulina

-tahini                                                    -almond milk                         -baobab

-almond butter                                     -soy milk                                -wheatgrass powder

-hazelnut butter                                   -fresh juice                            -acai

-cashew butter                                     -coconut water                      -maca


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