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Workout at Barry’s Bootcamp London

Barry’s Bootcamp sells itself as being “The Best Workout in the World”. I know right. What a statement. It started in the U.S. and it finally opened it’s first international location in London. I had heard about Barry’s before but other than knowing that Kim & Kanye were regulars at the LA studio, I didn’t really know what it was. What exactly is the world’s best workout? I came by London for a few days of vacation, and obviously my schedule basically revolved around fitness classes to try out, and restaurant reservations. My friend Isabella (@ballet_goes_bananas on Instagram) told me we should try out Barry’s and I was clearly hella down. So there we go. I arrived in London on Tuesday at 11pm and was up early on Wednesday for an 8am bootcamp class. Yes this is my idea of fun on a vacation, no I don’t need any judgement please. 


I thought I was going to be late to the class mainly because despite having spent my whole summer living in the city, it’s still so freaking confusing. I usually hate being late, but even more so when being given the advice “watch out, they really start oooon time.” I was thinking like k am I going to some army camp? Will there be a big hulking man on a megaphone yelling at me? Am I going to cry? Thankfully, I wasn’t late. And even more thankfully, I didn’t even cry. This doesn’t mean the session wasn’t a killer though, cuz damn it was.


So, time to get to the good stuff. What really is the “World’s Best Workout”?? Well, it’s what we’ve always known is best for conditioning, weight loss, muscle gain, heart rate etc; a combination of everything. This is really key, and Barry’s has got it down. This is the same reason why the Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide does such wonders (click here for my full BBG review). Combining weight training, HIIT (high intensity interval training), calisthenics (using your own body weight) and plyometrics (jump training) is the ultimate workout, yet I’ve never been to a class that does it just right, until Barry’s. You start either on the floor or on the treadmills and do a 15-ish minute workout. On the floor you do combined resistance training exercises with weights or your body weight WITHOUT TAKING A BREAK. Alright you might be thinking like…it’s 15 minutes? That’s nothing. TRUST ME ITS NOT NOTHING. After you’re done that however, it’s faaaar from over. You switch with the treadmill guys, and they do the floor exercises while you do a sprint routine on the treadmills. And this is no little sprint sesh. This is one of the “SPRINT AS FAST AS YOU CAN” “okay now KEEP THE SPEED and ADD 8% INCLINE” Like what?!?! Bro i’m so close to flying off the back of this treadmill and crashing into the wall behind me. But when you’re done, you feel damn good (until the instructor says switch again). You do each the floor and treadmill twice, obviously each time the exercises aren’t the same. They’re harder.

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t lost AF for the first few minutes of the class. But that’s what’s so great about Barry’s. It’s kind of a no BS vibe. The coach we had (Anya) was an absolute bada$$ and there was no cutesy intro, it was bang smack get your weights now and do this go. No. Go harder. No. Harder. They got that bootcamp feel down, and it may be tough as hell, but the music and atmosphere is mad motivating.

When it’s all done, the lights went off, music changed to something a little slower, and we had a nice little stretch session AKA lie on the floor furiously trying to recover.


But what’s the best way to recover after a killer workout? A huge, nutrient-rich, calorie-full, too-thick-to-sip-up-the-straw protein shake. And Barry’s has got you covered for that as well. With a largely varied menu you can go for anything from chocolaty to fruity with any added superfood and they even have choice of vegan proteins. Like myyyyy god I’m in love with this place (I’ve already spotted a nice little cubby I could probably set up camp and move into without anyone noticing). Isabella and I got the Chocolate Peanut butter Banana shake (I know, I literally have one of those every. single. day. But I had to, it’s just too good).

So all in all. Barry’s Bootcamp is a sweet workout, and yet another reason why I need to move to London NOW. If you’re in town, go check it out. And I highly recommend Anya! She’ll make you wonder why you even took my advice on this, until you’re done. Then you’ll understand.

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