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Wellness Me Spa Montreux

Yesterday my favorite fit girl AKA best friend AKA other half Stef and I went to go spend an entire afternoon at the Wellness Me Spa in Montreux. A few days before, Stef and I had decided we would try out cryotherapy and aquafit, but to be honest these were just fancy names to me and I had nooo idea what to expect. We had simply gotten an email the day prior making sure we didn’t have any heart trouble or allergies to cold (to that last point I was like mmmm debatable). But in any case, Stef dropped by the train station to pick me up at about 3:45pm and at 4:00 we were at the spa ready to go. 


We were welcomed by the adorable Michelle, the General Manager, who kindly took our coats and boots and lead us to the beautiful change rooms. After taking a ton of pictures in the change room (Michelle was probably out there like kkkk what are these kids doing…) we headed to the cryotherapy room. Basically cryotherapy is the exposure to crazy low temperatures (I’m talking negative 150 degrees celsius) as a form of medicinal treatment. It promotes good circulation, decreases muscle soreness and helps the repair of muscle tissue while allowing more blood and oxygen to flow through your body. It’s used extensively by athletes to avoid getting DOMS, by people wanting to lose weight, or by anyone looking for new ways to promote good health. Michelle told us you can burn up to 800-1000 calories in a single session. Please note that a session is 3 minutes. Yup, IN 3 MINUTES you can burn MORE CALORIES THAN WE DID IN AN EFFING MARATHON. Unreal.

So how was it? Considering I am that person that is always cold, and always complaining about the cold (just ask Stef), it really wasn’t that bad. The cold is very dry so it’s nothing like jumping into a cold lake or doing that stupid thing where you roll in the snow in your underwear (why people actually do that is beyond me). I’m not gonna lie and say it’s a stroll on the beach because it’s not. It is f@#%!ng cold, but it feels like walking home on a January evening in Canada, where the ice wind is sort of stabbing you in the face. But here at least your face is warm, and your wearing ridiculous yet super cute furry slipper-boots.


After our 3 minute round each, Michelle lead us to the relaxation room so that we could lie down a bit and rest. The room was beautifully lit red from the lights shinning behind the walls made of himalayan salt (I know right, like I struggle to fit that stuff into my weekly grocery budget and here the walls are made of it?!? Like damn can you faaaaan-cy). We spent about half an hour there relaxing AKA chatting cuz when Stef and I are together we have a serious problem and can’t stop talking. We even managed to get some yoga pose pics in front of the wall cuz when you throw two fitness bloggers in a room with a camera and a killer backdrop what do you expect??


Michelle then offered us a tour of the whole Spa. Each room has a different function, and tons of crazy equipment is available such as floatation pods, machines for facials, Iyashi domes etc. Everything is beautifully decorated, most walls covered in live plants, orchids everywhere, literally when I die I want this to be my heaven.


It was then time for Stef and I to get our fitness on. We got into our bikinis and headed to the aquafit machines. It’s basically spinning, but in water. The water adds extra resistance and helps tone thanks to the pressure jets. Since the machine tells you your calorie consumption and distance, Stef and I had to turn it into a competition and finished the 25mins nice and sweaty. You can chose your resistance level and the amount of water pressure, to really customize your session. With over 400 calories burned in only 25 minutes, safe to say its heeelllla effective.

We ended our amazing Spa day with a massage on the turbojet. It’s basically an automatic massaging water bed. We chose the “full experience” option, so the massage was accompanied by music and amazingly scented mist. For real I need to find out what scent they put in there cuz omg I need it to be surrounded by it at all times. The turbojet massage was nice, yet I wouldn’t trade it for a traditional massage as there’s nothing nicer than human touch. Oh and to make even better, while one was getting the massage, the other the one could snack on pineapple and fresh medjool dates that were sooooo freaking fleshy ohhh my.



All in all, my first day of end-of-semester holidays could not have been spent in a better way. For any of you Swiss-based girls, for real, you gooootta grab your best friend and make a day at Wellness Me, there is no better treat.

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  • Oriane
    January 26, 2016 at 9:42 am

    Sounds amazing !! How beautiful this place is… Im just like you, can’t handle cold haha