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#vicandstef hit the Sunshine Coast

3 months isn’t really all that long, I mean… it’s the length of summer holidays which lets be honest, just flashes by, but let me tell ya something: 3 months without my other half Stef felt daaaaamn long. Even though we kept each other up to date on EVERY minute of our lives for those 3 months (no joke the entire memory of my 55GB iPhone is taken up by the 25 thousand voice messages we send back and forth daily), it’s still not the same as having my girl with me, running around hopelessly lost, late, with a million things to do, lugging around enough stuff to house and dress a family of 13 for the next year…That’s how the #vicandstef adventures go and gah-damn I love every minute. So there you have it, after Stef left me in Switzerland to run off to Australia, I decided to run after her and only 3 weeks after my move to Australia (still no WiFi or furniture) she came to visit me for a reunion weekend on the Sunshine Coast.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – DAY 1 – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –


Stef landed at 8:30pm on Friday night, so after a super emotional run-into-each-others-arms moment, we hopped in the rental car and drove from Brisbane to the Sunshine Coast.

The first day of our adventures started off with a 5:30am wake up, cuz waking up at a reasonable hour would be way too basic for us. We got ready speedily in the dark, and ran off to the beach to see that beeeauitful sunrise because OH MY LORD I don’t know what it is about Australia, but I have never seen such beautiful sunrises/sets in my life, and this one did not disappoint. It was literally as though Walt Disney himself painted the sunrise in the sky and we were just sort of waiting for Mufasa to jump out from somewhere and stand in the sunlight.


After doing some beach yoga, it was time to get in those lil bikini’s (being fresh off my bulk I was in no way ready to rock it but whateva just gotta suck it up and own it. Gotta repeat to yourself: “I am Candice Swanepoel, I am Candice Swanepoel” cuz it’s all about visualization right? Oh and good lighting & angles).




After beach frolicking all morning we stopped by the Acai Brothers for a acai bowls but then ran off to lunch right after cuz these chicas need to EAT and those lil fruity bowls are cute n all but like DAT AIN’T ENOUGH. We went off to a healthy vegan restaurant Nurcha and shared the nacho platter and the wrap & chips.

After lunch we ran home (yeah when Stef & I are together there ain’t no such thing as walking, we’re just running, forever running), and ran off to the beach for a sunset workout.


After this long day, Stef and I did something we don’t really do ever: we chilled. I KNOW RIGHT, LIKE HOLD THE PHONE! YOU ACTUALLY TOOK A SECOND TO CHILL ON VACATION?! Yeah man. And guess what else; WE GOT A GLASS OF WINE. And while were on a roll here, basically flipping the world upside down, I’ll continue: WE SHARED A BIG CIABATTA BREAD. So in conclusion, yes, for dinner, Stef and I sat by the water at an ocean-side bar, had a glass of wine, shared some ciabatta and olives, and relaxed.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – DAY 2 – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –


So day 2 started with an even earlier wake-up at 5am. We quickly got dressed and headed off to Mount Coolum for a climb in the dark, and make it to the top for sunrise. Yet again, it did not disappoint and the rise was possibly even more epic than the previous day. There’s literally no better way to start the day.



After a climb, it was time to hit the Fishermans Farmer’s market. This has been my standard Sunday morning routine since I’m in Australia and I flipping love it. I always get this colossal box of fresh produce that lasts me for the whole week. Oh and even better: the entire box never costs me more than 30$. Say wuuuuuuut. I know, you can hardly even buy a headband at lulumemon for that price and here I get ALL my produce for the week. And you betcha that’s a shit ton of produce, cuz that’s pretty much all I eat.




After the market it was bunch time. We headed over to The Velo Project, a super cute lil cafe near my place. We had some good ol’ classic Aussie bunch with avo toast for me and some eggs & veggies for Stef. We sat in the sun, edited some pictures, talked about everything and anything and soaked in the beautiful Sunday vibes.



We used up all the lovely produce we bought at the market to compile a sweet picnic. Here was the spread:

-Homemade guac


-Carrot, cucumber & celery sticks

-Peanut butter

-Rice cakes


Not bad right? We grabbed all the goodies, ran off (of course always running) to the wall on the beach where everyone gathers to sit and watch the sunset (HOW CUTE IS THAT). We had our little picnic and talked until the sun was weeeell set, was dark, everyone was gone and it was cold, but we didn’t even notice. That’s the beauty of surrounding yourself with like-minded people. Being able to say everything that’s on your mind, every minute, and find that time just speeds by.


– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – DAY 3 – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –


Now I know this is gonna sound whack but on our last morning we woke up EVEN EARLIER at 4am (why do we do this to ourselves I have no idea). Actually that’s a lie, I do know why. Once we were standing on the edge of the cliff of the Noosa Costal Walk, looking out to the huge stretch of ocean in front of us, watching the sun rise in the cloudless sky, waves crashing on the rocks and just in case this wasn’t magical enough A FREAKIN WHALE SHOWED UP. OH AND DOLPHINS. It was almost too much. It was like hold up world, don’t throw all eggs in the same basket here, nothing in the world will ever be as unreal, phenomenal, bewitching, OUT-OF-THIS-WORLD, as this moment.



So we were up 4am, drove up to Noosa, went for a walk, furiously chased whales, ended up getting lost (classic), so by the time we could FINALLY find a place to eat it was 11am so saying we were RAVENOUS is an understatement.



Post bunch was time for paddle-boarding which let me clear this up right now, is WAY different on the ocean than on a lake. Didn’t help that the waves were wacky AF that day and were literally just jumping around in every which way. They kept catching me off guard and knocking me down, but when the waves knock you down man…. YOU GET BACK UP (but then they’d knock me down again and it was really annoying). Still good fun regardless.

So that was that. That was our amazing weekend on the Sunshine Coast. Of course we saw amazingly beautiful things, went to magical places, ate good food, spent lots of time in the sun, but most importantly, I was with my girl. If there’s something I’ve really realized lately it’s that your environment is everything, and you are who you surround yourself with. You need to surround yourself with people that inspire you, people that motivate you, that push you and really make you believe that you can reach your goals. I always leave Stef buzzing with a million ideas, and the feeling that we’re gonna take over the world. Now that’s friendship.

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