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UPDATE: on that muscle-gain grind

Alright so a few weeks ago I said I was starting something completely new. I was starting a new gym program focused on weight-lifting and muscle-building paired with a higher calorie meal plan, therefore I guess you could kind-of call it a “bulk”. I said I would stick to my gym plan and meal plan to the dot for 4 weeks and then re-assess. I tend to be pretty stubborn so when I decide something it’s like I WILL STICK TO THIS TIL THE DEATH OF ME but obviously this can be kinda dumb, and in the past this hasn’t worked for me all that well. Mainly cuz instead of thinking “oh hey, I’m not really getting the results I want maybe I should change something”, my attitude has been “It’s not working yet? I SHOULD DO MORE AND MORE OF IT UNTIL IT DOES”. Yeah that was stupid so I’ve decided not to do that anymore (Yay for maturity!!!). So now it’s 4 weeks down the line and it’s time to do exactly what I said I would; reassess and reevaluate. 


Alright so the main question now poses itself: Have I made progress?

In terms of the amount of weight I can lift the answer is: yeah kinda. I mean nothing insane but I’ve increased my squat by 5kg, also increased my deadlift by 5kg, my leg press by 20lb and now do weighted lunges with 10lb more than before. Not too bad for 4 weeks. If been hitting PRs in most of the exercises, and I’m feeling stronger.

Don't worry I won't be insulted if you can't see a difference, cuz tbh I can't really either and trust me I'm looking

Don’t worry I won’t be insulted if you can’t see a difference, cuz tbh I can’t really either and trust me I’m looking…

In terms of appearance: not that much difference. I was hoping with this program to gain muscle, and to be honest I am seeing some gains in my legs and butt (which is what I was hoping for), but for some reason progress pics kinda got me looking the EXACT SAME. Like I don’t even know which is the pic from before or after, or if they were taken on the same day. On some picture it looks like there may be a teeny weeny bit of abs progress, even though there are no ab exercises in my workout program (just goes to show that sit-ups don’t do iisssshh). Buuuut I’m never one to get discouraged, and I know that progress can be slow. Sometimes you see no changes for months and then all of a sudden BAM hit’s you all in one day. And that’s a pretty good day.



So the second most important question now poses itself: am I planning on changing anything?

In terms of workouts, not really. I’ve been making steady increases in the amounts I can lift, and I’m happy with the way the workouts are going. Every gym session I try increase the weight on at least one of the exercises for that day. What I’ve found the most different about this gym program as compared to ones I’ve done in the past is the type of exhaustion you feel after a workout. After these lifting session I’m not really that tired, hardly even sweaty but oh my god my body is just DONE. Showering after my workout, my arms are like “no bro, don’t make me blow-dry your hair now. I can’t. I’m over. I give up.” And weirdly enough (this has never happened to me ever), but I’m so happy when it’s time for rest-day. I feel that all my muscles are so exhausted they need that recoup day.

In terms of diet, I’m gonna switch things up a bit (I know, I know, I just finally posted my meal-plan blog post and now I’m already like mmm naaahh changin it), but here’s why. I was thinking about what I’m gonna do after my “bulking” phase, thinking about how I was gonna lower calories and lower carbs for a little mini “cut” right before summer, but then I thought, kkkk I’m literally on like lowest amount of carbs possible as a vegan right now. So after some more research I saw that carbs really facilitate muscle growth during a bulk phase, and low-carb is really just a better way to lower body fat (which I’m not really going for atm). Sooooo new plan is to lower fats and increase carbs. Still gonna do some carb cycling by doing “low-carb” days on rest-day, but otherwise I’m gonna up the carbs a wee bit which means… back to morning green smoothies YYYAAAYY (this is like the best part).


So this is my update on the “build-muscle plan”. A little changes, a little tweaks in the program to hopefully get even stronger! I took a little break during my trip to Rome (ate my body weight in pizza, gelato etc.) but now I’m back, and ready to kiiilll itttt. I’m planning on keeping up with this new plan for the next 6 weeks until my birthday (where I’ll be doing another little holiday to London yyaayy vacation all the time 🙂 ). After that will be reassessment #2 and if all goes well, after that I may start my mini “cut” time. Woohoo! Exciting things to come so follow my Insta, twitter and YouTube for alllll dem updates 😉

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