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Training at Tone-Up Sports Centre

I have a love/hate relationship with vacations. I mean I love them because okay who doesn’t, but there’s part of me that also finds them awfully frustrating. It’s not just cuz I get out of the gym grove, sometimes it’s nice to let your body rest, eat an absurd amount of food unnecessarily (your body really does not need the energy of 6 meals a day when all your doing is sitting on your ass) and relax. It’s nice while it lasts but then you get back to reality, dunno where your head’s at anymore, my mental to-do list is out the effing window, all my clothes are dirty, I have so much washing to do, all I have in my fridge is half an onion and a can of tomatoes, no meals are planned, and then it’s time to get back to the gym… It’s like uuuggghhh I don’t waannaa. No way in hell am I actually  dragging by own butt to the gym, it’s too full of donuts and my baby biceps can’t muster the strength. So after almost 2 weeks of holidays, the personal training session with Stef at Tone Up on Monday was literally my saving grace. It was the perfect way to get my pudgy little bum back into shape. 

Stef and I had already been to the Tone Up gym for the Fit n’ Tasty Kickstart event (full post about it HERE) and safe to say I had already labeled the place as myyyyy kinda gym. Here you can do everything from crossfit classes and functional training to kick boxing. The place is literally a grown up’s playground, so this Monday, Stef and I had the chance to play around with the awesome trainer Solveg. By “play” I mean sweat, and by “sweat” and I mean grunt and make those classic super cute Vic workout faces, all caught on film and camera for me to post openly on the internet because I like embarrassing myself.


Solveg had Stef and I do the WOD that was set for that day’s crossfit class. It started off with 2 warm-up rounds of 200m rowing, 50 jumping jacks and 5 crossfit pushups. Crossfit pushups are like normal pushups but with your hands placed right under your chest and elbows in AKA a bullet to your ego. Had to bite the bullet and do “girl pushups” as much as I hate calling them that, what I hate even more is actually having to suck up my pride and get on my knees. I guess Solveg thought we weren’t warm enough yet (my red face begged to differ), so warm up continued with a few sets of unweighted cross fit squats. Just like with the pushups, they’re pretty much the same as the classic version but made a little harder to make you feel a little worse about yourself. CROSSFIT IS FUN. Kidding, it actually is, and the only difference with the squats is really going passed the 90 degree knee bend, so just a weeeee bit more uncomfortable.


Next were tabata squats with a bar. 20 seconds work, 10 seconds rest: sounds easy right? The squats themselves were okay, toughest part was more with keeping the bar on your back during the whole 8 tabata sets.

Alright, safe to say we were definitely warm enough at this point. Time for real workout cuz obviously that was baby ish right?!


Main set was 10 minutes of:

  • 7 crossfit pushups (these f@*#ing things again, I SWEAR I ACTUALLY CAN DO PUSHUPS just not these ones -.-)
  • 7 assisted dips 
  • 50 ball-to-walls
  • 200 single skips or 100 double unders (I tried the double unders but they reeeaally weren’t working for me that day. Plus crossfit skip ropes are super thin and will whip the eff out of you, and I’m way too much of a wuss to risk it)

We were to do as many circuits as possible in 10 minutes, and we went through it almost twice.


After that was time for stretching yay! It’s like the best part hehe. If only crossfit had shavasana, that would be even better. But tbh we were chatting so much with the awesome Solveg; she was giving weight lifting tips etc, that even me, who loves a good post-workout meditation (AKA lie on the floor and nap) probably couldn’t have got myself to shut up.

At Tone Up you can have personal training classes as we did with Stef or train in small group classes for crossfit or boxing. If you’re in the Lausanne area, seriously hit em up, the trainers are awesome, the gym is amazing and the place has such a killer community vibe to it.

Tone Up

Chemin du Trabandan 28C

1006 Lausanne

+41 21 711 50 20

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