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Tips for healthy travels

My family is a little all over the place. Although all my extended family live in France, my parents are in Singapore and my brother is in Canada while I’m in Switzerland. Like for real we could not be further from one another. Therefore all Christmas and summer vacations include some of us having to fly halfway across the world just to be able to spend the holidays in each other’s company. The past few years we have spent Christmas in South East Asia, so I would say I’m no stranger to long flights (although my 14 hour flight time seems like a joke compared to my brother’s 24 hour travel time). The worst thing ever is getting off the plane, feeling gross, crummy, stomach’s on a whack like what time is it, I’m hungry but nauseous, if I eat I’ll puke, like what do? Also I’m exhausted yet literally all I’ve done is spent a full day SITTING ON A CHAIR. LITERALLY DOING NOTHING ELSE. Yet for some reason there’s something about sitting in a chair with air cond. turned to like NEGATIVE 4 DEGREES in the sky that’s so damn exhausting. Here are a few tips I use to make sure I have a more pleasant and healthy trip.

  1. FOOD

Maybe it’s the long waiting time, being bored or being in a different environment, don’t know what it is, but there’s something about travelling which makes me hungry and want to snack on everything. Part of me is like, hey I have to sit here and wait for an hour, so might as well eat all the convenience snacks while I do so right? There’s an idea. Now I can not only sit in a chair for the next day without moving, but I can do so with a tummy ache on top of it! Logic is good.

I therefore always bring myself a big bag of snacks, cuz if I’m gonna be hungry and want to snack on stuff, might as well save the money and my health and avoid gift shop food. My favorite things to bring for snacking:

  • A baggy of trail mix, with mixed nuts, dried fruit etc.,
  • Healthy snack bars such as Larabars or Raw Bite bars
  • Fruit that won’t get squished (I’ve made the mistake of bringing a nectarine once…trust me, stick to apples or oranges)

I never really eat airplane food. Mainly because I’m always asleep when they come by with meals, but also because when I was a kid they used to make me feel sick so I’ve just always avoided them. I also found that nothing makes you feel crappier on a plane than eating foods you’re not used to. My favorite thing to pack is a jar of oats with protein powder, raw cacao, chopped nuts and a banana on the side. When I’m ready for breakfast I simply ask the plane crew for some hot water to add to my oats, throw pieces of banana in there and I have a super-filling jar of porridge. Even at 35, 000 ft altitude I’m still on my oatmeal game. Win.

  1. Change the time

Obviously it depends on what time I’m taking the flight, but usually the second I’m in the plane, I change my watch to the time of my destination country. I then live my flight following that time. I sleep when it’s night and make my breakfast oats when it’s breakfast time. I can then avoid, as much as I can, having my internal clock confused as F once I land.


  1. Stay fresh

Before sleeping in the plane, I like to get “ready for bed” the way I do at home. I always bring a mini toothbrush and face wipes, so before sleeping I can feel clean and ready to sleep. This avoids that awkward impromptu nap feeling. I’m still attempting to sleep on a stiff chair, with my head just sort of hanging on the side, probs like 2cm from the neighbour’s shoulder, but at least I’m clean and my teeth are minty fresh. Makes all the difference I swear. When it’s wake up time, I have my breakfast then go brush my teeth, wash my face etc.

I also bring a clean pair of underwear, socks and a mini perfume. Shortly before landing I’ll usually go to the bathroom, get changed into clean clothes, and freshen up (like why does sitting in a chair in the sky make you dirty and smelly?! Seriously, I spend my life sitting in chairs in class, how is this different? It baffles me).

In any case, after all this, I can land feeling nice and clean. Oh and I forgot the most important key to having a good flight, which I feel like I mention in every blog post ever cuz it’s the real key to success no joke, DJ Khaled’s got it down;  OF COURSE WATER. FOR REAL CHUG THAT SH!T. You get way more dehydrated in a plane than you think you do.

Happy and safe travels! 🙂

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  • Oriane
    January 26, 2016 at 9:18 am

    Never thought of taking oatmeal with me !! Thanks for the tip, I usually hate plane food too. Last time I ordered a raw vegan meal on the plane and got a plate of fruits from Thaïland, that was just what I needed 🙂 It depends on the company I think. I’m also wondering whyy the F are we all sweaty and smelly after a flight, but I hate to put clean underwears if I can’t take a shower first… Maybe I should try. Nothing better than an after flight shower 😛

    • Victoria S.
      January 28, 2016 at 8:27 pm

      That’s amazing. I usually ask for a vegan meal as well, just to have a look at what they serve but it’s usually greasy potatoes :/ so I stick to my oatmeal haha