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The “Get the energy back” Plan

I put up a picture of my green juice on Instagram the other day, and started writing my caption. I soon realized that I was going on a furious rant and told myself “aight Vic no one’s gonna read all of this stuff, your green juice caption is edging on a novel.” I therefore changed my caption to something a little shorter, more appropriate for a mediocre, Android quality (not even iPhone) picture of a bottle of juice. But I was thinking, hey I had stuff to say there, maybe I should post it on that blog I have where short stories are entirely appropriate. So after all of that, here’s a little word on energy and fatigue. Read up buttercups, especially if you’re sleepy. 

You know that feeling where you’re in a lecture, meeting or basically any situation where you’re seated and supposed to be passively listening, and you feel yourself dozing off? You may even completely fall asleep for a split second where your neck kind of gives out; it wakes you up instantly and you’re like “Woah did anyone see that weird spasm? I hope not. I hope I wasn’t actually asleep for a long time there, that would be pretty embarrassing.” I used to think that was normal. I used to think I just needed a nap or that this prof’s just heeeella boring and needs to work on his teaching game. The answer is often to sleep more or to resort to a pick-me-up like coffee or sweet food because you “need that sugar/caffeine kick” or “need that nap”. No man you need to get moving, because if you’ve had your 8 hours of sleep, sleeping more won’t help, nor will that sugary snack, but a run will.

IMG_2841For the first time in almost a year, I actually found myself thinking that I may be too tired to gym, when I had had a very reasonable 9 hours in the sack. I didn’t even realize it until that moment, but I  had been feeling super sluggish the entire week prior. It was that feeling so many of us have, where you find yourself just sort of saying “hmmm I’m tired today” as if it’s something new, when really the absent, I-could-totally-do-with-a-nap thought is one that follows you daily. This was SO not okay with me because I’ve prided myself in my consistent energy for so long. I love that I-gotta-jump-out-of-bed-asap feeling that would grab me the second my alarm would ring, where my answer to the classic “I’m tired” was always “oh yeah? not me” followed by a “lol” (that I didn’t say aloud so that people don’t think I’m that conceited). I always thought it’s that vegan diet and my daily workouts, but wait hold the phone cuz I’ve still been on my vegan diet and doing 6 workouts a week…how did I get tired all of a sudden? How did I become ONE OF THOSE?! One of those that answer “me too”. I refuse. So hello my “get the energy back” plan.

IMG_20150906_140553Energy fuels energy. I swear by it. The more you do, the more you get done. I mean there’s a limit to everything, but if you’re getting your night’s sleep there is absolutely no reason to be tired on a daily basis (unless you have a thyroid problem or something, then in that case I’m no doctor and spinach probably won’t cure it). But if energy fuels energy, you just have to give the ball a little push, and it’ll get rolling. And that push needed is not the coffee or sweet snack that will later become the rock on the road that pierces the ball flat. That push needs to come from within you. So to start the plan I set my alarm on for 5:30am, drank a green juice, and headed out for a run. Simple? Yeah but damn, when you’ve already ran your 8km before 7am you feel good. I then proceeded with two days of mostly smoothie drinking. I thought it was my vegan diet that was giving me energy, but it was more than that. A classic misconception is that vegan automatically means healthy. Overeating and under-eating are both unhealthy, no matter what diet you follow, and the past few weeks I was massively overeating (living off vegan cheesecake, peanut butter etc). It’s funny how people think food gives you energy, when too much of it can do absolutely the opposite. So other than my usual hefty bowl of porridge for breakfast (which I could never give up), I spent 2 days drinking giant spinach + watermelon + strawberry + mint + cold water smoothies as a mini “cleanse”. I don’t believe in cleanses, but after being in calorie surplus for so long, a little low cal gave me a boost (especially when my vit A count was at like 438%) . Oh and an exception being when my 2 meter tall guy friend told me “there was no way” I was eating as much mexican food as him, naturally I had to prove myself, which of course I did (despite eating enough fajitas for a small village not being on the “cleanse” menu).

So be one of those that answer “lol” to the classic fatigue complaint, cuz trust me it feels good. You just gotta give that push. Energy fuels energy kids, the mantra is real.

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