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Swiss BBG Meetup

Last summer we did our first Swiss BBG meet up. I remember meeting other girls for the first time, where the only thing we had in common was the fact that we were following the same fitness guide. Like what a strange concept. We didn’t have anything really planned, we just met by the lake on a beautiful sunny summer AKA the lakeside was PACKED and none of us were too keen on breaking out into squats in the middle of the hundreds of people lying around in their bathing suits like Plage de Lutry was St. Tropez or something. We were about 6 girls in total and ended up doing our circuit workout in the middle of a basket ball court next to a bunch of dudes casually tossing hoops wondering who the f invited this group of chicks frantically jumping up and down. Anyways, just goes to say we’ve come a long way from our first Swiss BBG Meet up. Today was our 2nd one in Lausanne, and there was a turn out of about 25 girls (like talk about a 500% increase DAMN). And with a little organization by Sabrine (@thefit_panda), Stef and I, we had a workout planned out, a location set, even Nike fitness wear and juices from Fit n’ Tasty to sell. So safe to say, it was a success. 


We started off by a warm-up by Sabrine. She’s a cheerleader so she got this group warm-up stuff down. We then moved on to the real deal: the circuit. We made a little mishmash of different classic Kayla exercises so that everyone could participate, no matter what week of the program they were on. It was also of course made so that no equipment was needed. So after a pretty sweaty 28 minute circuit (for real at the end my shoes were sliding as I was doing mountain climbers from the puddle of sweat on my mat), we had a little break. But no too long, cuz no way was the workout done there. We then did a little challenge session. It was similar to the 1 minute challenge you find in BBG 2.0. We did 1 minute of commandos, 1 minute of push-ups, 1 minute of straight-leg sit up and 1 minute of squat jumps and the goal was to get as many as you could in that time. Challenge accepted.

IMG_2684 At this point we thought it was done. Over. Finally we could start heading towards that tempting table of cold-pressed juices and healthy homemade treats we all brought, and stuff our faces cuz we tooottally deserved it. Oh no wait. Joking. Stef decided to throw at us another challenge. Like you for real here? I’ve been eyeing those vegan cookies from across the room while jump-lunging for the passed hour. But okay, the challenge was a pretty sweet deal: who ever in the room could hold the plank for the longest would win a 1 day detox with Fit n’ Tasty. Unfortunately Sabrine and I weren’t supposed to participate, not that I could hold up against the winner who held the plank FOR OVER 4 MINUTES LIKE WUUUUT. You totally deserve that juice cleanse girl, so impressed.


Anyways, FINALLY we could indulge in some tasty food and refreshing juices. It was also where we finally had a time to all chat and meet each other. Safe to say that the BBG community is the worlds best community for real. I had such a good time talking with the awesome group of girls that came. There will be another meet up in Winterthur in January, so for all those that couldn’t make it this time, hope to see you there! I left smiling and in the best mood, such a nice way to start the day and end the week. Only thing that could have made the event better? Kayla just walking in the way she did at the NYC meet-up this morning. Damn. Next time @kayla_itsines?

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  • Kirsti
    December 15, 2015 at 5:48 pm

    Oooh, the BBG meetups look so cooool! I live in Zurich right now (student, from Northern Europe and there were no BBG meetups where I’m from), I’ve so wanted to go to a meetup, but Lausanne is way too far, thinking about joining you in the next one in January, that’s a bit closer. Room for another one? 😛

    • Victoria S.
      December 16, 2015 at 6:51 pm

      Definitely!!! There will be one in January in Wintertur it would be so great if you came!!! I will definitely be posting updates about it on my instagram (@sailingthroughfitness) and on Facebook (join our Swiss BBG girls group if you haven’t already). Looking forward to having you at our next meet up!! 😀