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Sweating with Kayla at the Berlin Bootcamp

About 2 months ago I got a text from Stef saying “let’s do Berlin on the 6th of Feb?”. TBH I had no idea what she was talking about so I was like no…? But about 2 seconds later, saw a million posts on Instagram about KAYLA HERSELF doing a bootcamp in BERLIN that’s like…. baaaaasically right next door. So I called up Stef and was like let’s do it. So we got our tickets completely on a whim. Didn’t really know if we were gonna be able get flights, when, how, where we were gonna stay, BUT DON’T EVEN MATTER cuz we were gonna workout with THE QUEEN that created this ENTIRE EFFING EMPIRE that is now the bbg community. For real it’s absolutely mental that one woman created this all. The online community is so so damn strong, full of positive, motivating women from all corners of the world and it all came about from a PT!? Like how, what, in what world is that a thing. Anyways, Stef and I joined the hundreds of other girls that came together yesterday to stink, sweat, chat and max out their iPhone memory in pictures. 


I’ve done the BBG guides before, I’m on my 3rd run through actually, (my full review HERE) so I guess I should have felt ready for the workout. Should have been excited to be finally working out with Kayla, the one who started it all, but what was going on in my mind was more like “omg I need to make it to the front, oh wait but the girls all the way at the front are probs gonna be fit AF am I even gonna be able to keep up? K no I don’t care I want to be at the front and need make it in the video. But the guys filming aren’t gonna be filming the very front row are they? And I don’t want to be all up in their face jumping up and down furiously that would be terrible, ouf imagine that close up ass view doing jump squats, no no not cute. So like 3rd row sounds good?” Yes my mind is a jungle party; how I haven’t died of a aneurism yet is beyond me. Safe to say I was pretty stressed out for the event as I really didn’t know what to expect. Were girls going to be queuing out in the cold for hours like some 2002 Avril concert? Should we pack our tents and camp out if we want to get a spot even near the front? We decided that since the doors open at 2:00, we would go at 1:00. Seems reasonable no? Weeeell at 12:00 girls were already commenting on one of Kayla’s insta pics that they we’ve been waiting outside for a while. Faaaakkkk seriously?!? So the nice little light lunch we had planned to have before the bootcamp turned into Stef and I absolutely freaking out (as usual) and deciding to just pack all our stuff and go to the arena immediately. Obviously we ended up at the wrong arena, started freaking out even more, frantically called an uber and finally ended up at the right place. There were only about 50 girls there so it was alright, we were like: can probs push our way in front of em easy. This is what we train for right? Turned out they were VIP, and the big dude letting them in basically laughed in my face when I tried to casually join in and act like I belonged. I was quickly put back in my place, and told to go back and join the common folk.


In any case, we were finally let in and we ran to be pretty much as close as we could be. It was nice that the arena opened an hour before the workout began so we all had time to run around like kids in a toy store posing and taking pictures of absolutely everything. Classic, throw a bunch of #bbggirls in a big room with an hour to spare, some giant S.W.E.A.T. letters and their phones, and they can entertain themselves for hours on end.


So after an hour, 130 million selfies and a ton of bad jokes told by Tobi, Kayla came out on stage. Was I at a fitness bootcamp or a Hilary Duff concert? You wouldn’t really know the difference. Screaming girls were crowding to the front of the stage, but what I loved was how grounded Kayla was about it all. Of course she came out smiling, thanked everyone for coming and said how great this was, but after that, it was really no bullshit. It was straight to the workout. I was expecting way more cutesy talk, but what really came through was that she’s a personal trainer, so after a few nice words, it was workout time. It was different from the usual 28 minute workout which I really appreciated, and I have to say it was tough. It was the same exercises as usual but with different time intervals, for example a 2 minute leg circuit with 30 seconds each move etc. The workout itself was only 28 minutes though, which went by extremely quickly. May seem a little crazy to travel all the way from Switzerland for a 28 minute workout, and it would have been cool for it to have been at least 45 mins, but the event didn’t stop there.

After the workout it was time for Kayla, Tobi and their team to throw presents into the crowd. Obviously I’m like 2-foot tall, and have never been gifted at catching things (literally cannot catch for the life of me), so I didn’t get the Kayla water bottle which I would really need since I lost mine a few weeks ago and have been filling up the same Evian one since (getting aaaall the plastic toxins). I just sort of stood in the middle getting trampled, praying no one would elbow me in the face.


After surviving the mosh pit of sweaty girls and somehow getting out of there without a black eye, it was time for… yuuuup you guessed it. More pictures. But this time with Kayla. Lets be real, it was probably 80% of the reason most girls were there that day. We were around 1, 500 girls in total (this is a total guesstimate, I’m really bad at guessing large numbers but lets go with that), so I had assumed not everyone would end up getting a picture. I tried to get to the front but it really didn’t work out and ended up being at the complete end of the line. But you know what? Kayla took a picture with every, single, one. Stood there in her sports bra probably freezing to death cuz I feel you girl, I’m not a cold weather person either, and smiled for 2 hours straight taking pic after pic. Respect. It looked exhausting and her cheeks probably hurting but I thought it was really cool of her to make sure no one left without their much wanted posing with Kayla pic where they were probably pulling the very classic kayla-pose (yes, I was one of them, no shame).  Obviously Stef is closing her eyes in our picture, so we pretty much travelled FROM SWITZERLAND for Stef to CLOSE HER FREAKING EYES OH MY GOD (I’m not mad I promise). ha.

IMG_8840 (1)


In any case, the day was amazing. And of course I loved Kayla before, I think she’s great, she’s achieved so much at such a young age (I got 3 years to build an empire if I want to be as successful) and inspires so many, yet I had a new found respect for her after this bootcamp. She didn’t revel in the fame, she didn’t act like she was a Kardashian on stage, she acted like a trainer. She trained us well, focused on the fitness, and on top of it, made the effort to stay after to take pictures with everyone. Props to you Kayla, for creating this insane community, changing girls aspirations from skinny to fit, running these awesome bootcamps and basically just slaying the game. You win girl, you win.


Little shoutout to @fierce.century, @nessa_bbg, @vickysgoinghealthy, @julesfitness_, @fitgirlgalina, @fuelingafire , was so nice seeing/meeting you girls at the event! Hopefully see you at the next one? 😉


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  • Electrofairy
    February 8, 2016 at 11:04 pm

    Great post! I also did a blogpost + video of the event!