Savse: Get The Glow juice range

So I was walking around Planet Organic yesterday (a healthy grocery store chain based in London) and came across the Get The Glow juices made by Madeline Shaw and her collaboration with Savse juices. I really wasn’t planning on buying anything but I had seen pictures of these juices all over instagram so I had to try. I was there with my best friend Chloe who absolutely loves doing this compare and contrast thing with different food items, so she suggested we get one of each flavour and try them out. So no, I didn’t leave the store with nothing (as I had intended but let’s be real, that wasn’t really going to happen), nor did I leave with a juice, I actually left with three (insert monkey with hands on eyes emoji here). So after having tried them all, here are my thoughts!


Raspberry Beets


So the first juice is the one made of beets, raspberry, apple, ginger, lemon and cacao. At first taste, my reaction was that it was too acidic. As someone that is a huuuuge fan of apple beet juice, I’m used to that sweet beet taste, but this one with the mix of raspberries, ginger and lemon is quite a bit more sour. It threw me off at first, but after another sip I came to the conclusion that it was actually hella yummy. The label describes it as a soothing guilt-free indulgence with a ginger kick. I’d say its definitely soothing, guilt-free for sure (don’t really see how one would feel guilty about blended vegetables), but the ginger kick could probably have been a bit more prominent.

Protein Punch


So the second one was the pina colada inspired juice made with coconut, pineapple, vanilla, maca and whey protein. Since it has whey protein it’s not vegan therefore I couldn’t actually try it myself, so I had to trust Chloe’s judgement on this one (no worries she has really good judgement as long as your not counting on her for directions). First of all, it is pretty unusual to see protein powder being used in what is usually a line of solely cold-pressed juices. I quite like the idea of the two being combined however and wish it was made with a vegan protein powder instead. Chloe said it literally tasted like a vigin pina colada juice; the protein did make it slightly heavier (would probably be perfect post workout) but it didn’t make it powdery nor overly rich. Definitely not the same light, refreshing, flow-right-through-you feel as the classic fruit and veg cold-pressed drink, but perfect if your looking for a juice that will actually fill you up and give you a protein boost.

Sea Green


The last one was a bit of an interpretation on the classic fruit and veg green juice. It had melon, seaweed, apple, fennel, cucumber, lime and mint. The combination sounds bomb and I was really looking forward to trying it, but I have to say I was quite disappointed. Okay, if you’re looking for something reeeeaally light, closer to flavoured water than juice, then it’s good. The actually taste is nice, but it was too light and watery for me.


VERDICT? Chloe and I mutually agreed that the beet juice wins. Hands down.

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