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Review: Ride Republic

I had heard about the Ride Republic studio before even coming to London and had already planned on trying it out. It just so happened that I ended up getting a job in the café that actually shares it’s building (like for real what are the odds?!?!). In any case, this proved to be awwwfully convenient for me, and obviously jumped on the opportunity to try out one of their classes immediately (literally immediately, I think it was my second day of work). I’ve done spinning classes in the past, never at proper spinning clubs but I’ve always tried them out at my gyms. I especially liked the one at my gym in Barcelona (mainly because I found the Latina woman yelling “AARRRIIIBA” at the bass drop hilariously entertaining). But telling you right now, the classes at Ride Republic are incomparable. On a scale of zero to sexy these classes are like Chris Brown’s dancing, combined with Beyonce’s bod, Kimmy K’s bum and John Mayer serenading you with “Your Body is a Wonderland”. For real. I’ve become obsessed with the energy of the class, the “burn board” feature, the sprint races and every little extra tidbit that comes with going to this studio.

RR Burn Board-9 copy

So first of all, how freaking cool is the room itself? Yeah I know, the neon lighting’s got me like are we in a club or what? The spinning room has 28 bikes available, and two types of classes (more to come with their new September schedule) . Ride 45 is a high-intensity 45-minute spin class, and Burn 45 is basically the same thing but you get the added “burn board”. I highly recommend doing the Burn 45 because the added “burn board” changes it aaaalll. It’s basically a board that tracks your energy output (your speed times your gear), and lists your name on the wall. You can see how your quantity burned (it’s not your calories burned but the number ends up being pretty similar) goes up as the class progresses and your ranking changes as compared to the others in the class. If you love the added competition in sports, having the board pushes you to a whole other level. I get suuuper competitive so Burn 45 can be a near fatal experience for me but daaaammnnn I love it.

Ride Republic-5 copy

So not only the class killer, but they also have tons of little service extras at the studio that make my weekly ride there that much better. So first of all you come in, sign in on the iPad, check your bike number and then your shoes with your size are already in the corresponding cubby (organization game on point). Not only are the water bottles already there for you to serve yourself, but actually after the first half hour of the class, they come in with cold wet rolled towels (that were soaked in some type of water that smells like the gardens of the gods) and they give you a new bottle if you need one. When class is done the change rooms are fully equipped with literally everything and anything (from flip-flops to razors and shaving cream, hair elastics, hair dryers, straighteners and fancy body/hair soaps).

RIDEREPUBLIC SPACE-Cowie-25-02-2015-5 copy

All in all, this place is amazing. The classes are 20 pounds each (yes quite pricey), but when you first sign up you actually get 3 classes for the price of one, making it less than 7 pounds a class (less that going to the cinema, and no the cinema doesn’t get your buns of steel). Worth it.

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