Review: Love Your Blender

Last week I had the chance to meet Ruth and Nev at the Well To Do London life series event. These two Londoners and fitness lovers (Ruth actually works as a full time personal trainer) started up a new revolutionary health product (launched this May) aimed at making your smoothies more versatile, fun and especially save you some time. The idea is great. Basically you want a smoothie with a million different ingredients to get all the flavour and health benefits; nutrient-rich superfoods, nuts, seeds, all that jazz cuz damn, doesn’t a maca, cacao, flax green smoothie with pecans, sunflower seeds, vanilla and goji sound fancy AF?! The answer is yes it does. But okay, I want one teaspoon of each of those things, so I have to buy 12 massive superfood packs individually? Nope, that’s where the Love Your Blender products come in. The idea being that all you need is one of the 5 superfood packs (which are a blend of different whole nuts, seeds, superfoods etc), put it in a blender with whatever fruit or veg you wish, add some liquid (juice, milk, water) and there’s your fancy-pants, wholesome, nutritious smoothie in one easy step. Fabulous right? Well the idea sounds promising but of course you always gotta test these things out. Love Your Blender actually provided me with a pack of each favour to try out. In most cases I followed one of the suggested uses they have on the back of each pack, and for all of them I tried to add as little as possible with just 1 fruit and 1 liquid to see if these magical-sounding super packs really have what it take to make the ultimate smoothie. Here goes! 

Cherry Rose


In the Cherry Rose pack you’ll find almonds, hemp seeds, cherry powder, sea buckthorn berries, rose petals (yes you can eat them and yes they taste delicious) and vanilla. Along with the Love Your Blender pack I mixed a big handful of cherries, a date and cold water. I have to say the mix was delicious. You could really taste the rose (I was expecting the main flavour to be cherry) but it was a wonderful blend of the two. The pack really did it’s job in this smoothie, where I just added 2 simple ingredients, but the full blend made a smoothie that tasted complete and complex while having the added healthy fats from the almonds & hemp seeds. This would be the perfect afternoon pick-me up on a summer’s day. First smoothie test: success.


Super Berry


This sachet is composed of brazil nuts, chia seeds, hemp seeds, goji berries, acai berry powder and camu camu berry (small grape-ish looking berry from the Amazon). I sort of altered what was suggested on the pack and added frozen berries, half a banana, a date, little bit of cinnamon and some coconut water (I know, I know, I said I would add as little as possible but I couldn’t help getting excited and carried away #fitfoodieproblems). For real though, the smoothie was an explosion of yum. I added the cinnamon since they had suggested it but I was not too sure since berry-cinnamon isn’t really that common of a combo (or maybe it is but I just wasn’t aware?) but ohhh boy, combining the nutty-berry taste of the Super Berry pack along with the cinnamon: wooowza. A definite must-try. Plus in the pack alone you get 7.9 grams of fiber, BONUS. I’m not one to trade in my beloved breakfast oatmeal for a smoothie, but for this baby, I might just.


Bright green


This superfood blend is made with morninga (plant native to top parts of Asia and Africa), matcha, guarana (plant in the maple family found in Brazil), flaxseeds, chia seeds and walnuts. As was suggested on the pack, I blended it with kale, a green apple and some water. This smoothie was light, really really light (emphasis on the really really light) with only a very subtle matcha taste. I understand what they mean by “perfect morning smoothie” since I guess it is nice and refreshing; but it’s definitely not my favourite of the bunch. If you’re one of those people that can’t really take heavy foods right when you wake up, then this is for you (I’m more of a hefty bowl of oats with peanut butter kinda girl). However when I do early morning workouts I like to have a really light smoothie before heading out, so I would say this would be the perfect early morning pre-workout pre-breakfast blend (I’m talking 5am wake up I couldn’t possibly stomach anything that tastes of much). If I were to make this smoothie again, I would add maybe some parsley and celery or something with a bit of flavour, you know, to give it some.


Spicy Cacao


Love Your Blender tried to make a bit of a quirky spin on the usual cacao smoothie here by adding ginger root, chilli flakes, Palmyra Jaggery (super low GI sweetening alternative), pecans and pumpkin seeds to the usual cacao nibs and cacao powder. I initially added just an orange and a date as was suggested on the pack, and it tasted really good, but not exactly the “intense” flavour that was promised on the label. I then re-blended it with a scoop of vanilla protein powder, some cinnamon and a teaspoon of cacao, and then I don’t even know but the smoothie just got cranked up a notch like gaaadamn. Huge fan of this blend of spicy, sweet and bitter, so if you’re making this one I recommend a sprinkle of cinnamon, it goes a looong way.


Sweet Lacuma


Last but very certainly not least is the Sweet Lacuma pack with a lovely blend of flaxseeds, pecans, dried mulberries, hemp seeds, lacuma, carob and vanilla. I decided to try out this mix right after an intense spinning class, so I made a nice big smoothie of it by adding 2 bananas, a generous scoop of vanilla protein powder and hemp milk. I have to say it is the absolute perfect post-workout smoothie. It had a smooth caramel-like taste, which made it feel like I was drinking banana bread batter (but not as heavy, drinking a full jar of banana bread batter would be pretty gross). And since the pack alone already boasts 5.5 grams of protein, there is no better treat after having gotten a good sweat on.


ALL IN ALL I’m a huge fan of the products. The idea in itself is brilliant and what’s even better is that they’re damn tasty as well. I think that the best way to use these products is as a base, and then build on smoothie combinations. They’re good on their own with just a single fruit added but they raise the smoothie bar up FOR REAL when you add extra as well. My favorites of the collection: Super Berry, Spicy Cacao, Sweet Lacuma.

Thinking about giving some of the Love Your Blender products a go? They deliver to your door (you literally don’t even have to get up) anywhere in the UK and are having a promotion until Sunday where you get 3 free sachets of your choice if you use the promo code SUMMEROFLOVE. Head to their website for more info:

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