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I was never a big pilates person. As I’ve said before, I’m often a little all or nothing, so I’m usually either sweating it out doing sprints, or standing on my head and clearing my mind during a yoga class. Pilates to me has always been in that grey area. I’m not necessarily sweating buckets, nor am I really getting a good zen moment in. That was my impression until I tried out Booster. It was my first time doing a class with reformer machines and oh my god. I swear I’ve never actually had my butt cheek quiver until that class (soz for the detail). I went to Booster for the first time in September when I was writing a review of best fitness spots in Zurich for Well To Do London (full article here). Stef and I went back this weekend for another butt-quivering class, this time given to us by the gorgeous and awesome Monika. She recently moved from San Diego to Switzerland (my first comment was of course good god, why would you ever leave sun and beach…) but good thing she did cuz this amazing Cali-trained instructor is now teaching in Zurich! We went round to their Seenfeld location, and although Stef and I took the train in all the way from Bern, Monika made it well worth the trip. 


There are many reasons why I love Booster Pilates Zurich:

a) The owners Damien and Sandrine are absolutely adorable

b) The space is bright with lots of natural light, a big window with a view overlooking the lake… basically the studio is beautiful and I want my living room to look just like it.

c) With only 8 reformer machines in the studio, you’re guaranteed a semi-private class where you get the full attention of the instructor (dammit no chance to cheat, they’re watching, no choice gotta hold that lunge)

d) The reformer machines they have are Hi-Tech AF. For real is this exercise equipment or some type of time machine!? You’ll never know.


With these machines you can literally work every single body part in ways you never have before. All the handles, bars and cables work with the sliding platform to offer an endless amount of exercises.

It’s a really different type of workout.

You’re not gonna be jumping up and down, you probs won’t even be out of breath, but trust me you’ll be in pain and you’ll sweat. The kind of sweating where a drop slowly starts rolling down you’re face and you’re like is that a fly or a bead of sweat? And then you remember that it’s February and you’re indoors and you’ve been in a steady lunge for like a minute and a half. So yeah, it’s probably sweat.


When doing a reformer pilates class each exercise is done slowly, and there’s a huge emphasis on core work. This stuff’s my favourite since I try avoid all mobility ab exercises (exercises where you move your core: crunches, sit ups etc) and focus on stability ab exercises. Mobility ab exercises have proven to be absolutely terrible for your back, so stability exercises are the way to go! But what are they?! Basically planks and more planks. Oh and plank variations. So basically that’s boring as hell, so enter: reformer machine! With this machine you can do sooo many stability exercises that will do madddd ab toning without effing up your back! YAY!


As I said before, you can do endless amounts of exercises with these machines, so no two classes at Booster will be the same. Always new exercises, a new focus, new ways to train and challenge yourself. Absolute guarantee that you’ll walk out of there feeling like all your limbs are jello. Oh and you’ll wake up the next morning wondering when the hell you fell down the stairs. HINT: you didn’t, you just got Booster-ed.


Seefeldstrasse 281, 8008 Zürich

Tel: +44 (0) 79 199 81 47

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