Why Picking the Right Running Shoes is so Important

Picking running shoes is more than just choosing your color of choice. Knowing the right running shoe for your style of running and size of foot is an important part of workout performance. Not only can the right pair of shoes help you be healthier, but it can help you run more confidently.

Healthy Feet Are Happy Feet

The right shoe for your style of running can affect the health of your feet. Running shoes are made with differences of feet in mind. From wide feet to thin feet, and long feet to short feet, there is a perfect shoe for your foot. Having your shoe too tight can cause blood flow issues, which in turn will cause pain beyond just your foot. When your leg is constricted from the right blood flow it needs, it creates injuries like shin splints and runner’s knee. Let your feet breathe easy with shoes that provide air flow and do not constrict your foot.

Choosing the right shoe can also prevent blisters. When your shoe fits right and moves with your foot, rather than rubbing and causing pain, your skin will be less irritated from your workout. Pair your shoes with compression socks that wick away moisture, and you will be well on your way to running without pain.

Alignment is Key

Having your body aligned correctly is a key element in running performance. Misalignment is a leading cause to running injuries and can cause perpetual compensation injuries. Picking the right pair of shoes can help your alignment and ease the cycle of pain you may be caught in. When your body is aligned as you run, it allows your muscles to work as a team and guide you to better health and performance.

Your body naturally will compensate for weaker muscles, which can contribute to misalignment. Running with correct form can help you run faster and stronger when paired with the right pair of shoes. Be sure to know how your running affects your stride and how balancing your muscles can lead to a healthier state of being.

When you run in sync with your body and gear, you can achieve more confidence during your runs.

Your shoes are an important piece in your running gear and can make a difference in how far you can push your limits.


How To Find the Right Running Shoes

The best way to know what shoe will make your feet happy is to visit your local running store. Specialty running stores are equipped with knowledge that can help you make the right decision for your feet. Running stores can also help you figure out what your running style is, how you strike your feet against the ground, and what shoe will help you achieve your goals.

Know what kind of material is surrounding your feet when you run and how it cushions the impact of running. Running shoe technology has come a long way in the past ten years, which means you are able to choose from a variety of designs that can assist your form of running. From shoes that provide extra cushion to barefoot style running shoes, there is a shoe out there that is perfect for your running style.

Running shoes should be replaced every 6 months or 500 miles. Running in old shoes can cause damage to your feet that can radiate up through the leg. Shoes help with balance, form, and impact, which means the right pair of running shoes is important in helping you bring your aspirations into reality.


Your feet help you move about your day, which is why wearing the right pair of shoes is essential to your training program. The right fit will guide you to better mileage, more personal records, and will ease bodily pain. Learn what shoe works best for you, so you can run your best every single day.

Run strong with the right pair of shoes that help you find balance and confidence.

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  • Mark
    November 13, 2016 at 7:52 pm

    Great tips Victoria, there is no such thing as the best running shoe in the world, because everyone is different, everyone has different attributes and requirements as a runner.