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I’m not very good at taking breaks for my workout schedule. This year I’ve made it one of my resolutions to take at least one rest day a week, but still. I don’t really like getting off my grind. When I’m in it, I’m pro at hustling; I got my To-Do list on point, got my gym sessions all planned out, food’s usually prepped in the fridge and ready to go, basically I go about my lame little life feeling like I’m killing the game each and every day. This past weekend however, it was my first weekend of end-of-semester break so I went off to Davos to my flatmate’s chalet to spend a nice weekend off in the mountains. This of course meant three days of eating massive brunches and sitting around on the couch (literally only getting up to get more food or sometimes to pee). Literally my Polar watch would count my daily activity in negative numbers. But you know what, sometimes it’s nice to have a big long rest like that. I told myself “you know what Vic, you’ll rest up, your body needs it, and you’ll get back badder, better and stronger”. That was the plan til Stef and I, on my first day back home, went to Geneva to My Private Gym for a personal training session.

Plan: Kill it, cuz body’s all rested up and ready to slaaaaay the workout.

Reality: Omg am I actually supposed to PULL THIS TIRE?! WTF how heavy is this thing? Shit… the trainer’s says he looked at my Instagram and knows I’m “fit”. I have to live up to this BUT I CAN’T PULL THIS TIRE. Wow this is embarrassing.

Safe to say in a one hour workout at My Private Gym, my Polar watch forgave me for three days of moving less than an animal in hibernation. 


We were warmly welcomed by Paola, one the four owners of the studio. We had the chance to chat a bit before starting our workout with Morgan, one of the awesome trainers that works there. My Private Gym offers personal training, group training, boxing classes, while also having cardio and weight lifting equipment that members can use (depending on the type of membership they have signed up for).

After a nice tour of the awesome facilities, it was game time.

Morgan seemed nice and all but damn, once were training, he’s tough AF and shows no mercy.


Paola joined Stef and I for the workout, so we started off with a three person circuit focused on leg exercises. I have to say this must have been the most versatile workout session I have ever done. There were so many “funky” (to use Stef’s lingo) new exercises that I had never done, or new variations to the standard ones were used to. Basically jump lunges are too easy right? So why don’t we actually tie a resistance band around your hips so not only are you jumping up and down landing in a lunge, but the band is actually pulling you to one side so you have to counter resists the tension. YEAH THERE’S AN IDEA -.- Nope, Morgan was noooot f-ing around.

We then followed with another three exercise circuit focusing on arms. This is where the whole tire hoo-ha happened. Pulling that tire was bloody hard but what made it even worse was that the person doing the tire exercise was the “stop-watch”. The other two had to keep going with the resistance band push-ups and assisted pull-ups until the tire was dragged to the other side of the room and then flipped back to the start. Good thing Morgan stepped in and used the strength OF HIS INDEX FINGER to help me drag it or Stef would live the rest of her life with a resistance band around her waist and Paola’s kids would never again see a home-cooked meal again cuz mother’s forever stuck on the pull-up bar.


Next was another 3 exercise circuit which included an exercise where you had to wave one of those cross-fit ropes WHILE IN SIDE PLANK (to see my holy-mother-of-god-my-arm-has-never-felt-so-weak-but-gotta-push-it-Morgan-just-told-me-his-5-year-old-daughter-can-do-better face, check out the video at the end of the post). What followed was (much to my despair at the time) not a break but was actually a little “game” (if you can call shaking arms and face sweat making a cute little puddle on the floor a game). We had 4 cones set up and we had to go from cone to cone, in either bear walk (on hands and toes with knees 1 cm from the floor) or monkey walk (both hands to the side followed by a side hop with both feet). Oh and in case it doesn’t sound fun-enough, we had to do 2-push ups once we reached each cone. Yeah, rethink monopoly night, we got something new for you.


To be very honest, this may have been the most fun training session I’ve ever had. Morgan pushed us hard, but there were so many different exercises, things Stef nor I had ever done, that although in the moment it felt like it took 6 years to drag that f-ing tire to the finish-line, the workout as whole sped by. I know there are so many more tortuous “games” Morgan has up his sleeve and considering how amazing I felt after that workout, I’d be so down to do it again. Plus to make whole thing even better, Paola actually prepares fresh green juice shots and homemade granola for guests after their workout! I know right, what service. So if any of y’all are in Geneva, go check it out!

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