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October obsessions

I feel like every one of my “favourites of the month” posts starts with some comment about how I don’t understand how time has gone by so fast, so I’d love to spare you all, but at the same time like ANOTHER MONTH ALREADY?! Anyways, October is gone, that super cozy mid-season fall vibe is slowly dying as days are getting darker and colder and cute fall sweaters are being traded for literally everything and anything because it’s bloody cold and I’m over looking nice. So as I say bye bye to the month, it’s time to look back over what were my favourites! 


1. Nutritional Yeast


So a friend of mine (@ballet_goes_bananas on instagram) raved to me about nutritional yeast when I was in London this summer. I had heard a lot about it but had never actually tried it, so I of course went over to Whole Foods and picked up a big pack. Since I wasn’t eating at home much when I was in London, and would often eat when they had at work, I didn’t have it much. I finally found some here in Switzerland (at the Pharmacy cuz that’s the only place you can get healthy food, obviously at like 13chf a pack when it was like 1 pound in London). Anyways, I incorporated it into my meal plan because this stuff is SO AMAZING. Like talk about your super tasty plant based protein with A COMPLETE AMINO PROFILE, I’M DEAD SERIOUS. If that ain’t WOW enough for you, then you gotta try some, cuz it’s for real sssooo good, from sprinkled on a salad or avo toast to stirred into a soup or stew. It’s pretty much a vegan, healthy AF version of parmesan.

2. My new Lorna Jane activewear

So a Lorna Jane fitness wear showroom recently opened in Vevey, Switzerland, which is really close to were I live (I know right?? Like you can’t even find peanut butter in this country yet all of a sudden there’s an LJ store?!!?) That was my reaction too. In any case, they were having a huge sale, so obviously, being on a student budget and all, I bought nothing. HA. No. I thought who needs food and things? Not me. But I definitely need SOME MORE FITNESS CLOTHES LIKE OMG I HAVE SO MANY ALREADY WTF. Anyways. They’re super cute and I’m obsessed with them.

3. Trigga Reloaded, What a Time to be Alive, Beauty Behind the Madness

So I like also adding in a few things that aren’t necessarily food or fitness stuff on here, because sometimes, (yes rarely, but still), sometimes I do things that are not eating or working out. For my August obsessions post I had put in some beauty products I was loving, this month I’m putting in some music. I usually go through music obsessions by the album, so my 3 favourites (not necessarily new) albums were:

Trigga Reloaded – Trey Songz, What a Time to be Alive – Drake/Future, Beauty Behind the Madness – The Weeknd 

All these albums were on my marathon playlist and damn I would not have been able to go 4 hours straight without some good music (so much respect for people that run without headphones).

4. Adidas Ultra-Boost shoes  



So speaking of marathon, this was the month I ran my first one. It was definitely an experience to say the least (full post all about it here) and even though I’m now taking a break from running and focusing on weight training, I will for sure be running another one at some point in my life. Running 42 kilometres is in no way healthy. It’s extremely strenuous on all parts of your body, your muscles, your joints even your mind. My dad has a permanent knee problem from having run too much on hard surfaces, and this is definitely not something I was planning on getting, especially at my age. So I went to a sports store, talked to the sales guy and even though I was expecting to leave with some Asics running shoes, I ended up leaving with these Adidas ones. I’m happy I did, they’re super light, amazingly comfortable and gave me so much support during the run.

5. Pumpkin Pie


So of course, the month of October is the month of pumpkins and Thanksgiving (for Canadians) which equals PUMPKIN PIE! A.K.A. the single best thing ever especially when it’s vegan, gluten-free and refined sugar. After the marathon I made an entire pie as a little treat to myself and ATE HALF OF IT IN ONE AFTERNOON (not even ashamed). If you haven’t already, check out my recipe and try it for yourself.



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