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November Obsessions

I saw a quote image on Instagram yesterday that said: January, February, March *BLINK* December. So. Damn. Accurate. The year’s almost already over, and although so much has changed in the last few months, I can hardly believe how fast it’s gone by. So, as a little tribute to the month of November which felt like it lasted about 45 minutes, here are the things I fell in love with.

1. SKINS A400 leggings


SKINS AU were kind enough to ask if I’d be willing to try one of their pieces of activewear. I’m always very honest whenever I’m gifted anything, and before accepting, I was sure to mention that I would be 100% honest in my review as well. I did a little bit of research on SKINS, and read about how these compression tights are designed to enhance athletic performance. Obviously I was so down to try. I decided to try their leggings, since I find it hard to find a pair which fit just right and don’t sag half way down my bum with each burped. I have to say, that even though it didn’t turn me into Muhammad Ali in boxing class (as I was secretly hoping) these have got to be the most comfortable tights I’ve ever worn. They’re tight enough to hold everything nice and strongly together but light and airy enough to wear during a sweaty HIIT session and not feel claustrophobic. Oh and I swear they’re incredibly flattering on everyone, don’t think I’ve ever gotten so many compliments on a pair of plain black leggings before…

2. Schmidt’s All Natural Lavender Deodorant


I’ve slowly but surely been transitioning to an entirely organic bathroom. Did you know we put on average 168 chemicals on our body daily?! I mean think about from the time you wake up, shower with body soap, a scrub, shampoo, conditioner, then get out, slab some lotion on, cover your face with make up, spritz some perfume etc. etc. It’s terrifying how little regulation there is on what you can put in beauty products, and how much your body absorbs it all. Step 1 to an all natural bathroom just had to start with deoderant. Commercial deodorants have been linked with breast cancer and many other cell mutations, so if you haven’t already, it’s deffos time to make the switch. This Schmidt’s deo smells so good and isn’t weird and flaky like many other natural ones. Total win in my books.

3. Jade Yoga Mat


I’m not usually a big spender, but sometime I get into these “fck it” moods and I just splurge. Most people splurge on a last minute flight to Vegas, but my splurges are usually on activewear or in this case… a yoga mat. I was so tired of not having my own mat to practice at home, and I loved the mats we use at my yoga studio, so I thought whatevaz let’s get one. I didn’t really check the price tag before buying it, and I had a bit of a “wait what?” moment when I heard the total, but this Jade Mat is totally worth it. Nothing like a good yoga mat where you can be as sweaty as you’d like and still get through a good flow. It’s worth the holding back on groceries for the next few weeks I promise 😉

4. Almonds


I always have at least one really obviously and seemly dull “obsession” on my list, this time it’s almonds. I know, I know, how did I just discover this classic, super common nut? Well for the longest time I thought I didn’t process fats well. On top of that I was counting my macros and calories and would always think oh heeelll no am I using up all my fat allowance and a significant amount of calories on a handful of almonds. Not worth it. But since being in Australia and living “trackless-ly”, I’ve been having a handful of almonds every morning. Not only are they high in magnesium, perfect to help your muscle recuperate after a work out, but I found that they really cut my sugar cravings and keep me full for a long time. In turn, I crave less sugar, and actually eat less. Plus they’re delicious and just so easy to snack on. In moderation of course, try stick to about 5-6 almonds per serving.

5. Stair Training

I wanted to add boxing to this list, since I’m just as obsessed with it as when I first started 3 months ago… But since it’s not something “new” for the month I had to leave it out. Instead, here is a new workout I’ve been adding to my weekly routine! Every Tuesday (the one day we don’t have boxing) the stair crew and I have been heading up to the Buderiem Stairs on Lara Drive to do some laps. There’s a total of 148 steps one way, and we’ve been smashing out 15 laps up and down. Thank god for Beyonce on full volume in my ears to get me through that glute burn. I always leave feeling shattered but like a total boss at the same time.

6. Bella Kinesis “Zaina” Bra


I’ve spoken about Bella Kinesis before, and even wrote a full blog post about why I’m in love with them, but my love for them grew even more this month. They just came out with their knew collection, and dare I say it may be even more gorgeous than their previous one. I immediately ordered their new “Zaina” bra the second it came out, and get compliments on it every single time I wear it. I’m proud to be one of their ambassadors, so use the discount code STF15 for 15% off all their amazing stuff!

7. Amazonia Slim & Tone Raw Expresso Protein


I’ll be honest and say I tried a vanilla Amazonia protein powder a while back and wasn’t a huge fan. But since this brand seems to be all the rage here in Australia, I thought I’d give them another shot. Yes, getting an expresso flavoured protein might have been a little risky, could either go well or badly, but damn, this stuff is crraaack. So good, and blending some up with almond milk and ice is the perfect way to start to the day. IN. LOVE.

What have you been obsessed with this November?!

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  • Jo Wilson
    December 15, 2016 at 10:50 pm

    Just wanted to let you know what a talented and witty writer you are. I loved your charcoal article for Metropolist. Hilarious. Keep up the great work.

    • Victoria S.
      January 6, 2017 at 1:29 am

      Thanks so much Jo! I really appreciate your comment 🙂 Have an awesome day!!!

  • Agness of Fit Travelling
    January 12, 2017 at 7:16 am

    Hi Victoria, I love your outfit. I’ve done a few runs and will try the start training to tone some leg muscles, I wonder where you buy those incredible outfit, specifically your leggings? 🙂

    • Victoria S.
      January 15, 2017 at 4:54 pm

      Thank you Agness!! Which leggings are you referring to? The ones on my “November Favourites” blog post? Those are from the brand Skins! They’re compression tights, that model is the A400, they’re sooooo comfy!