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November Obsessions ’17

I’m usually one to find that time passes too fast, but I feel like November is such an awkward, in-between month, that it generally drags on. Anything between the “autumn honeymoon phase” (where knit sweaters and cinnamon are the most exciting things of my life) and the Christmas season, is probs November. It’s usually a pretty blaaah month but this year has actually been great. Not only have I started my final bachelors business project (last stretch before graduating), but I’ve also discovered many goodies that I’ve completely and utterly fallen in love with. Here are the main ones:

  1. Alver Golden Chlorella



    A little while ago I was approached by the Alver Golden Chlorella team, asking if I would be interested in trying out their product. Considering how excited I get when I even so much as discover a new Swiss health brand, you can imagine I said heeeeell yes. I had tried chlorella many times before, but their product was nothing like what I expected. For starters, it wasn’t even green. Chlorella is a freshwater algae which boasts one of the highest nutritional contents compared to any other food product, and even higher protein content than many meats. Sounds like a bit of no-brainer right? A plant with more micro-nutrients than any vegetable and more protein than a steak?! Gimme gimme more. The only issues I’ve had with chlorella are:

    1. Heat destroys its properties – meaning you can only have your chlorella raw. And even then, simply adding it into hot porridge or so much as the heat of an inefficient blender can destroy many of it’s nutritional benefits.
    2. The taste – I think at this point I’ve trained my tastebuds to actually like healthy food, but I have to say, spirulina and chlorella are still a wee bit much. I think even for the most avid health-freak, it’s hard to add more than just a teaspoon to a smoothie without rendering it completely inedible.

Enter golden chlorella.

Listen up. Not only does this stuff have no flavour meaning you can literally adding heaping tablespoons of it. BUT on top of that, it is completely resistant to heat. This means not only can you put TONS of it (maxin’ on them micro nutrients and protein yaaaas), but you can literally chuck it in everything from pancake mix to quiche, from cake to soup. Now my only issue is that I run out of it way too damn quick. Oopsies!

2. Homemade hummus

I had been on the hunt for a good hummus for ages. There’s one at the grocery store which is more or less okay…They also sell some at uni which isn’t too bad, but there aren’t any fun flavours or anything. I was looking for something new like…lemon and rosemary hummus…or curried hummus. Something to throw a little spice in my life, ya feel me? In the end, I decided to finally try my hand at making my own. Funny thing was HOW DAMN EASY it actually was. First I was really excited at the prospect of being able to make any and every flavour under the sun (I lead a wildly fun life). Then I started thinking back at HOW MUCH MONEY I had wasted buying hummus when in the end the homemade version is soooo much better, and a hell of a lot cheaper. And lastly I made a pact to myself to never ever buy hummus again. Homemade all the way. I now whip up a massive batch every weekend, and keep it in a big jar in the fridge to last me all week. I have it as a snack with carrot sticks, spread it on crackers or spoon it on my salads.

The rule of thumb is: there’s no such thing as too much hummus.

3. SKINS activewear

The guys from SKINS were amazing enough to send over a nice big package of activewear goodies to me this month. We all know I’m a huge sucker for some fresh spandex, and goddamn these did not disappoint. I already have a pair of the classic SKINS compression tights, and I have to say every single time I wear them I get compliments. Surely enough, all the rest of the SKINS goodies I got are just as amazing. It’s not easy to find activewear which is incredibly functional in terms of fit, warmth, material etc. while actually being incredibly flattering, and just as appropriate for Sunday brunch as for Thursday evening HIIT class.

The thermal leggings are probably my fav. They’re actually fuzzy inside, making them absolutely ideal for outdoor workouts in winter, but not too hot for an indoor cardio sesh either. I’m not gonna lie, I wore them almost non-stop when I first got them (may or may not have even worn them to bed one night)…but I swear I’ve just never had such comfy pants. Plus I feel like they’re kinda magic, I have yet to find a single person they do not look amazing on…

4. Early morning spinning class

I don’t know why I didn’t jump on board the 7am spinning train the second I started working at BEAT, but better late than never right?! I finally discovered the beauty of being done an absolutely killer spinning class before 8 in the morning. Absolutely nothing gets your day going quite like that. Plus the best thing about spinning is that the ambiance is just so damn good and the music so damn motivating that it feels like you don’t even need to make the effort. All you gotta do is spin.

5. KeepCup

This summer I started getting very interested in plastic-free and waste-free living. One of the main things I found myself chucking in the bin lots, is the oh so very classic culprit: the take-away cup. I’ve had thermoses in the past but they were always too big, too bulky and too ugly to carry around everywhere. My Keep Cup is literally the perfect size for my morning coffee, while being cute, light and convenient. Now I never leave the house without it because who knows when you’ll want to grab an impromptu hot bev to-go?!

6. Aleppo Soap

While strolling around the organic shop the other day, we passed some Aleppo Soap and my friend starting raving about how great it was. To be honest it wasn’t til about 35 seconds ago when I Googled it, that I learned that this type of soap actually comes from the city of Aleppo, who knew! This all-natural, fragrance-free, artificial colouring-free and preservative-free soap is made from a combination of olive oil, laurel bay oil and lye. It’s said to be good for sensitive skin and for curing skin conditions. I’ve been using it daily on my body and face, and I have to say, not only is my skin looking soft and clear (if I may say so myself) but I’ve hardly had any eczema at all this month. Make sure you look for a high-quality version of the soap, the higher the quantity of laurel oil (should be written in percentage on the soap), the more “effective”, but naturally also the more pricey.

What have you guys been loving this month?!

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