Nominated for a Liebster Award!

Guess what?! I was nominated by the amazing and beautiful Stef from WholesomeStef for a Liebster Award! Of course I was very excited despite the fact that to be very honest with you, I had absolutely no idea what that was. So for those of you who don’t know either (hoping I’m not alone here), it’s actually a really nice concept. It’s an award from bloggers to bloggers; basically a little something to say “hey, you have a nice blog and you get a thumbs up”. The award comes with a set of 10 questions that the person who nominated you (in my case Stef) has come up with. The nominee then has to answer these questions, create a new set of 10 questions and nominate 5-10 other up-and-coming blogs for the award. It’s really just a way to discover new blogs, and bring the blogging community together.


What’s your favourite childhood movie?IMG_3542

Alright, now this may sound weird but I’m really not a movie/TV person. I seriously cannot get myself to actually sit in front of a TV for a long period of time (unless it’s a nutrition documentary, which in that case is totally fine with me). Even though I’m sure there are movies I loved as a kid, nothing really sticks out to me as what was my favourite. The only exception would probably be the Little Mermaid, it’s the only child’s movie I’ve watched many times (majority of those times being when I was no longer a child but we can ignore that part).

Chocolate or ice-cream?

100% chocolate, do not even have to hesitate for a split second. I’m always cold so ice-cream is not really a go-to for me. As a vegan I discovered raw cacao and oh my, why this is not something people consume daily at every single meal is beyond me. It’s literally healthy chocolate like…yes please!

List 3 things you couldn’t live without.

This is tricky, but other than the obvious food, water and my family and friends, here goes:

  1. A watch. I need to have the time at my wrist at all times. I had mis-placed my watch the other week so I actually resorted to wearing my gym watch at all times (I know it’s a fashion faux-pas and trust me it made me cringe), it stresses me out if I don’t have one!
  2. Gum. I know it’s not the best for your teeth and your jaw, and I make an effort to only have a few pieces a day, but after a meal I need to chew on something minty (I love the super strong peppermint one).
  3. Dressing gown. This may sound silly but I have the softest, fluffiest dressing gown and I bring it with me everywhere I go. There’s nothing like getting out of the shower and wrapping yourself in what is basically a giant blanket with arms holes. After gym clothes it’s probably what I wear the most hehe.

What issue do you struggle most with on your health/fitness journey?

Probably food. I love it too much. Exercise is not a problem for as it is something that I genuinely enjoy doing and often look forward to my workouts and breaking out a sweat, but food is harder. It’s not that I crave unhealthy food because to be honest I don’t. I love healthy food, if I could off only a few things for the rest of my life it would probably fruit, oatmeal and peanut butter, but I struggle with portions. I just want to eat healthy things always, kilos and kilos of it.

What’s your most used emoji?

I think everything I feel always is pretty much summed up with either the monkey with hands on his eyes  or the cheeky hands on mouth monkey. Or the salsa dancer if i’m feeling latina.

What have you learned about yourself since starting the blog?

Ouf that’s a good one. I think the most important lesson I learned was that you have to put yourself out there. You have to believe in what you’re doing and be proud of yourself. If you don’t believe in you, then why would anyone else believe in you.

Favourite piece of clothing at the moment?

I just received my new Triangl bikini, and since weather has been beautiful these days I’ve been standing basically every day tanning in it by the lake. It’s so comfortable and material is of amazing quality.

If you had to choose between sweet or savoury for the rest of your life, which would you choose?

2015-04-09 16.35.40Definitely sweet. As I said before; banana, peanut butter and oatmeal forever would satisfy me entirely. Oh and maybe throw some raw cacao in there, and some figs and dates, oh and coconut!

All time favourite TV series?

As I said in question 1 I’m not a TV person. I’ve only watched one series from start to finish and that’s Friends. It’s an absolute classic and I know literally every episode by heart. If ever i’m feeling really down (other than working out) it’s the one thing that really makes me feel better. The characters are just so familiar and no matter how many times I watch it, it never gets old.

Yoga or meditation?

I’ve honestly never really done much meditation. I went through a period of time where I wasn’t sleeping well so I started doing a little 10 minute meditation time before going to bed every night and that definitely helped, but I’m just not very good at clearing my mind; I always find myself making lists of things I have to do. I do love yoga though. I do about 15 to 20 minutes every morning before school and it really helps to calm me down and get ready for the day ahead. I always have a few yoga pose goals that I try work towards daily (current goal: hand stand!).


Alright now it’s my time to nominate a few up-and-coming blogs I love. Here goes!

Damn Fine Fitness

I met Mary-Kate through Instagram when I was living in Barcelona and we got along amazingly the second we met in person (at a bootcamp). Since then we started meeting up regularly at our favourite healthy restaurant in the city Flax and Kale for Batido Cubanitos (a healthy vegan chocolate coconut milkshake). She’s now prepping for her first bikini competition in November and she’s writing about every step of the way on her blog.



I still can’t get over the fact that this girl is only 16, cuz damn she’s a total fitspiration if I’ve ever seen one. Eva shares awesome recipes, fitness tips and routines as well posts about lifestyle and fashion.


In My Bowl

I started following Alexandra through Instagram quite some time ago and then discovered the beauty that is her online blog. Alexandra is a nutritionist and yogi and shares with us city guides (that include beautiful pictures) and as well as a ton of delicious plant based recipes!


The Pure Life

Vancouver-based blogger Sisley is all about health, wellness and all that lovely natural stuff. She blogs about everything from health tips and tricks, her favourite wellness products, as well as homemade beauty products and of course recipes that make the vegan life look delicious.


Healthy Living Dreams 


Alena has such a nice story where she turned her life around with health and fitness. She’s also a fellow #kaylasarmy member and even met Kayla at her bootcamp in Amsterdam (yup I’m jealous). Her instagram is also filled with awesome fit pics and videos.


Okay now time for me to ask some questions of my own! Ready? Good.
1. A must on your gym playlist?
2. Best time of day to workout?
3. Tea or coffee?
4. 3 things you never leave the house without
5. Favorite pizza topping
6. Yoga on the beach or a hike in the mountains?
7. #1 country or city on your list to visit?
8. If you had to live off the food from one country forever which country would you chose?
9. Ultimate health/fitness goal?
10. Heels or flats?


Look forward to read your responses and make sure you pass on the award!

Let’s bring the blogging community together




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