New gym plan: Focus on dem weights

Tomorrow is the beginning of a new school semester. To most people that means new classes, new teachers, new books, buying some new pens you’ll lose in a week or some post-its you’ll never actually use. I guess I also have some new pens, inevitably new classes and stuff as well, but that’s not really where my head’s at. What am I thinking bout on the first day of semester?! NEW GYM PLAN BABY. And for real I am so so excited about this one.

In the past year I’ve done a lot fitness-wise. Finished BBG 1 & 2 (full review on the programs HERE), completed my first half-marathon, followed by my first full marathon and then I started on a new workout plan where I  did a mix of weight training, functional training and HIIT. So what’s next?? Well, for those that aren’t up to date, I was basically told by a doctor at the beginning of the year that I should be decreasing how much I exercise (read full post about it HERE), so I’m going to be trying something completely new. First of all, I really need to amp up my strength game. I swear it’s getting a little embarrassing; I’ve been working out daily for years and I’m still not really strong, so that’s gotta change. Also with marathon training and BBG; a lot of cardio, running and HIIT, I’ve gotten a bit skinny.

Skinny has never been my goal.

I’ve always strived for fit, strong and toned. So time to switch it up.


The next few months will be focused on weight lifting. I’ve basically made a gym program based on the Needsize 5×5 lifting schedule. It’s a 5 day-split version of the classic 5×5 (which is usually only 3 days a week). So instead of working out 7 days a week I’ll be dropping down to 5 (that’s kind of a big deal for me).

The classic 5×5 workout incorporates 5 sets of 5 reps of the five base lifting exercises (except for deadlifts that are 1×5). These exercises are squats, deadlifts, bent over barbell rows, overhead press and bench press. In Needsize’s version, every day includes a different main set (one of the 5 exercises) paired with 3 sets of 8 reps of two/three other exercises that work the same muscle group. So on leg day I’ll do squats at my main set and 3×8 of weighted lunges, leg press and calf raises

Oh and at the end of every session I added a little final exercise that I have to do til failure cuz:

a) It’s fun! Yup this is my idea of fun (lol who needs clubs n stuff?)

b) I can record how long I manage before “failure” and actually see if I improve week on week. EVEN MORE FUN. Cuz I love stats. Especially when they’re stats about my fitness progress (actual stats on standard deviations etc are less interesting).


So I’m also pairing this gym plan with a new meal plan (post about it on the blog soon) which is gonna make me hit over 2, 000 calories daily! Considering I am a tiny human, this is quite a lot of food. I’m hoping that this little mini “bulk” will pair well with my new gym plan and I’ll be making aaaall the #girlgains AKA hello squat body, defined shoulders, and strong abs and good bye scrawny frog legs woohooo!


So here’s my new gym plan below! I may or may not be switching it up a little in the next few weeks depending if my workouts end up being too long. On top of this I will continue my half an hour of yoga every morning and make sure I get lots of stretching done at the end of every session, cuz no point trying to get rid of skinny frog legs if I end up so stiff that I waddle about like a duck with a stick up its bum  🙂


Follow my journey on Instagram as I’ll be keeping y’all up to date, every step of the way 😉

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