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New Years Resolutions 2016

I’m probably one of the few people that looove new years resoltuions, just like l love making myself new goals at the beginning of the month, week, day, new goals for the hour, minute etc. I’d say I have pretty strong will power so I have to be careful with what resolutions I make for myself, they’re made, that’s it that’s all. There is no going back; I will do anything to achieve them. I therefore like to set just a few goals that cover different aspects of my life that I know I can keep. I got a good feeling for twenty-sixteen, got 365 days to kill it. 



  1. Get my iron. I recently got a blood test and was told that I was iron-deficient. At first I thought this was weird, because doesn’t having an iron-deficiency make you super tired? I literally jump out of bed at 6am daily, start my day off with yoga and a gym session, and am more often concerned that I actually have too much energy than not enough, sooo…? I asked my doctor about this and she told me that I’m eating enough iron daily to sustain my body’s functioning, (benefits of eating crap tons of spinach at every single meal), but that my body has no iron stores. She gave my iron supplements, which I have started taking, however I am planning on figuring out how to increase my iron stores naturally through food, and ultimately not needing the supplements.
  2. Solve my amenorrhea. I have had amenorrhea for about 8 months now. I initially thought that this was because I had stopped the pill and it was messing with my hormones, but after a visit to the doctors, I was told that it was because I was exercising too much. This was a big shock to me. Okay an hour and a half a day is quite a bit but common, it can’t seriously be considered “excessive” can it?! After doing some research online, I found out that many athletes have been able to reverse this by simply decreasing their exercising from 5-10%. So the plan is to try to slow down a bit, starting by incorporating 1 rest day a week, and slowly decreasing the length of my workouts until my insides get back to functioning normally, cuz functioning insides is good 🙂



  1. Do Insanity. Alright this may seem contradictory to my previous resolution, but this year I really want to try Sean T’s Insanity program. Obviously I won’t be doing it now, I want to focus on my health first, but at some point in 2016 I definitely want to cross it off the list.
  2. Hand-stand. This summer my brother and I had agreed that by Christmas we would both be able to do free standing hand-stands. Turns out, they’re eeeefffing hard, and neither of us are really there yet (I can hold mine for about 3 seconds at most). We both have it on our resolutions lists however, so let’s hope next Christmas we’ll be able to take a dope sibling hand-stand pic.



  1. Be less hard on myself. I tend to expect a lot from myself. This is what allows me to set myself ambitious goals and forces me to work hard to achieve them. In some ways it’s good, however being someone that also gets stressed out very easily, I know that these high expectations just add to my stress. It’s stupid because I’ll feel like I have a million things to do and be extremely stressed yet these are all things I’m imposing on myself. This resolution doesn’t mean that I’ll be easier on myself in terms of my fitness goals, but simply that I’ll be less hard on myself mentally. This year I want to be kinder with myself, acknowledge the work and effort I put in and be proud of my accomplishments rather than always thinking they’re not enough.
  2. Be more organized. My brother has recently gotten into productivity techniques and organizational methods. We talked about it quite a bit over the holidays and he was saying how doing daily to-do lists and working with pomodoros (25 mins work, 5 mins rest) has really increased his productivity. I’m someone that’s always stressed for time so the goal is to not work more or longer but to work better. Productivity is the key, key to success.


  1. Driving License. Since most but still not everything is related to health and fitness, another goal for this year is to get my driver’s license. It’s long, expensive and annoying to do but it’s got to be done.
  2. Get my ACE. Last year I ordered my study books to get my American Certification in Exercise, and planned to take my test. I then got caught up in schoolwork, blog work etc. and never really got to it. This year I plan to make myself a study schedule so that I can pass my test and become a certified personal trainer.


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