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So I’ve been meaning to write up a post on my current workout plan for a while now, and since 2015 is coming to an end (already?!?) I though maaayybe I should actually post it before I start a new workout plan for 2016. I love giving myself goals and new challenges.  The three months prior to running my first marathon at the end of October had consisted mainly of running (my full marathon training plan here). So when the marathon was done, I literally had no intension in doing long distance running for a loooong time. I believe the word “ever” was used the day after the marathon, but let’s be real here, I love competing against myself and definitely plan on finishing the 42km under the 4 hour mark at some point in my life. I therefore made myself a new mostly weight lifting gym plan in hopes to build back some of the muscle I had lost during my cardio-intensive training. My workout schedule is a 7-day plan. I prefer to not include any rest days, so that I have a little leeway incase something comes up last minute and I really can’t do my workout, although I have to say in the past 5 weeks it’s only happened once. It may seem a little extreme to not have any rest days, but I usually make Sundays a little more relaxed by replacing the workout on the schedule by a simpler long LISS outside if the weather’s nice etc. so it ends up being more of a “active rest-day”, fitting since Sunday the day of rest right?!?! (Especially here in Switzerland where you can’t even find a grocery store open nor are you allowed to do laundry, so might as well go outside for a hella long walk). 

Screen Shot 2015-12-04 at 8.26.01 PM

Screen Shot 2015-12-04 at 8.26.49 PM

To clarify: the exercises in bold are the main exercises and the ones that are not bolded are the super-sets (the exercises you do between each set of the main exercise). For example: Leg day begins with 12 barbell squats, followed by 10 jump squats and 10 jump lunges. This whole routine (the exercise + the supersets) is repeated 4 times.

My sprints are 30 second sprint – 30 second stop (to stop I simply jump to the sides of the treadmill).

On Fridays I do a BBG circuit. I usually do legs since the rest of my week is quite upper-body-heavy, but I also like redoing the challenges from BBG 2.0.

Videos for my workouts are up on my YouTube channel!


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