Marathon Training Update

3 weeks = 21 days = 504 hrs. WTF that’s literally nothing, I have had old tea cups hanging out on my bedside table for longer. And that’s how much time is now left until I run my first marathon with Stef Jung. I made my first training plan 8 weeks ago, but since then I’ve changed it quite a bit. Training plans are great but in the end, what’s important is to feel your body. Especially when training for something like a marathon, over-training can be even worse than under training. The first guy who did a marathon died. That’s pretty serious, and I definitely don’t plan on suffering the same fate on the 25th of this month; I still have things to do, places to see, gains to make, people to meet, basically I’m too young. The past few weeks I’ve changed my training plan a little, trying to find the balance that will allow me to live past marathon day but still not find myself crossing the finish line in crutches from over-training.Β 

My initial plan consisted of 3 runs a week; 1 short (7-10km), 1 medium (12-18km) and 1 long (18-30km). The rest of the week would be gym days where I would do some uphill walking or sprint training on the treadmill as warm up. Seems great on paper right? But yeah by week 3 I could really feel it in my joints. I came to the conclusion; if my knees and ankles are already starting to hurt by week 3/12 of training, I’m not gonna go very far with this. I therefore changed my plan to only 2 runs a week, following this pattern:


Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat



HIIT 22-30km Walk 7-8km HIIT HIIT



HIIT 12-16km Walk 7-8km HIIT HIIT


HIIT would be the sprint training (10-15 minutes of 30-second sprint, 30-second stop at 14.5km/hr) and walk is uphill power walking. Weeks A and B alternate.


So hows the training going? Well so far so good. Yesterday Stef and I did our longest run to date with 30km in 2:50hrs. Have to say I’m really proud of us. Although I literally could not even imagine doing another 12 kilometres, I’d say if we managed to do 30 km in decent time with only semi-serious joint pain this morning, we’ll be able to do the full thing without a Philippides-style finish.

Plan for the next two weeks is to stick to lower end km count of week A (7km and 12km), and then marathon week stick to just two 3-4km runs. To say I’m nervous for the run the a pretty big understatement but you run a marathon with your mind right? So I just need to practice my “girl you got dis” pep-talk and done; we’ll kill it.

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