Marathon Training Program

And so it’s begun. The training for my full marathon. I sometimes fear that I’ve over estimated myself a little. My train of thought was basically, well the half marathon went well, so I’m ready to do the real thing now. But thinking about it now, it’s like wait so I’m supposed to run for over 4 hours straight?! It’s as if I had disconnected the wonderful idea in my mind of completing a full marathon and the actual 42 kilometers that I’m going to be faced with. But oh well. Especially when it comes to fitness goals, I’m a woman of my word. Once I’ve decided that this is something I’m going to do, doesn’t matter if I end up breaking a leg, on the 25th of October I will be hoping to the finish line. So in order to come out alive, I’ve decided to write up a 12-week training plan (try to actually have a plan unlike when I completed my half-marathon back in April), so here it is!

1 12k HIIT 7k walk spin 17k Rest
2 12k HIIT 7k walk spin 18k Rest
3 14k HIIT 8k walk spin 20k Rest
4 14k HIIT 8k walk spin 22k Rest
5 15k HIIT 9k walk spin 24k Rest
6 16k HIIT 9k walk spin 26k Rest
7 17k HIIT 10k walk spin 28k Rest
8 18k HIIT 10k walk spin 30k Rest
9 16k HIIT 7k walk spin 32k Rest
10 16k HIIT 6k walk spin 26k Rest
11 12k HIIT 5k walk spin 20k Rest
12 10k HIIT 4k walk spin rest RACE

Now the running days (Monday, Wednesday, Saturday) are pretty self-explanitory, I just run. I haven’t found any good routes yet so for the moment I’m just running aimlessly through the city, finding myself at dead-ends, turning back etc. BUT once I actually wrap my head around the city I will find some good ones!

The HIIT is just sprint training, where I usually do 12-15 minutes of 30-second sprint, 30-second stop at the speed of 13-14km/hr. I follow with an hour of weight training.

The “walk” on Thursdays is just a 15 minute inclined speed walk as a warm-up for another weight training session.

Friday “spin” is either a spin class or just 45 minutes on my spinning bike at the gym. And Sunday is for rest woohoo! By rest I mean active rest day, so lots and lots of stretching and yoga.

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  • Stef
    August 6, 2015 at 4:02 pm

    That schedule looks INTENSE! 😉