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Kitchen Essentials Part 1: Health Food Store

I’ve been contemplating putting together a little “kitchen staples” list for a while, including all my “must haves”. And then I realized; I take up 3 drawers, 2 cupboard and 60% of the fridge to store my food AKA my flatmates hate me and that would be an effing long list. So I decided to break it up between the 3 main places I buy my food: health food stores, grocery stores and the farmer’s market. Here is part 1, my health food store kitchen essentials. Why do I buy these products at health food stores and not grocery stores? Well the grocery store version of most of these products tend to be full of crap, so I really make sure I buy the real-deal, organic version. Where as I can find raw, spray-free almonds in the grocery store, I can’t find a good organic, vegan protein powder. So here’s my list, hopefully this will give you some inspiration for next time you’re browsing through your local health food store, wondering what is all this hippie stuff and what do I do with it?!

Health Food Store Kitchen Essentials:

  • Protein Powder: I always opt for raw, vegan, organic protein from Food MattersAmazonia or Sun Warrior
  • Raw Cacao: I add it to my smoothies & protein shakes daily cuz is a day spent without chocolate really worth living?!
  • Superfoods Powders: I add these in smoothies, protein shakes, baked goods, literally anything and everything.
    • Maca: Root from Peru known to have great hormone-balancing effect
    • Baobab: Fruit native to Africa extremely high in Vitamin C
    • Lucuma: Powder made from an exotic Peruvian fruit praised for it’s high Vit B1 & B2 content
    • Super Greens: I love a good greens mix, usually a mix of wheat grass, barley grass, spirulina
    • Acai: Made from super antioxidant-rich berries
  • Peanut butter: Literally have some every day (of course in moderation) but if it’s organic, and void of any preservatives, added sugar, oils or salt, it can be a great addition to healthy diet.
  • Buckwheat: These gluten-free seeds are the perfect smoothie toppers or can be grounded and used as a flour replacement
  • Coconut oil: Make sure it’s a raw, cold-pressed & organic, I use it mainly for beauty products (lotion, shaving cream, conditioner) but also for making raw treats.
  • Chia seeds: Perfect addition to smoothies, to make chia pudding or as egg-replacement in baking
  • Apple Cider Vinegar: The perfect salad topper or try have a spoonful in water before meals to aid digestion
  • Nutritional Yeast: A vegan source of B12, this stuff literally tastes like parmesan and I top aaall of my food with it, TRY IT, IT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE 🙂

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