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Healthy City Guide to Sydney

If there was one thing I was not gonna miss out on during my time in Australia, it was a visit to Sydney. Actually, Sydney was #1 on my list before even moving to Australia. If you follow the whole health & wellness scene on Instagram at all, you know what I’m talking about. It’s as if literally EVERYTHING is based in Sydney. Scrolling through my feed would usually look something like:

“Omg that acai bowl looks unreal where’s that cafe?” Sydney.

“Woaah that yoga studio is beautiful, where’s that space?” Sydney.

“I love those leggings, where can I buy them?” Sydney.

“Damn that chick’s fit as hell, is she from here too?” Nope, she’s in Sydney. Obviously. Since she’s probably wearing those leggings, on her way to that yoga studio after picking up a juice at that cafe.

With Sydney being pretty much the furthest city in the world from where I was, the only way to describe how I felt was:  (-.-)  –> unimpressed face

So now that I have fiiiinally made my way to this side of the world, you betcha I did not miss out on my chance to spend a few days in this amazing city.

Stef and I spent 3 days full to the frikin brim (as we do) running around the city frantically (classic) trying out every yoga studio, fitness class, healthy cafe we possibly could. Here’s everything we did compiled into a neat little guide so that you can do the same next time you shoot this place a visit! But maybe go for more than 3 days if you’re actually planning on getting some sleep during your trip.

Where to eat healthy in Sydney

Speedos, Bondi
126 Ramsgate Ave, North Bondi



Speedos simply serves the most beautiful food ever. If insta-worthyness was the main criteria in rating a restaurant, this place would knock all others outta the park. Pancakes topped with edible flowers, figs on everything, outrageously pink smoothie bowls serves in star-shaped porcelain bowls… you catch my drift. As if the gorgeous food wasn’t enough, here you also get a gorgeous view of Bondi beach. They cater to all your complicated no nut, no soy, no dairy, no meat, no cranberry, no sugar, no gluten beach bums. And they do so wonderfully.

Earth To Table, Bondi
85 Bronte Rd, Bondi Junction


Earth to Table is an entirely vegan cafe that not only serves super fresh and organic dishes but has such a cute little outdoor seating area that makes the perfect healthy breakfast or lunch stop. Pictured above is the pesto pasta and rainbow seaweed salad which paired with the Give Me Clarity green juice it makes the perfectly delicious nutrition powerhouse of a lunch. We stopped by this little gem after some morning of yoga and an infra-red sauna, and I’ll tell you something. Combining beach side yoga, an infrared sauna and some fresh, wholesome salads from Earth To Table, I felt like some magical health goddess floating around with a halo made of broccoli sprouts and a skirt made of algae.

Zeitgeist Cuisine
b1/153 Clarence St, Sydney


Yet another adorable hole in the wall serving awesome completely vegan food in Sydney. It’s the perfect spot for vegan sandwiches, wraps and smoothies, and super easy to grab-and-go. It’s more one of those “holy f*** no way is this vegan…” kinda place rather than your light salad spot, but it’s the ideal place to grab some warm comfort food on a rainy day.

2-4 College St, Sydney



This place was recommended to Stef and I by a million different people, so safe to say we had pretty high expectations. The food was on-point and lived up to what it promised to be: vegan pan-asian and dim sum restaurant serving healthy, organic, specialty dishes in a serene yet atmospheric location. I will say however that the service was pretty terrible. I think this may have been the first time I actually had to get up and chase down the waitress… several times… Regardless, I do recommend trying this place out and sharing lots of the tapas (not that you’d actually be able to settle on only one dish). And not that I even need to mention this, but do not forget the desserts. Oh and cocktails!

277 Bondi Rd, Bondi


Good healthy cafes aren’t too hard to find in Sydney, what’s difficult is finding good, clean food, dinner spots with vegan options. This place hit the nail right on the head, and probably wins in my books as fav place to eat in Sydney. The food just so different from your classic vegan food, and each dish had it’s own little “oohhhmagahh dis so good” rant. Stef and I shared several entrees: sweet potato fries, truffle ravioli with vegan cheese, roasted brussle sprouts and stuffed mushrooms. Pretty sure we spent 3/4 of our dinner date going on about how delicious everything was…quadruple thumbs up for this place. (y) (y) (y) (y)

Where to workout in Sydney

Yoga at the Bondi Icebergs


Yup you can do a yoga class at the Icebergs, which is pretty much one of the most iconic sites in the city… Throw in some jumping dolphins and wales in the distance and you got yourself a true pinch-me-this-can’t-be-real moment. A drop-in class is $18 but they’re also on classpass, free with your membership!

Humming Puppy


This yoga studio is absolutely next level. The reception area alone looks like one of those ultra-trendy hotels that you just go into to walk around and pretend like you belong while you’re actually staying at the hostel across the road.  Of course a fancy yoga studio wouldn’t be complete without a gorgeous couch set up and different kinds of tea, water and coconut water for you to enjoy. The studios themselves are just as beautiful, with elevated platforms on either side of the instructor who is guiding the practice in the middle.  In case you weren’t satisfied with that, they actually have a continuous hum which plays throughout the classes, resonating at different frequencies depending on the class: helping to put you in a calming, restorative state in a gentle flow class or to strengthen your body and mind during a power session.

Scenic Cycle
88 Phillip Street, Sydney

For real there’s nothing like a good spinning studio. Spinning is just one of those things. Either it’s boring as hell, longest hour of your life, omg I can’t believe I signed up for aimless stationary biking I’d rather get hit by a truck or OMG THIS IS SO INTENSE I LOVE THIS MUSIC I FEEL LIKE MY LEGS ARE GONNA FALL OFF BUT  DON’T WANNA STOP GODDAMN I’M TOTALLY KILLING THIS GGGARRAAHHH (yeah I get super into spinning). This studio definitely brought out the latter in me. They have a screen in the front of the class which simulates biking through different scenic routes, and you adjust the resistance on your bike according to the route you’re on. Funnily enough we spent most of the class biking through the Swiss Alps which made me pedal faster than ever to get the hell outta there. I guess it worked cuz I walked out of the studio and found myself in central Sydney like sweeeeeeet.

5001B/188 Pitt St, Sydney


An adorable little studio in Central Sydney. We had an amazing class with Vanessa who really brought us through a very different type of class, focusing on inverted poses. This place is a win since in a single space you have the gorgeous studio, a cute health cafe and an activewear store selling Lulu, VieActive, Dharma and more. Like can I move in or?

Healthy Living in Sydney

Bondi – Bronte Coastal Walk


Yup and absolute classic. I mean might as well take advantage of the gorgeous Australian views and the sunshine (and save money) by simply going for this gorgeous hike. It continues for 6km so you can get a good 12km there and back if you’re up for it.

Nimbus & Co. Infrared Sauna
97 Bondi Rd, Bondi Beach



After a little coastal walk and delicious breakie in the sun, head over to this amazing space for a sauna sesh. I’m not gonna lie, it was hot. Like really hot. Especially since it was already a hot, sunny day, Stef and I suffered a little. The last 4 minutes of our 45-minute session we were pretty much counting down the seconds, and I was pretty much convinced my life was going to end sitting on a wooden bench in a 2m by 2m wooden cubicle in my underwear . But after going back out into the fresh air and having a fresh salad, I felt like a whole new person. For real. I don’t understand how but it relaxed me so totally and utterly and instilled a whole new level of calm and clarity.

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