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Healthy City Guide to Melbourne

Last month I went to Sydney and basically concluded holy crap, love that place, gotta move there ASAP, where can I sign up. This weekend Stef and I got together for another jam packed #vicandstef adventure, but this time in Melbourne. I’m gonna be super unoriginal here and say OMG I freakin LOVE that city, what’s the rent like? Is that house for sale? Where can I sign up. I sound like a broken record I know, but Melbourne really blew me away. Where Sydney has more of the outdoorsy beachy side, Melbourne is just hustling with such unique energy that I can’t even put my finger on why I love it so much. It probs has something to do with the hustle…y’all know how much I love the hustle. In any case, Stef and I spent 3 days (what seemed like 3 weeks) exploring the city in it’s entirety, walking from one yoga studio to the next and stopping at every brunch spot on the way (let’s just call it #bulking?). We’ve tried and tested many of the city’s best healthy hotspots (we’d need another 2 months to try them all, which in that case we’d probably be rolling down the street not walking cuz vegan pancakes..), and compiled all our favs into this little guide! If you’re off to Melbourne soon, know someone that is, or just want to dream about a future trip, have a scroll, enjoy and make sure you book yourself more than 3 days to get all this done (trust me). 

Healthy eating in Melbourne

Serotonin Dealer

52 Madden Grove

Burnley VIC 3121


These guys know what’s up. They’ve decided to combine sun, exercise + healthy food to create the ultimate happy experience. You mean a place where you can sit outside after a kick-ass workout and enjoy a peanut butter latte?! Yup, that’s exactly what it is. Now that’s my kinda happy fix. Throw some ultra-hip, super aesthetic design in there and it’s like BOOM those happy hormones going maaaad.

Urban Projuice

315 Montague St

Albert Park VIC 3206



This juice bar is just so damn cute we had to hit it up. Their breakies look sooo unreal (hello vegan, gluten-free berry pancakes and sautéd mushroom tofu scramble), but we just grabbed a quick juice on the go. Unfortunately they don’t make the juices fresh on the spot, but their lean green is delisshhhh.


1/140 Ormond Rd

Elwood VIC 3184


Combi categorizes it’s self as “soul food”, and I’d agree that that’s pretty accurate. I mean, what could possibly make your soul happier than raw, organic, superfood smoothies, thick cut seeded toasts and raw cakes? Yup, nothing. It’s just one of those feel good classic healthy spots, where I feel like I should walk in with an adorable pup on a leash and some ultra funky reflective sunglasses while I pick up my “Happy Days” juice. Basically unless you’re an Australian free-spirit, boho beach babe then don’t come. Just kidding. The super chill Combi vibe is all about acceptance, so bring your mom, dad, cousin, weird uncle, bring em all, and enjoy the beauty of some nourishing, organic, smoothies and if you’re feeling wild, maybe even share a choc & maca fudge cake.

Matcha Mylkbar

72A Acland St

St Kilda VIC 3182




No way in hell were Stef and I leaving Melbourne without trying out this absolutely iconic vegan spot. If you haven’t already drooled over the Insta feed of this health cafe, then damn. Get on it ASAP. As the name suggests, they’ve pretty much got matcha everything, so if you’re a fan of this super healthy green powder then you’ll be in heaven. I’m talking matcha pancakes, matcha smoothies, matcha breakie bowls, 6 different matcha lattes and even a matcha burger bun… To top it all off, their food could not be more “instagrammable” nor their playlist more dope. Triple win in my books.

Trippy Taco

234 Gertrude St

Fitzroy VIC 3065


Mexican food is always a go-to for me. I mean, do you know anyone who doesn’t love Mexican? Yes? Well you should probs cut em out of your life, they definitely can’t be trusted. Once you’ve done that, grab all your remaining friends, and bring them over for a big lunch at Trippy Taco. This place has got the goods. It’s all vegetarian and pretty much all meals can be turned vegan. It’s also one of those places where you can go light and quick with a simple tofu taco or take the “go big or go home” approach and share a Mexicano feast with a large nacho bowl and maaaaybe some cinnamon churros for dessert 😉 *insert salsa dancer emoji*

Pana Chocolate

491 Church St

Richmond VIC 3121



You’d think the 38 degree weather would make Stef and I opt for a juice bar instead of a chocolate shop for our mid-afternoon snack stop buuuuuut a girl and her chocolate is a true love affaire, and when in Melbourne, skipping this spot isn’t an option. We both got refreshing cold raw chocolate milk shakes, and shared a choc berry raw slice. Cute decor, friendly staff and a menu that revolves entirely around chocolate…must I really say more?!

Vegie Bar

380 Brunswick St

Fitzroy VIC 3065


Vegie Bar is the oldest vegetarian restaurant in the city and as my Airbnb host said “is just such a Melbourne spot” AKA good music, lively AF, awesome energy, trendy as hell and delicious food. That pretty much sums it up for you. Stef and I got there at 10pm thinking shit I hope it’s still open, and to our surprise it was packed. With a wide range of dishes from all over the world and specialty raw food options, you can’t go wrong with this classic go-to.

Yong Green Food

421 Brunswick St, Fitzroy

VIC 3065


There are so many wonderfully healthy and delicious options in Melbourne, but Yong Green Food is something else. They specialize in raw, vegan, organic and biodynamic food. Like woah that’s neeeext level. Their menu is equally special, offering a wild variety from miso soups and kimchi dragon bowls to chilli wraps and raw pizza. No matter what your dietary preferences are, guaranteed you’ll find your dream dish at this lil gem.

Working Out in Melbourne

Bodhi and Ride

416/418 Bay St,

Port Melbourne VIC 3207


I’m a huge fan of spinning classes. Even though the concept of sitting on a stationary bike for an hour might not sound like your classic definition of “fun”, but a real good spinning class, with a sick playlist and awesome energy can literally be the bestest, funnest workout of your life. Bodhi and Ride takes this to the absolute next level. Our instructor Danea didn’t only prepare a dope playlist and an amazingly challenging routine, but flicked on the strobe lights at the beat-drop, would get off her bike, dance around the room and say the exact right thing at the right time to have you pushing yourself to the max. All in all, the ride45 class at Bodhi and Ride is literally a dance party, only instead of a hangover you get a wild endorphin rush.

Yoke Yoga

4 Union St

Melbourne VIC 3205

This adorable little studio is so discrete, you may even miss it when walking through the little side streets of Southern Melbourne. What’s inside however, is a beautifully bright yoga studio, where you can’t help but feel zen AF the second you walk inside. We followed an amazingly relaxing yin class, and although I’m pretty sure I dosed off during savasana, I left feeling awake and refreshed. What made me love this place even more is how at the end everyone seemed to hang around, chat to the teacher and give her a hug. Such good vibes.

Killer Jules Workout

22 Cecil Pl,

Prahran VIC 3181


Not gonna lie after 3 days of running around Melbourne and getting little to no sleep, I was kinda of dreading this HIIT session. Even though it was f*@#% hard, it was exactly what Stef and I needed to get pumped and ready for our last day in the city. We did a really fun functional trainer circuit with battle ropes, sprints, dog sled pushing…basically all the things that are bloody hard but you feel like such a bad ass doing them, that you keep going.

Healthy Living in Melbourne

The Orchard Prahran

Level1, 201 Commercial Road

South Yarra,  3141


After Stef and I went to Nimbus & Co. in Sydney for an infrared sauna sesh, the post-sauna light, cleansed and refreshed feeling lasted me all week. So naturally when in Melbourne, we had to check if they had a place as amazing as Nimbus. Luckily we were staying right near the Orchard Prahran Wellness Centre, where we were able to sneak in a quick little infrared before taking the plane. I had such a relaxing session, where despite the heat, I almost dozed off. Not only are you lying down on a comfy mattress, but your head is actually out in the open air so it’s a hell of a lot more pleasant!

Walk and/or run it!


Okay maybe I was only in Melbourne for a few days, and maybe someone who is actually from there will bring up the cold and the rain (we had awesome weather), but I’d say Melbourne is a super walkable city. Even just 5 minutes out of the centre you’re already in a beautiful residential area with wide empty streets, perfect for morning jogs! Southbank is another great spot to go stroll along or even run, but you might get distracted by the dudes doing one-handed handstands on knives while on fire. Alternatively go run around the botanical gardens, you’re sure to catch a fresh breeze while jogging under the shade of massive palm trees.

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  • Agness of Fit Travelling
    January 9, 2017 at 5:16 pm

    Amazing guide and great photos, I love your style.

    • Victoria S.
      January 15, 2017 at 4:00 pm

      You’re so sweet thank you Agness!! <3