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Full body Reshape at 1rebel

Alright so London is foodie heaven right? A million restaurants, cafes, markets, and if you’re into the whole health food scene, it’s even more dangerous; healthy, vegan, gluten-free, paleo, any kind of weird diet your following, you’ll probably find a place made just for you. This is why I always end up leaving London with a camera full of food pics, a new baby going by the name of Brunch and an extra little layer of pudge making those EasyJet seats a lot comfier yet even smaller on the way back than they were on the way there. Friday was one of those days where my jeans managed to shrink about 2 sizes between the moment I woke up and the time I finally got home, took them off, and changed into sweatpants. Like why pants, why did you shrink? Oh yeah probs cuz I had like 6 meals in one day, oops. We spent the day walking around Christmas markets, trying out Mildred’s for lunch and then Vanilla Black for dinner (full review here). In any case, I woke up Saturday morning feeling like  I could easily sustain a 3 week fast. Good thing I had signed up for a Full Body Reshape at 1Rebel the night before. And when you’ve already signed up and paid online, there’s no backing out. So after a few short hours of sleep, where my stomach was furiously trying to digest the excessive amount of food I had put it in (like Vic why you do this to me I want to rest too, you had like 4 desserts today TF man). Poor tummy. It was probably happy to be pushed to it’s absolute limit with a crazy intense interval class. Lol. Probs not. But my jeans were cuz that top button was holding on for dear life by the end there. 


Obviously, as usual, I thought I was going to be late, ended up running around Liverpool Street like UGH why is this city so confusing!!! Shortly followed by, okay it was right there, why am I directionally challenged. Then followed by k nvm I’m like 15 mins early, why was I running. In any case, once I got there, me and all the other newbies were welcomed in first (like hello star treatment) and explained how it was gonna work. The system was pretty much exactly the same as the Barry’s Bootcamp class I had done 2 days prior (review of Barry’s here). You alternate between treadmills and floor work. Barry’s was a killer, so I was getting ready for this class to be similar but you know what, it wasn’t. It was tougher.

The teacher (I had Mila) was a truuuuue bad a$$. Didn’t matter if you were tired, in pain, crying, dying etc. you had to go harder. She pulled that whole “DO NOT STOP, IF ONE OF YOU STOPS RIGHT NOW ALL OF YOU SPRINTS.” Yeah. And she wasn’t joking. The class was such a good combination of all kinds of training, the exercises were varied and we quickly switched from one to the next. There was no rest time, no time to catch your breath, it was go go go go kill it now go go.


As compared to Barry’s I have to say I liked 1Rebel better. The class was more of a true HIIT workout, where as Barry’s focused more on weights between sprints. There were times at Barry’s where we would be doing constant chest press for a few minutes, where as at 1Rebel we were constantly on the move, switching from weights, to jumps, to sprint, back to weights etc. We also did exercise variations on the treadmill where we had to push the mat forward with our feet, or plank behind the machine and push the mat forward with our hands.


Oh and BONUS: the change rooms, because they are beaaauuutiful and a good pampering session is always key after sweating buckets. Also when you forgot like half the stuff you needed; toner, moisturizer, hair spray, deo, they got you covered.

Only way Barry’s beats 1Rebel is the smoothie bar. Although 1Rebel also has one, and probably has an awesome menu, they didn’t have any vegan proteins so I couldn’t try it out (which was probably for the best since I was literally going straight from there to lunch, like when will you learn?!?! Normal people eat 3 meals a day!!!)

Oh well, to conclude: when in London, 1Rebel-it. And if you can get a Saturday morning class with Mila, even better.

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