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FitReserve: Hundreds of classes, one single pass

The world is changing. We are the generation of try all, do all. Just like the professional world is changing, allowing people to completely switch their career paths (study physics end up working in a bank, or starting off as a teacher but find yourself killing it in a law firm); the fitness world is also embracing this new multifaceted, unrestrictive, go-getter tendency that generation Y is all about.

I don’t want to be a “boxer”, I don’t want to be only a “swimmer” and I don’t want to be labeled as a “yogi”.

I’m an athlete. I do all, train all, challenge myself and work hard. There. That’s my label.

Enter: FitReserve.

This is the fitness concept of the future. You no longer have to chose one and only one gym, studio, centre, sport, you can have it all. With one pass to have access to hundreds of fitness studios in Swiss Romande. Although I can’t reveal juuuuust yet the exact list of studios, trust me when I say your schedule could look a little like this: Monday evening spin class, Tuesday lunch time boxing session, Wednesday pilates, a few laps in the pool on Thursday, end the week Friday evening with a fun Zumba lesson, and an early Saturday morning yoga class. Yup. All of it with a single pass. It’s basically a fitchick’s Willy Wonka Golden Ticket.

IMG_8598 (1)

My number 1 tip to people who want to get fit is to challenge themselves. And how do you do that? You’ve got to catch your body off guard. Gotta make your mind work faster than you legs. Push yourself to do classes you’ve never done and types of training you’re not used to. Running the same jogging path daily is a thing of the past. So is following the same gym routine until it become a monotonous habit. Not only is this boring, but after a while you’re no longer doing your body good. A much more effective, fun and time-saving technique is to do something different every day. With FitReserve this has never been so easy.

So how do I get a FitReserve pass?! 

The pass the valid for 6 months (from the 1st of March to 1st of September) and to be a member costs 99chf. With this membership you have access to about 160 gym’s in the Suisse Romande area. You can go to any class you want at any of these gym for only 10chf. For anyone familiar with Swiss prices, you can quickly realize that this is an absolute steal. You have 2 freebee session at each gym (for only 10 chf). So pretty much you can go to different gym classes 160×2 = 320, literally TWICE A DAY for 6 months at 10chf a session. For real, when classes are usually 30chf a head, you’re saving bucket loads. Time to go spend all that extra cash on Lorna Jane bras and superfoods? Me thinks YEES! So what’s the trick? How many limbs do I have to give up to get my hands on one of these babies? None. You can keep all of your limbs, there is no trick. Other than the fact that there are only 500 passes to be sold. So the game is that ya gotta be quick. You can already head over to to sign up and get some info before the official start, but sales will be ONLY between the 1st and 6th of March. For reeeaaal guys you don’t want to miss this. These 6 months can be your time to challenge yourself, try out new sports, new activities, you may even surprise yourself and find yourself loving something you never thought you would or doing something you never thought you could. All is possible.

When Stef, Sarbine and I were asked to be FitReserve ambassadors, we were told that the first step would be a photoshoot. “Is this okay with you?” was the question. “Ummm…. heeeelllzz yeah!” was the response. It was my first real photoshoot so you can all imagine how giddy and excited I was (and okay nervous as well, not gonna lie). The shoot looked a little like this: Three fitness loving girls running around in a beautifully equipped gym, trying out a ton of exercises with the help of awesome trainers, running back and forth (yoga studio –> change room –> spinning studio –> change room –> weight section –> change room –> functional training area –> change room), smiling, laughing, sweating, working out yet trying to look cute at the same time. So much respect for girls that actually do photoshoots on the regs. Now I know why they’re so thin; it’s freaking tiring! But I had so so much fun.


Not only was I doing what I loved with my 2 favourite fit girls and an amazing team, but we were lucky enough to be working with Lorna Jane Switzerland on the shoot. They provided us with absolutely beaaaautiful fitness wear, so every time we went back to the change rooms, we were frantically rummaging through these new collection pieces, trying to decide what to wear next. Like THERE ARE TOO MANY OPTIONS. HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO DECIDE THIS?!? I’M TOO YOUNG TO BE FACED WITH SUCH A DEGREE OF RESPONSIBILITY. Plus we had to go pretty quick to make sure we took advantage of the natural lighting, so it was like QUICK QUICK here’s a GIANT BAG of DROP-DEAD GORGEOUS fitness outfits, you have 10 seconds to chose ONE, put it on and LET’S GO! AKA enough to make an activewear addict’s head blow off.


But I’m pretty sure I can speak for all of us when I say we left the shoot with such a stupidly giant grin on our faces, that the people in the public bus were probs like “what the hell happened to them? It’s a freezing, rainy, dark Wednesday evening, there are few things to be that excited about.” Well there may be a few, but spending the entire day doing an UNREAL photoshoot with an UNREAL team wearing BEAUTIFUL clothing for a new fitness concept that is just as UNREAL and BEAUTIFUL as the rest of it is most definitely one of those things. We were so happy and chatty on the bus back that we managed to miss our stop: true story.

I’m still patiently waiting for the final pictures of the shoot, but for now here are the “back stage” shots! Considering how FREAKING COOL they turned out, I’m beyond excited to see how to final ones end up aahhhhhh (this is a true test of my patience)

*enter hands on eyes monkey emoji*




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  • Oriane
    February 12, 2016 at 6:29 pm

    This sounds AMAZING !!!! I’ll be sure to get one of these 🙂

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