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Fit n’ Tasty New Years Kickoff Event

Holidays are usually spent relaxing, sleeping, completely forgetting about that 6am gym-time wake up routine you were on, and adopting a routine that resembles one of a domesticated cat. And this is totally okay. Sometimes it’s nice to sit around in ugly pyjamas in the company of solely your family (thank god cuz hair hasn’t been washed in longer than what is deemed socially acceptable). It’s easy to fall into a relaxed lazy holiday routine, however it’s a hell of a lot harder to get out of it. The team over at Fit n’ Tasty (local, organic, cold-pressed juices) knew this, and decided to make a fun event combining a killer workout, detox juices, healthy snacks and good company to ease everyone back into their healthy life routine. My holidays weren’t exactly spent lying by the fire, but actually tanning in the sun. And they weren’t really as lazy as Christmas holidays often are; I probably exercised even more during my holidays and actually lived off salads and tropical smoothies. So this event wasn’t as much to get myself back into shape, but more to ease the transition from family, pool and sun back to cold, snow and exams. I got all the endorphines needed to make the rain look calming, and cold invigorating (okay maybe I’m pushing it, it would take about 3 marathons and a Spartan Race to make the rain and cold seem pleasant but still). The event was the perfect way to start the year, and everyone could get something different out of it, leaving happy smells and sweaty, just like we like it. 


The event was held at Tone Up CrossFit and Fight. This is the first cross-fit gym in Lausanne and offers CrossFit, fight training, and functional training with personal trainers. We started off with 30 minutes of functional training with the amazing Solveig. After a quick warm-up, circuits were on the menu, switching between planks, lunges, box jumps and all that good stuff. We ended with a killer burpee challenge, where in pairs of two we had to do as many burpees as possible in 2 minutes. Of course Stef and I took it reeaaal serious and I probably sent my heart rate into danger zone. But all good, it’s all for the love of competition.


After that was 30 minutes of cross-fit. We started with some stretching followed by a floor-based circuit routine that included tricep push-ups that OMG ARE DEATH. Seriously though, I thought I had gotten pretty good at push-ups and then our trainer David threw those at us and I couldn’t even do 10 without taking a break, what an ego-killer. We then did some deadlift training, where he came by and corrected our form individually. He didn’t even feel bad for making us stay in deadlift crouch position for a good 10 minutes while he took his sweeeeeet time making rounds. Oh and if you tried to get up he would make you get back down, and when David tells you to “get back down now” you do it. Cry through the burn if you must, but don’t even think about getting up again.

So after an hour’s workout, it was time for a well deserved snack. Fit n’ Tasty juice testers were all set out and so were Rhythm108 bars; healthy snack bars made completely organic in Switzerland with all natural, healthy ingredients. They looked amazing but unfortunately they have skim milk in them, so I’ll just have to be patient and wait until they come out with a new vegan product before joining in on the deliciousness.


Post-break was another 30 minute workout session. This time in Tone Up’s seemingly intimidating yet also freaking bad-ass cage. We learned basic kickboxing steps, which make you feel super lame and amateur when you try for the first time. Not to mention this requires lots of coordination and concentration, and since I was still in my omg-so-happy-to-be-back-with-steffy mood, I really didn’t show off any future MMA fighter potential. But it’s definitely something I’d like to try again, cuz having fight skills would be mad cool no???

All in all, it was the perfect event to come back to after the holidays. It’s always hard to come back, but there’s nothing like surrounding yourself by like-minded people and enduring a few burpees to get the ball rolling again.


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  • Oriane
    January 26, 2016 at 9:08 am

    Of course I’m yawning on the picture hahaha