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Fit Foodie Guide to Brisbane

Only about 2 weeks after my epic Sunshine Coast reunion with Stef, the rad #vicandstef duo were back together…this time in Brisbane. Our trip was short lived, literally just 1 day, but when #vicandstef hit up a new city, we hit hard. So even though we spent only about 27 hours together, I left Brisbane Saturday night feeling like I had a jam packed week-long vacation. I was pleasantly surprised by Brisbane, it’s actually quite a cute city with lots of pretty shops, boutiques, outdoor terraces and of course, looooots of amazing foodie spots. So in classic #vicandstef fashion, we spent our weekend running around and trying out spots for breakfast, brunch, coffee, lunch, coffee, snack and dinner. And coffee and a 2nd lunch. Here are our top picks. 

Bruch in Brisbane – Wilde Kitchen

I remember dreaming of moving to Australia, scrolling through the feeds of those insane #instaworthy brunch spots that serve outrageously thick smoothies bowls with a crap-ton of toppings and sky-high pancake stacks topped with so many flowers I don’t even know if this is food or my grandma’s garden.

In Brisbane we came across Wilde Kitchen. Okay by “came across” I mean we found it on Instagram, walked up and down the street 5 times looking for it, asked random people on the street, concluded that it was probably teared down and replaced by that massive construction site, gave up, walked in the the other direction and theeeeen came across it.

But so worth it cuz they have an unreal menu making this a killer bunch spot.


Peanut butter – cacao smoothie bowl



Paleo protein pancakes

Wilde Kitchen

Macquarie & Florence Street

Teneriffe, 4006

Tel 07 3252 5960

Lunch in Brisbane – Botanica

When looking for Wilde Food we stumbled upon Botanica. This is literally the perfect lunch spot with gorgeous salads for a quick sit-down lunch or to take away. If you’re at the Teneriffe location, grab your salad to-go and go sit by the water it’s freakin gorgeous.



Shop 3, 29 Doggett St


Tel 07 3216 1218

Afternoon snack in Brisbane – Pineapple Express

When walking up James Street, stopping in each and every furniture store (that Aussie aesthetic on pooiiint), have a lil afternoon stop at Pineapple Express. They got all kinds of smoothies, snack wraps, cocowhip and coffee. Oh and cute outdoor seating on colourful pillow covered benches. And coffee tastes way better when you’re cute seating.



Pineapple Express

18/65 James St.

Fortitude Valley

Dinner in Brisbane – PawPaw

This place was probably the highlight of our trip to Brisbane. PawPaw really confused me at first, I couldn’t really understand how cocktails, Thai food and vegan donuts really worked together in a gorgeous little dinner spot, until I realized damn; they literally just combined all the best things in the world into a single place. Genius.


Vegan Pad Thai


898 Stanley St

East Brisbane

Tel 07 3891 5100

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