Favourite Build-a-Booty Exercises

I never suffered from a pancake-butt, far from. In fact I actually remember going to my mum crying one day when I was about 8 years-old because a girl in my class said I had a “giant bum”. I guess on my small frame combined with a pretty prevalent “lumbar lordosis” AKA lower-back curved in, made my child’s bum stick out, and little Chloe felt the need to point in out in 3rd grade geometry. In any case my “big” bum stuck with me and added nice curves to my post-pubescent figure. Alllll up until I started marathon training. I lost quite a bit of body fat during my race training, notably from the only 2 places a girl is okay with have a bit of “chubs”; chest and butt. So after my marathon (full post about it here), I was like YEESS just smashed 42km! Buuuut now I look like a pre-pubescent 12 year-old boy. So there began my new weight lifting gym program  which focused on gaining muscle and getting back some curves. Project Build-a-booty is well on it’s way, so I thought I’d share with you all some of my favourite exercises. 

*Video of all the exercises blow.

  1. Reverse hip abductor: Looks awkward I know. Good thing there’s never any one in the gym on Sundays cuz you really don’t want to make eye-contact with someone while you’re doing that. But that being said, it’s one of the best exercises for real flute-targeting.
  2. Barbell cross-over lunge: This one combines core strength while working the butt cuz staying stable is harder than it looks.
  3. Corner barbell pulse squat & press: I know sounds fancy, and fancy it is, cuz this has got you working your arms, chest, shoulders, legs and core while being a booty-buster (ignore my uber lame nicknames). For real though this one has always got my abs feeling super sore the next day.
  4. Cable kickbacks: Another classic for glutes while also adding a lil hamstring burn in there.
  5. Dumbbell pulse lunges: I swear when it comes to building a perky toosh lunges are waaay underrated. It’s always about squats but nothing gives you firm cheeks like these.


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