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Dinner at Wild Food Cafe

First of all, I’d like to start by apologizing for the terrible pictures. I forgot my camera (okay not mine but Chloe’s camera that I was using while in London) so dinner pics had to be done on the phone. So combine that with difficult evening restaurant lighting (like I know your getting that sultry, romantic dim light feel but like man how am I supposed to photograph my food?!). But regardless of bad pictures, I had to do a review post on Wild Food Cafe because I honestly had such a great meal. It was my last meal in London and I have to say it ended on such a good note. The ambiance, the feel, the cute décor, the staff and of course the food made it the perfect last supper feast. Should have gotten someone to paint the scene it was that epic (also would have solved the whole lighting issue). Read more below for my full review!

I had my last day in London off work, so of course I tried to cram in all those healthy hotspots I had not yet eaten at. The initial plan was to do Wild Food Café for breakfast, and then NAMA for dinner, but since Wild Foods only does brunch on weekends, the roles had to be switched, and to be honest I’m happy they were. My last day started off with a lovely breakfast in the sun in the cute streets of Notting Hill at NAMA (full review HERE), and then my roommate Chloe and I headed out to Neal’s Yard in the evening. The streets were full with the smell of beer in the air (as they often are in London) and happy people chatting and laughing because YAY it was Friday. We passed by the pub and headed for the open blue door. Arriving at the top of the stairs, Wild Foods was packed, every long communal table completely full. We sat at the bar for a few minutes before a very friendly woman directed us to two empty spots right next to the window that looked down into Neal’s Yard Place.


The second we got seated it was time to order. Chloe and I got two starters to share, one basil hummus with sourdough bread and one raw vegan ceviche with polenta. Both sooo freaking good. We finished the plates clean (as we do) scraping up every little last bit of hummus, which was so wonderfully fragrant of basil (am I the only one who had never had basil hummus before?!). The ceviche was more of a bruschetta, since I don’t really know how one can make a vegan ceviche that is anything but tomato, onion and lemon juice, but still, was a damn good bruschetta.



At this point we were pretty much full but HELLO, we ordered 2 mains and they arrived perfectly right as they cleared our plates. We shared the raw pizza and the vegan burger. They had no more sweet potato fries (I almost cried; emotional from all the food etc.) but instead they gave us some guac + bread (okay they must know me or something since guac is the only thing that would ever console me from the lack of sweet potato fries). The mains were for real amazing. The pizza was so flavourful, completely different from any raw vegan pizza I had ever had. The burger wasn’t exactly a burger, more of a weird raw bread-like concoction (weird but absolutely delicious) with veggies and a type of “burger” with more of a falafel look. Both were honestly so good, and hefty as well. I feel like all healthy restaurants tend to have small portions (which doesn’t make sense to me cuz this food is basically just vegetables like give me buckets of it please?!), but portions at Wild Foods are nice and big, oh and did I mention delicious? I don’t know if I did but just in case, IT WAS DELICIOUS.


IMG-20150913-WA0032Alright, now dessert time. Chloe and I were struggling to decide between 3 different ones, so what do? Order them all! Hurray for gluttony! (This was totally acceptable it being my last night in the city and all). We ordered the fig “cheesecake”, white chocolate caramel tart and the sweet potato brownie (making up for lack of sweet potato fries via brownie seemed extremely logical). The deserts were good as well, although after having spent a month in London basically living off raw vegan cake (since I was working at a raw vegan café) I was starting to think they all tasted pretty much the same, only so many different cashew-date combos you can make I guess. But the desserts were good non the less, favourite probably being the fig one, which was quite a bit lighter than your usual vegan cheesecake (necessary after the obscene amount of food we had just eaten).



So after all that food later, the hardest part of the meal came. The time to actually stand up. I’m not joking, it was really difficult. But all in all, the meal was amazing. I think Wild Foods would be just as perfect for weekend brunch or lunch as it is for dinner. If you’re in London, it’s a must go.

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