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Reformer Pilates at Booster Zurich

I was never a big pilates person. As I’ve said before, I’m often a little all or nothing, so I’m usually either sweating it out doing sprints, or standing on my head and clearing my mind during a yoga class. Pilates to me has always been in that grey area. I’m not necessarily sweating buckets, nor am I really getting a good zen moment in. That was my impression until I tried out Booster. It was my first time doing a class with reformer machines and oh my god. I swear I’ve never actually had my butt cheek quiver until that class (soz for the detail). I went to Booster for the first time in September when I was writing a review of best fitness spots in Zurich for Well To Do London (full article here). Stef and I went back this weekend for another butt-quivering class, this time given to us by the gorgeous and awesome Monika. She recently moved from San Diego to Switzerland (my first comment was of course good god, why would you ever leave sun and beach…) but good thing she did cuz this amazing Cali-trained instructor is now teaching in Zurich! We went round to their Seenfeld location, and although Stef and I took the train in all the way from Bern, Monika made it well worth the trip.  Continue Reading

Fitness Zurich

Heart Beat Up Yoga Event

I had been planning on going to the Heart Beat Up event for a while. About a month ago I was already scanning the schedule that would be set out for the day, thinking damn this’ll be a good one. I love yoga, I love dancing, I love hip-hop, and this event was essentially combining all those things into one amazing, active afternoon. Sold. I’ll be honest when I say that the day didn’t start off too well. I got there a little early to help Stef set up her booth for Fit n’ Tasty  and found out that we were supposed to bring our own mats. Since we were there early, all the event hosts were running around trying to get the last touches in and obviously me chasing them around the room saying “uhhh I didn’t bring a mat, do you have an extra?” was not exactly what they wanted to hear and the answer was “we’ll see”. I could already picture myself doing headstands without a mat, trying to shavasana on the cold floor etc. When the event started however (and Stef and I managed to get a mat for the two of us, which surprisingly worked out perfectly) everything turned around. Annoyance, stress, the worry of lying on a club floor (yes the event was hosted in a club, with backlights, DJ and all) with my new Lorna Jane workout shirt all went away, and Stef and I spent an absolutely amazing day.  Continue Reading