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Healthy City Guide to Sydney

If there was one thing I was not gonna miss out on during my time in Australia, it was a visit to Sydney. Actually, Sydney was #1 on my list before even moving to Australia. If you follow the whole health & wellness scene on Instagram at all, you know what I’m talking about. It’s as if literally EVERYTHING is based in Sydney. Scrolling through my feed would usually look something like:

“Omg that acai bowl looks unreal where’s that cafe?” Sydney.

“Woaah that yoga studio is beautiful, where’s that space?” Sydney.

“I love those leggings, where can I buy them?” Sydney.

“Damn that chick’s fit as hell, is she from here too?” Nope, she’s in Sydney. Obviously. Since she’s probably wearing those leggings, on her way to that yoga studio after picking up a juice at that cafe.

With Sydney being pretty much the furthest city in the world from where I was, the only way to describe how I felt was:  (-.-)  –> unimpressed face

So now that I have fiiiinally made my way to this side of the world, you betcha I did not miss out on my chance to spend a few days in this amazing city.

Stef and I spent 3 days full to the frikin brim (as we do) running around the city frantically (classic) trying out every yoga studio, fitness class, healthy cafe we possibly could. Here’s everything we did compiled into a neat little guide so that you can do the same next time you shoot this place a visit! But maybe go for more than 3 days if you’re actually planning on getting some sleep during your trip. Continue Reading

Sydney Travel

The Sydney Wellness Festival 2016


Sydney is literally health & wellness heaven. They have all those cool cafes you see on Insta with monster vegan pancake stacks, gyms on every street corner, and about 80% of the population is strolling around in activewear. This weekend I finally flew over for a visit. Not only did I get to try all the healthy cafes and sick studios, I spent a full day at the Wellness Festival, hosted by Colour and Coconuts. The event was an inspiration overload to say the least. It was literally like Hey! Let’s throw all the most inspiring people in the industry in this fabulously funky location, open up a big wellness market with healthy food & organic products, invite a shit ton of like-minded people and gift them with ridiculous goodie bags. Like um okay? I dunno, I guess that sounds pretty cool? No. It sounds f-ing amazing. And it was. For those of you that weren’t able to make it, here’s the low-down. Continue Reading