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5 Must-Try Brunch Spots in London

London has got to be my favourite city in Europe for many reasons:

  1. There’s always stuff going on here; let’s be real it’s it is the city to be
  2. You can meet people from everywhere and anywhere
  3. There are so many sick fitness studios, from reformer to yoga to boxing
  4. It’s pretty much foodie heaven

No matter if you’re a true Londoner, if you’re living here temporarily or simply visiting, there are so many amazing foodie spots to be discovered in the city. Whether you’ve just spent last night having a few drinks too many at that new rooftop bar, or you’re just coming back from a crazy sweaty Barry’s workout, you’re probably in need for some brunch. Now brunch doesn’t simply constitute of some eggs at an awkward time of day, no no, a good brunch place must combine a cafe with a comfy but trendy set-up, good coffee, lots of healthy options and just a feel good vibe, cuz man, you can’t eat brunch in a place with a bad vibe. It just don’t work. Now I’ve tried many brunch spots in London, and here below is the ultimate guide of the best of the best. So go ahead, eat up and enjoy.  Continue Reading

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Full body Reshape at 1rebel

Alright so London is foodie heaven right? A million restaurants, cafes, markets, and if you’re into the whole health food scene, it’s even more dangerous; healthy, vegan, gluten-free, paleo, any kind of weird diet your following, you’ll probably find a place made just for you. This is why I always end up leaving London with a camera full of food pics, a new baby going by the name of Brunch and an extra little layer of pudge making those EasyJet seats a lot comfier yet even smaller on the way back than they were on the way there. Friday was one of those days where my jeans managed to shrink about 2 sizes between the moment I woke up and the time I finally got home, took them off, and changed into sweatpants. Like why pants, why did you shrink? Oh yeah probs cuz I had like 6 meals in one day, oops. We spent the day walking around Christmas markets, trying out Mildred’s for lunch and then Vanilla Black for dinner (full review here). In any case, I woke up Saturday morning feeling like  I could easily sustain a 3 week fast. Good thing I had signed up for a Full Body Reshape at 1Rebel the night before. And when you’ve already signed up and paid online, there’s no backing out. So after a few short hours of sleep, where my stomach was furiously trying to digest the excessive amount of food I had put it in (like Vic why you do this to me I want to rest too, you had like 4 desserts today TF man). Poor tummy. It was probably happy to be pushed to it’s absolute limit with a crazy intense interval class. Lol. Probs not. But my jeans were cuz that top button was holding on for dear life by the end there.  Continue Reading

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Vanilla Black Review

I feel like I am in constant conflict between two opposite things. On one hand I want to get rid of all the millions of things I own, keep only what I need, and live a simpler, minimalistic life. Yet on the other hand I love cute stationary, having a bunch of nice smelling candles and I have this uncontrollable urge to buy all of the gym clothes aways (like girl you have like 6 pairs of nike pro’s, you don’t need a 7th pair because it’s a slightly darker shade of grey YES YES I DO). Similarly for restaurants, I love a nice, cosy, homemade-style, vegan restaurant serving simple wholesome dishes, yet there’s something so nice about getting dressed up and going to some fancy-pants gastronomic restaurant where the dishes are really just a list of like 6 different ingredients that must have picked out of a hat or something cuz like who the hell comes up with: radish, coconut, lentil and seaweed baked in lemon zest topped with an avocado and cherry dressing like WHAT IS THAT (I obviously made that up but that would totally be on some gastro menu). The problem is that most of the time these gastronomic restaurants include such a strange mix of a million things that if you ask for it to be made vegan, you can be sure that the angry French chef on the other side will spit in your food. Enter: Vanilla Black! A michelin recommended, fully vegetarian gastronomic restaurant with a fully vegan menu as well. Like woah hello, combination of my favourite things? Perfect. So in order to celebrate my best friend Chloe’s birthday when I was visiting her in London (let’s ignore the fact that the celebration was 4 months late), we treated ourselves to a beautiful 3-coursed dinner at this little London gem.  Continue Reading

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Workout at Barry’s Bootcamp London

Barry’s Bootcamp sells itself as being “The Best Workout in the World”. I know right. What a statement. It started in the U.S. and it finally opened it’s first international location in London. I had heard about Barry’s before but other than knowing that Kim & Kanye were regulars at the LA studio, I didn’t really know what it was. What exactly is the world’s best workout? I came by London for a few days of vacation, and obviously my schedule basically revolved around fitness classes to try out, and restaurant reservations. My friend Isabella (@ballet_goes_bananas on Instagram) told me we should try out Barry’s and I was clearly hella down. So there we go. I arrived in London on Tuesday at 11pm and was up early on Wednesday for an 8am bootcamp class. Yes this is my idea of fun on a vacation, no I don’t need any judgement please.  Continue Reading

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Dinner at Wild Food Cafe

First of all, I’d like to start by apologizing for the terrible pictures. I forgot my camera (okay not mine but Chloe’s camera that I was using while in London) so dinner pics had to be done on the phone. So combine that with difficult evening restaurant lighting (like I know your getting that sultry, romantic dim light feel but like man how am I supposed to photograph my food?!). But regardless of bad pictures, I had to do a review post on Wild Food Cafe because I honestly had such a great meal. It was my last meal in London and I have to say it ended on such a good note. The ambiance, the feel, the cute décor, the staff and of course the food made it the perfect last supper feast. Should have gotten someone to paint the scene it was that epic (also would have solved the whole lighting issue). Read more below for my full review! Continue Reading

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24 Hours in London

So that’s it, it’s with tears in my eyes and a knot in my stomach that I leave beautiful and exciting London behind to go back to my little Swiss “city” lost somewhere along a lake in the mountains. My time in London has been unreal. I found a job in a raw vegan cafe (first time actually working in something health/fitness related), met a ton of people from all over the world, spent quality time living with my best friend Chloe (who housed me so generously) and spent as much time as I could out and about discovering the city. I was thinking about doing a “living the fit life in London” post like I had done for Barcelona, but realized that I’ve only been in London 6 weeks so I’m not really in a position to preach on London living. I therefore cut it down a bit, and took all my favourite things of this beautiful and magical city, and made a little “living a fit day in London” guide. Whether you’re coming to London for a semester, for summer holidays or just for a long weekend, follow this 24-hour guide to guarantee yourself a fun and fit day in the city.  Continue Reading

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Breakfast at NAMA

After having spent the last 6 weeks working at a completely raw vegan cafe, I have to say I’ve learned quite a bit about raw food. I’ve spoken to many people that have followed fully raw diets for years, really know their stuff, and have told me their honest thoughts about the different raw restaurant options in London (okay I’m speaking as though there are a ton, when really there are veeery few, which I guess makes sense if you think about the point of a restaurant is having someone else COOK for you). Regardless, I’ve heard a lot of talk about NAMA, a fully raw restaurant offering breakfast, lunch and dinner tucked away in the adorable streets of Notting Hill. Words such as “incomparable” and “on another level” were used to describe this place, so it was with these words in mind and pretty big expectations that I strolled off to NAMA for breakfast on my last day in London.  Continue Reading

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Lunching at Camden Lock Market

With only a week and half left of my time in London, I realized that Camden Market had still not been crossed off my list. I’d say I’ve probably spent more time at various London markets in the past 5 weeks than the average Londoner in their lifetime, but obviously I couldn’t leave without checking out Camden as well. Since I had the day off work, Chloe and I decided to take the tube (no not metro, in London we take the tube) up to Camden to spend a nice afternoon walking around the market and grabbing some lunch. There’s a different vibe in Camden market than what you would find at Borough Market for example. There’s this kind of young, edgy feel where you find hand-painted stalls, street art on the walls and probably some cooler-than-you dude with a beard off to buy some over-sized denim shirts at one of Camden’s many thrift stores. At this market there aren’t the big baskets of organic produce you find at Borough Market where you could totally picture Deliciously Ella picking out some beautifully ripe figs, but there are tons of ready made food stalls that all (or at least most) have vegetarian and vegan options (dude with beard doesn’t eat meat either, he likes his green juice and tofu). In any case, the market has lovely food stalls, tons of thrift shops (that will make you feel hella basic in comparison to those hip AF Brits browsing the vintage jackets) and lots of weird little stores selling cheap earrings and plastic jewellery that made me feel like I was back in the tourist-traps of Thailand. With a cute little path along the river next to the market, one can easily make a day of Camden.  Continue Reading

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Review: Ride Republic

I had heard about the Ride Republic studio before even coming to London and had already planned on trying it out. It just so happened that I ended up getting a job in the café that actually shares it’s building (like for real what are the odds?!?!). In any case, this proved to be awwwfully convenient for me, and obviously jumped on the opportunity to try out one of their classes immediately (literally immediately, I think it was my second day of work). I’ve done spinning classes in the past, never at proper spinning clubs but I’ve always tried them out at my gyms. I especially liked the one at my gym in Barcelona (mainly because I found the Latina woman yelling “AARRRIIIBA” at the bass drop hilariously entertaining). But telling you right now, the classes at Ride Republic are incomparable. On a scale of zero to sexy these classes are like Chris Brown’s dancing, combined with Beyonce’s bod, Kimmy K’s bum and John Mayer serenading you with “Your Body is a Wonderland”. For real. I’ve become obsessed with the energy of the class, the “burn board” feature, the sprint races and every little extra tidbit that comes with going to this studio. Continue Reading

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Breakfast at 26 Grains

Woo I did it. Got to London, ready to spend the next month and a half working (if I find a job, fingers crossed). First day in the big city was to be spent handing out CVs and trying to convince any little juice bar or coffee shop I would pass that even though I’m only here for 6 weeks, they should totally hire me. Of course, none of this could be done before having a big ol’ bowl of oatmeal for breakfast. Reason #1 why I love this city? The health + wellness culture is so present I don’t have to make my own gluten-free vegan porridge, they actually have places that sell it. It feels so good to not be an absolute extraterrestrial (I’ve been asked so many times by family members what is this guk I’m eating for breakfast). I’ve had to defend my beloved peanut butter a few too many times, people in France and Switzerland are okay with dousing their food with butter but are shocked that I actually eat peanut butter because “c’est bien trop gras!!!!” (“way too fattening!”). In any case, I am now in the land of readily available health food and damn does it feel good. So day 1 breakfast was spent at 26 Grains, a porridge bar in Neal’s Yard, London. I’ve seen beautiful porridge bowl pics all over Instagram and was therefore eager to try it. Continue Reading