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Training at Tone-Up Sports Centre

I have a love/hate relationship with vacations. I mean I love them because okay who doesn’t, but there’s part of me that also finds them awfully frustrating. It’s not just cuz I get out of the gym grove, sometimes it’s nice to let your body rest, eat an absurd amount of food unnecessarily (your body really does not need the energy of 6 meals a day when all your doing is sitting on your ass) and relax. It’s nice while it lasts but then you get back to reality, dunno where your head’s at anymore, my mental to-do list is out the effing window, all my clothes are dirty, I have so much washing to do, all I have in my fridge is half an onion and a can of tomatoes, no meals are planned, and then it’s time to get back to the gym… It’s like uuuggghhh I don’t waannaa. No way in hell am I actually  dragging by own butt to the gym, it’s too full of donuts and my baby biceps can’t muster the strength. So after almost 2 weeks of holidays, the personal training session with Stef at Tone Up on Monday was literally my saving grace. It was the perfect way to get my pudgy little bum back into shape.  Continue Reading

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Fitreserve: Giveaway, partner list & photoshoot pictures

Alight. Looks like things are finally coming together. If you follow me, Stef or Sabrine on Instagram you probably already know about Fitreserve, mainly cuz we’ve probs been spamming your new feed about it (hehe oopppss sorry). But actually not that sorry cuz this concept is absolute bomb and if you’ve read about it you’re probably just as excited about it as we are and therefore don’t even mind the spamming. If you don’t already know about it then:


b) Go read about it ASAP on my other blog post HERE

c) Go check out the killer new FitReserve website Continue Reading

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FitReserve: Hundreds of classes, one single pass

The world is changing. We are the generation of try all, do all. Just like the professional world is changing, allowing people to completely switch their career paths (study physics end up working in a bank, or starting off as a teacher but find yourself killing it in a law firm); the fitness world is also embracing this new multifaceted, unrestrictive, go-getter tendency that generation Y is all about.

I don’t want to be a “boxer”, I don’t want to be only a “swimmer” and I don’t want to be labeled as a “yogi”.

I’m an athlete. I do all, train all, challenge myself and work hard. There. That’s my label.

Enter: FitReserve.

This is the fitness concept of the future. You no longer have to chose one and only one gym, studio, centre, sport, you can have it all. With one pass to have access to hundreds of fitness studios in Swiss Romande. Although I can’t reveal juuuuust yet the exact list of studios, trust me when I say your schedule could look a little like this: Monday evening spin class, Tuesday lunch time boxing session, Wednesday pilates, a few laps in the pool on Thursday, end the week Friday evening with a fun Zumba lesson, and an early Saturday morning yoga class. Yup. All of it with a single pass. It’s basically a fitchick’s Willy Wonka Golden Ticket. Continue Reading

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Fit n’ Tasty New Years Kickoff Event

Holidays are usually spent relaxing, sleeping, completely forgetting about that 6am gym-time wake up routine you were on, and adopting a routine that resembles one of a domesticated cat. And this is totally okay. Sometimes it’s nice to sit around in ugly pyjamas in the company of solely your family (thank god cuz hair hasn’t been washed in longer than what is deemed socially acceptable). It’s easy to fall into a relaxed lazy holiday routine, however it’s a hell of a lot harder to get out of it. The team over at Fit n’ Tasty (local, organic, cold-pressed juices) knew this, and decided to make a fun event combining a killer workout, detox juices, healthy snacks and good company to ease everyone back into their healthy life routine. My holidays weren’t exactly spent lying by the fire, but actually tanning in the sun. And they weren’t really as lazy as Christmas holidays often are; I probably exercised even more during my holidays and actually lived off salads and tropical smoothies. So this event wasn’t as much to get myself back into shape, but more to ease the transition from family, pool and sun back to cold, snow and exams. I got all the endorphines needed to make the rain look calming, and cold invigorating (okay maybe I’m pushing it, it would take about 3 marathons and a Spartan Race to make the rain and cold seem pleasant but still). The event was the perfect way to start the year, and everyone could get something different out of it, leaving happy smells and sweaty, just like we like it.  Continue Reading

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Swiss BBG Meetup

Last summer we did our first Swiss BBG meet up. I remember meeting other girls for the first time, where the only thing we had in common was the fact that we were following the same fitness guide. Like what a strange concept. We didn’t have anything really planned, we just met by the lake on a beautiful sunny summer AKA the lakeside was PACKED and none of us were too keen on breaking out into squats in the middle of the hundreds of people lying around in their bathing suits like Plage de Lutry was St. Tropez or something. We were about 6 girls in total and ended up doing our circuit workout in the middle of a basket ball court next to a bunch of dudes casually tossing hoops wondering who the f invited this group of chicks frantically jumping up and down. Anyways, just goes to say we’ve come a long way from our first Swiss BBG Meet up. Today was our 2nd one in Lausanne, and there was a turn out of about 25 girls (like talk about a 500% increase DAMN). And with a little organization by Sabrine (@thefit_panda), Stef and I, we had a workout planned out, a location set, even Nike fitness wear and juices from Fit n’ Tasty to sell. So safe to say, it was a success.  Continue Reading


Lunch at Veganopolis

And it’s here! Lausanne now actually has a vegan restaurant. I have to say that when picking a place to study, Switzerland was a reeaaal funky choice. For someone who considers health and fitness as their passion, there could not be a less compatible country. It’s funny since Switzerland really has this reputation of being extremely healthy (maybe it’s because there are mountains? So it’s assumed people spend their lives hiking?). But let’s be real the national dish is pieces of bread that you dip into a giant pot of melted cheese until the cheese is gone which mean DINNER IS A POT OF MELTED CHEESE. And the classic dessert? Meringue next to A BIG BOWL OF DOUBLE CREAM that you scoop out onto your meringue once again UNTIL YOU’VE EATEN A BOWL OF DOUBLE CREAM. Yeah. Mountains = health. But on the other side, fresh local produce is widely available (sometimes I wonder if the green beans are made with strands of George Clooney’s hair because OMG THE PRICE) but they’re still available, so as long as you’re ready to cook all your meals from scratch (and order any extra health products like superfoods, peanut butter etc. online if you want them) then you can lead a vegan life. Just before you move here, make sure you buy a giant bag where you can put 101 Tupperwares to carry around if you’re heading out for the day, because you won’t be finding a little store to pop-in and grab something healthy to-go. That’s why when A FULLY VEGAN CAFE opened in my small student city of Lausanne, it was as if the angels had descended. Stef and I went to go try out the second we had a chance.  Continue Reading