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Healthy Foodie guide to Berlin

So where do I start?? I remember looking up “healthy food Berlin” a few weeks before my trip to the city, thinking maybe there’ll be some cool vegan restaurants to check out. What I didn’t realize is that Berlin does not have “some cool vegan restaurants”, Berlin is literally vegan food capital. Upon our arrival someone had told me “yeah… I’d say probably most restaurants are vegan.” Um what? Coming from a place that actually thinks vegan is a planet and “vegans” are considered their own rare species, this was a difficult concept to understand. You mean I don’t actually have to spend half hour explaining what veganism means when I go out to eat?? I don’t have to pay 30euro for a salad without cheese, cream dressing, bacon, chicken, egg AKA pay my days budget on a leaf of Iceberg?! This is amazing, let the vacation begin, and let in include eating 2 breakfasts, a brunch, 3 lunches, and a dinner, and of course a few cafe stops in between.  Continue Reading

Berlin Fitness

Sweating with Kayla at the Berlin Bootcamp

About 2 months ago I got a text from Stef saying “let’s do Berlin on the 6th of Feb?”. TBH I had no idea what she was talking about so I was like no…? But about 2 seconds later, saw a million posts on Instagram about KAYLA HERSELF doing a bootcamp in BERLIN that’s like…. baaaaasically right next door. So I called up Stef and was like let’s do it. So we got our tickets completely on a whim. Didn’t really know if we were gonna be able get flights, when, how, where we were gonna stay, BUT DON’T EVEN MATTER cuz we were gonna workout with THE QUEEN that created this ENTIRE EFFING EMPIRE that is now the bbg community. For real it’s absolutely mental that one woman created this all. The online community is so so damn strong, full of positive, motivating women from all corners of the world and it all came about from a PT!? Like how, what, in what world is that a thing. Anyways, Stef and I joined the hundreds of other girls that came together yesterday to stink, sweat, chat and max out their iPhone memory in pictures.  Continue Reading