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Healthy City Guide to Singapore

Even though I’ve spent 5 years of my life living in Singapore, and go back every holiday to see my parents, I still have somehow never posted a Healthy City Guide to this amazing city. I’ll be honest and say that it’s probs cuz when I lived there at 16 I was more in a position to write a Guide to Best Ladies Night Clubs rather than where to get the best green juice, but over the past few years I’ve tried out many of the new healthy spots in the city and I have to say, the wellness scene there is definitely a whole lot less lame than I thought. 

In Singapore there are 3 main things to do: eat, drink and shop. By eat, most mean either in world-renown high-class restaurants run by Michelin-star chefs or at delicious, ridiculously cheap local food stalls.  No one means lavish salads and wholesome brunch food. And by drink, most mean either Singapore Slings at one of the city’s many rooftop bars or local beer in a Korean Karaoke Pub. No one means green juices and kombucha. But I have to say, although the health and wellness scene is only just starting off in Singapore, it’s definitely there, and many brave souls have tapped into the health trend and opened businesses that now make it easy for anyone visiting this massively modern city to eat well and keep active (between Fried Rice dinners and nights out at Clarke Quay of course). Continue Reading

Melbourne Travel

Healthy City Guide to Melbourne

Last month I went to Sydney and basically concluded holy crap, love that place, gotta move there ASAP, where can I sign up. This weekend Stef and I got together for another jam packed #vicandstef adventure, but this time in Melbourne. I’m gonna be super unoriginal here and say OMG I freakin LOVE that city, what’s the rent like? Is that house for sale? Where can I sign up. I sound like a broken record I know, but Melbourne really blew me away. Where Sydney has more of the outdoorsy beachy side, Melbourne is just hustling with such unique energy that I can’t even put my finger on why I love it so much. It probs has something to do with the hustle…y’all know how much I love the hustle. In any case, Stef and I spent 3 days (what seemed like 3 weeks) exploring the city in it’s entirety, walking from one yoga studio to the next and stopping at every brunch spot on the way (let’s just call it #bulking?). We’ve tried and tested many of the city’s best healthy hotspots (we’d need another 2 months to try them all, which in that case we’d probably be rolling down the street not walking cuz vegan pancakes..), and compiled all our favs into this little guide! If you’re off to Melbourne soon, know someone that is, or just want to dream about a future trip, have a scroll, enjoy and make sure you book yourself more than 3 days to get all this done (trust me).  Continue Reading

Sydney Travel

Healthy City Guide to Sydney

If there was one thing I was not gonna miss out on during my time in Australia, it was a visit to Sydney. Actually, Sydney was #1 on my list before even moving to Australia. If you follow the whole health & wellness scene on Instagram at all, you know what I’m talking about. It’s as if literally EVERYTHING is based in Sydney. Scrolling through my feed would usually look something like:

“Omg that acai bowl looks unreal where’s that cafe?” Sydney.

“Woaah that yoga studio is beautiful, where’s that space?” Sydney.

“I love those leggings, where can I buy them?” Sydney.

“Damn that chick’s fit as hell, is she from here too?” Nope, she’s in Sydney. Obviously. Since she’s probably wearing those leggings, on her way to that yoga studio after picking up a juice at that cafe.

With Sydney being pretty much the furthest city in the world from where I was, the only way to describe how I felt was:  (-.-)  –> unimpressed face

So now that I have fiiiinally made my way to this side of the world, you betcha I did not miss out on my chance to spend a few days in this amazing city.

Stef and I spent 3 days full to the frikin brim (as we do) running around the city frantically (classic) trying out every yoga studio, fitness class, healthy cafe we possibly could. Here’s everything we did compiled into a neat little guide so that you can do the same next time you shoot this place a visit! But maybe go for more than 3 days if you’re actually planning on getting some sleep during your trip. Continue Reading

Sydney Travel

The Sydney Wellness Festival 2016


Sydney is literally health & wellness heaven. They have all those cool cafes you see on Insta with monster vegan pancake stacks, gyms on every street corner, and about 80% of the population is strolling around in activewear. This weekend I finally flew over for a visit. Not only did I get to try all the healthy cafes and sick studios, I spent a full day at the Wellness Festival, hosted by Colour and Coconuts. The event was an inspiration overload to say the least. It was literally like Hey! Let’s throw all the most inspiring people in the industry in this fabulously funky location, open up a big wellness market with healthy food & organic products, invite a shit ton of like-minded people and gift them with ridiculous goodie bags. Like um okay? I dunno, I guess that sounds pretty cool? No. It sounds f-ing amazing. And it was. For those of you that weren’t able to make it, here’s the low-down. Continue Reading

Brisbane Travel

Fit Foodie Guide to Brisbane

Only about 2 weeks after my epic Sunshine Coast reunion with Stef, the rad #vicandstef duo were back together…this time in Brisbane. Our trip was short lived, literally just 1 day, but when #vicandstef hit up a new city, we hit hard. So even though we spent only about 27 hours together, I left Brisbane Saturday night feeling like I had a jam packed week-long vacation. I was pleasantly surprised by Brisbane, it’s actually quite a cute city with lots of pretty shops, boutiques, outdoor terraces and of course, looooots of amazing foodie spots. So in classic #vicandstef fashion, we spent our weekend running around and trying out spots for breakfast, brunch, coffee, lunch, coffee, snack and dinner. And coffee and a 2nd lunch. Here are our top picks.  Continue Reading

Lifestyle Sunshine Coast Travel

What Am I Doing in Australia?

Alright, it’s time for a personal blog post. I don’t really like blabbing on about myself that much (okay that’s a lie I totally love talking about myself) but I feel like my blog should be more about inspiring others, giving tips, advice etc. That being said, I guess I motivate others by (hopefully) giving a healthy example of how to live an active, fit and balanced life. Oh and many of you have been asking me about it so here goes: What the hell am I doing in Australia anyways?! Continue Reading

Lifestyle Sunshine Coast

#vicandstef hit the Sunshine Coast

3 months isn’t really all that long, I mean… it’s the length of summer holidays which lets be honest, just flashes by, but let me tell ya something: 3 months without my other half Stef felt daaaaamn long. Even though we kept each other up to date on EVERY minute of our lives for those 3 months (no joke the entire memory of my 55GB iPhone is taken up by the 25 thousand voice messages we send back and forth daily), it’s still not the same as having my girl with me, running around hopelessly lost, late, with a million things to do, lugging around enough stuff to house and dress a family of 13 for the next year…That’s how the #vicandstef adventures go and gah-damn I love every minute. So there you have it, after Stef left me in Switzerland to run off to Australia, I decided to run after her and only 3 weeks after my move to Australia (still no WiFi or furniture) she came to visit me for a reunion weekend on the Sunshine Coast. Continue Reading

Geneva Health

1 day detox with Good Organic Only

Last week was the launching of Good Organic Only, a Parisian juice company, in the beautiful N’vY Hotel in Geneva. I was invited to attend the press day of the launch, which obviously I was happy to attend cuz woohoo cold-pressed juices are finally coming to Switzerland?! Yup I know, anywhere in the world you can probably find them at the gas station, but here it’s literally unheard of. In any case, the event was really nice, with lots of juice sipping while chatting with the other attendees and a little presentation given by the two founders of the company; Valerie Espinasse, the nutritionist behind the products and Mareva Galanter, former actress and Miss France (the pretty face and probably main selling point behind the product). I really liked the juices they had set out to sample, and when we left they gifted us with one of their new detox packs: the Sunny Detox.  Continue Reading

Health Lifestyle Rome Travel

Vegan in Italy: Weekend in Rome

For Easter, we get a week off uni classes, known widely as Spring Break. This is the time where all the kids pack their bags with skimpy bikinis and nothing else, and head off to Cancun, the Bahamas, Ibiza, Mykonos, etc. to party, consume nothing but pseudo-legal alcohols mixed in with all kinds of sugary fruit syrups, and wake up the next day with nothing but a head-ache and no recollection of the previous night. I headed off to Croatia for 5 days of wild–no lol juuuust kidding. Clearly that’s not really my style. In attempts to save some money and get shit done, I planned to stay home, kill the gym daily, cook lots of food, blog, start my driving lessons, file my taxes… like Spring Break watch out I’m about to slay it. Ain’t no one gon have Spring Break-ed as hard as me. Well, it all started off well til I was vacuuming one evening and I sort of stopped myself and was like ARE YOU F-ING KIDDING ME. Vic you are not spending your Spring Break vacuuming. On top of it I live in some small Swiss city where the new format of National stamps is the talk of the town. AKA there is so little do here, I actually don’t really have a choice but spend all my time at the gym. In any case, my epiphany came whilst vacuuming, and the epiphany was: bro GFTO of this place… So I turned off the vacuum and literally Googled: “cheapest flights to anywhere for tomorrow”. No joke. 2 days later, Schuss Switzerland, ciao Roma!  Continue Reading

Fitness Travel Zurich

Reformer Pilates at Booster Zurich

I was never a big pilates person. As I’ve said before, I’m often a little all or nothing, so I’m usually either sweating it out doing sprints, or standing on my head and clearing my mind during a yoga class. Pilates to me has always been in that grey area. I’m not necessarily sweating buckets, nor am I really getting a good zen moment in. That was my impression until I tried out Booster. It was my first time doing a class with reformer machines and oh my god. I swear I’ve never actually had my butt cheek quiver until that class (soz for the detail). I went to Booster for the first time in September when I was writing a review of best fitness spots in Zurich for Well To Do London (full article here). Stef and I went back this weekend for another butt-quivering class, this time given to us by the gorgeous and awesome Monika. She recently moved from San Diego to Switzerland (my first comment was of course good god, why would you ever leave sun and beach…) but good thing she did cuz this amazing Cali-trained instructor is now teaching in Zurich! We went round to their Seenfeld location, and although Stef and I took the train in all the way from Bern, Monika made it well worth the trip.  Continue Reading