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Curried Superfood Squash Chips

There are so many recipes out there for pumpkin and sweet potatoes, but man where’s the butternut love?? Only 100g of butternut squash provides you with 212% of your daily recommended amount of vitamin A… Seems a little excessive I know but hey, vitamin A supports healthy eyes and good vision, and idk bout you but I quite like seeing things so let’s all fill up shall we? I’ve combined this sweet starchy veg with spicy curry and golden chlorella to make the most nutritious and delicious chips you’ve probs ever had ever. Whip up some simplified satay sauce for dipping and you’ve got yourself the perfect seasonal aperitif snack.  Continue Reading

Main meals Recipes

Pesto Spaghetti Squash

So I spent my whole life thinking butternut squash was spaghetti squash…which doesn’t sound like a big deal at all, til you try making squash “spaghetti” out of butternut. Then you’re guaranteed to have a pretty big fail of a cooking sesh. Trust me I speak from experience. Thankfully, the nice lady at the market corrected me as I was explaining to my mum how I was going to try again to finally make spaghetti with the butternut I was holding. Shout out to that lady, she’s the real MVP. These pesto spaghetti squash boats are the best cuz not only are they delicious as hell with 1/5 of the calories than the equivalent portion of pasta, but the squash actually serves as a bowl AKA easy to serve, looks cute AF and less dishes to clean #AllIDoIsWin.  Continue Reading

Main meals Recipes

Crunchy Apple Salad

I absolutely love the sweet-savoury combo. One of my fav ways to pull it off is to toss some fruit in my salads, drizzle some sweet-sour dressing on there and you’ve got yourself super nutritious salad that doesn’t taste like grass. The tamari roasted almonds in this recipe absolutely maaaaake it. The nice crunch of the nuts and apple with the smooth sweetness of the dressing make it the perfect fall combo.  Continue Reading

Main meals Recipes

Carrot-Melon summer soup

Man, how underrated is soup?! It’s my go-to for several reasons:

  1. It’s easy as hell (just chuck random crap in a pot)
  2. It’s really filling (I love food and I’m not satisfied til my belly is full to the brim)
  3. It’s light, low calorie and jam-packed with nutrients

It’s the perfect food when those winter cravings kick in (holla@me if cold weather just makes you want to eat more than your body needs), or as a refresher in the summer since it doubles as a beverage (hands up if you never seem to hydrate enough).

This soup combo might sound weird but trust me the mix works sooo perfectly! Try it out and let me know what you think 🙂  Continue Reading

Main meals Recipes

Raw-Vegan Rice Paper Rolls

There’s nothing fresher than a good ol’ raw ricepaper roll packed with aaaall the veggies. I had been seeing so many gorgeous #ricepaperroll pics on Insta the past few weeks, that I just had to try my hand at them too. Surprisingly, they’re actually completely idiot-proof! I was expecting this whole debacle to go similarly to that time I tried to make sushi AKA toppings falling all over the floor, nothing’s sticking in the right place, kitchen’s now a mess, rest of the afternoon spent cleaning, don’t even have a decent sushi roll to show for it etc. etc. etc. BUT these babies are actually so simple and so diverse, you can make them with pretty much anything and everything and they’ll taste good. Part of the reason for that is probably the substantial amount of peanut butter in the dressing….but there’s no such thing as too much peanut butter am I right or am I right?? Continue Reading

Main meals Recipes

Raw Asian-Style Kelp Salad

When people say tell you you can’t eat peanut butter at every meal, challenge them with this salad. I’ve recently gotten into kelp noodles and i’ll be totally honest with you, they don’t taste of much. But mix em up in a big salad, and they add perfect texture while soaking up the flavour of whatever you mix them in (therefore I obviously doused them in peanut butter). Tangy, sweet and savoury, this babe of a salad is such a winner.  Continue Reading

Main meals Recipes

Mexican-Style Wraps

Mexican food is one of my favourite foods (after Indian, Thai and Middle Eastern). Okay it’s like 4th in line but that’s still pretty good. Tbh I’ve never been to Mexico and I’ve heard that “real” Mexican food is waaay different from the globalized Mexican food we find these days, so I can’t really say I like “real” Mexican food since I’ve never had it, but that European adapted Mexican food you find everywhere is daaamn good (mainly cuz guac…). It’s also one of the easiest foods to eat vegan, since most meat dishes can be replaced with beans and you can usually substitute the cream or cheese with more guac (ain’t never got enough guac). In any case, it’s cinco de mayo this week so I thought I’d make an adapted healthy vegan & gluten-free version of my already adapted Mexican food, so this would probably make a Mexico-native cry, buuuut trying to cover my ass by putting “style” in the title there. It’s Mexcian-style. Kinda Mexican, damn delicious, healthy and easy AF to make. Enjoy chicos! Continue Reading

Main meals Recipes

Perfect Fall Salad

Aaaand it’s Thanksgiving again! I grew up in Canada, and every year I would go to my best friends house for Thanksgiving and her mother would cook up an absolute feast. I remember sitting at her dinning table, literally not being able to get up after the meal; and that’s sort of how it should go. Gluttony is pretty gross yet most holidays and festivities tend to revolve around stuffing our faces until we feel uncomfortable. Why do we do this to ourselves? I dunno, but Thanksgiving is just one of those eat-a-lot holidays, and despite not being in Canada, and despite being vegan (Thanksgiving is also known as turkey-day so this year I’ve gotten a lot of how are you gonna have Thanksgiving if you’re vegan?!?!) I did not plan on letting the day of feasting pass me by. I therefore decided to cook up a nice big dinner for my roommates and my friends. It was also my opportunity to prove to them how food could be vegan, gluten-free, sugar-free, 100% healthy and not task of hay. The feast started off with this perfect fall salad; course 1? Success. Continue Reading

Main meals Recipes

Fresh Fig & Avo Zoodles

So Monday was a public holiday in my canton (not even all of Switzerland, just in my little province) so that means YAY! Day off to 1. Go for looong ass run by the lake (was blessed with beautiful weather) and 2. Try out some recipes and blog! Since I had avocado and zucchini in the fridge I had initially planned on making my usual zoodles with spicy avo sauce, buuuut I went over to my godfathers place Sunday night for dinner and ended up leaving with a giant bag of garden-grown (therefore organic + FREE) figs. For real, this may not seem like a big deal but a giant bag of free, organic, ripe, half-bursting-open figs is preeeetty much the best thing I could ask for, I would probably chose that bag of figs over most things, people, etc. In any case, it seemed like a shame to not start using them asap (since they’re so perfectly ripe and no way in hell will I let any of them go bad) so I decided to do a little recipe change. I added figs to the usual avocado sauce, kept the lemon,  omitted the chilli and put in thyme instead. I wasn’t sure how the combo would work at first, but DAMN I’m happy I tried cuz IT WAS SO GOOD. Conclusion? The answer to figs is always yes. There is literally no exception to this rule.  Continue Reading