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Mincemeat Pie

For the longest time I really thought mincemeat pies were made with meat. I remember once my mum telling me that they were really good and that we used to always have them when we lived in London. This confused me cuz she’s vegetarian, didn’t really make much sense. I then found out that actually, there’s no meat, just dried fruit, orange, sugar, butter, spices, all cooked into some sweet gooey concoction that’s then stuffed inside a shortbread-like pastry and makes a mini pie. LIKE WOW this just got sooo much more interesting. Definitely want. Anyways, I ended up trying one at some point and couldn’t believe I had been missing out on it my whole life just because I misunderstood the name. There’s my lesson for today kids, don’t trust a food by it’s name. Always eat it first, judge later #wisewords. So here’s my version of the classic mincemeat pie made gluten-free, vegan and sugar-free.  Continue Reading

Desserts Recipes

Gingerbread cookies

Gingerbread men cookies have a been a Christmas staple since I pretty much decided they should be when I was about 12. I used to have this big super old school Betty Crocker cookbook, and I would make the gingerbread men recipe every year. The morning of Christmas eve was often spent having lazy time with the family, sitting around in pyjamas, decorating the cute little cut out men. Usually my brother would end up decorating one of them, giving it an angry face for fun and I would b*tch and moan saying “noooo Anthoonnnyyyy” (yes I was the whiniest of children). The tradition sort of ended when we moved to Singapore and started spending Christmas sailing in Thailand (Christmas food became which ever type of canned bean was left over on the boat). Last Christmas I was working in Barcelona and decided to make them for myself (since I was alone in the city while my family was off enjoying the sun of Phuket #internlife). It was also my first Christmas being vegan, so I was like hey, let’s make those cookies I used to make with my family, but switch up a few things:

  • instead of using the classic recipe, let’s use a vegan one!
  • instead of decorating with smarties, let’s use superfoods!
  • instead of decorating with family, let’s just do it solo in my tiny studio!


They were hard, not very good, decorations looked pretty crap and it wasn’t all that much fun.

So this year was time for gingerbread men ROUND TWO!

Stef and I made a really good recipe, kept the decos simple, but cute. And we did it together. We had such a nice afternoon decorating them, Stef even mentioned that it was the first time we actually sat down, and did something relaxing together (usually were running around like OMG let’s go workout, WOW so hungry let’s go eat, damn we have to hurry up, I’m gonna miss the train, QUICK take an insta pic, no wait shoot it’s gross and blurry, take another GO GO GO).

So all in all, the cookies were a success. And even better? We got to share them with all the lovely girls that came to the #swissbbggirls meet up last week (I know right, the cookies were good but I actually accepted to share?! I better be on the nice list this year).  Continue Reading

Desserts Recipes

Pumpkin Pie

LISTEN UP THIS IS NOT A DRILL THIS IS REAL. This pie is beyond words I swear. The first time I made this pumpkin pie was last Thanksgiving when I made a fully vegan Thanksgiving dinner for a friend of mine. I then made it again to bring to a New Years potluck at the end of last year, and even though I was catering to a big group of avid meat-eaters, there was not a single piece left. I made it yet again this Canadian Thanksgiving a few weeks ago but obviously it was all gone before I even managed to snap a pic. So I just haaaad to make it again a few days ago to:

A) Triple check that the pie was amazing (I had to eat half the pie to really make sure, but the response was yes, yes it is still amazing).

B) Treat myself after doing my marathon because is there a better treat than pumpkin pie? Nope. That wasn’t really a question it was a statement. There is no better treat than pumpkin pie.

C) Actually attempt to take some pictures before inhaling it (it was a true test of will power, but I made it).

And guess what, on top of this pie being out-of-this-world freaking delicious; it’s stupidly easy to make, it’s vegan, gluten-free AND sugar-free. So baaaaasically it’s just pumpkin? I might as well eat a pumpkin? Not really cuz if pumpkins were this tasty they would sure as hell not be 50% off on November 1st (or at least I would clear them off supermarket stands quicker than the amount of time it took me to eat half the pie.)

Continue Reading

Desserts Recipes

Raw Strawberry Cheesecake

So I found a job at a vegan cafe in London. Going downstairs into the kitchen where they make the cold-pressed juices is literally walking into a candy store for someone who eats plant based and loves this health food stuff. There are literally giant bags of every kind of nut (all organic), crates and crates of all kinds of fruits and vegetables and the cupboards are full of jars of every kind of sueprfood ever. For real lock me in there and I could live a happy life (just add a squat rack or something and soooold). Cuz oh yeah guess what else, they have 2 vitamix blenders, a killer food processor and a cold-pressed juicer. So yeah, pretty much, the best things ever in a single room. Aaaanyways I asked if I could use their food processor and blender to make some of my own desserts if I bring in my food (my 20£ blender would literally catch fire if I tried to blend a mix of nuts and dates to make a dough). So there you go, I used their equipment (I really need to start saving up to buy myself some good equipment but how can one save in a city where there is Wholefoods?!?!?!) and whipped out these gorgeous little tartlets that would kill as a summer time dessert. Full recipe below!  Continue Reading

Desserts Recipes

Pecan Pie Banana Ice-cream

I love following a meal plan. I like knowing exactly what I’m having, it all being set, prepared and ready to go for me in the fridge daily. When I follow a meal plan however, I do miss being able to get creative with my food. I miss looking through my cupboard (and sometimes my roommates cupboards too shhh..) and asking myself “alright, what weird ingredients that I bought on a whim and never actually used could I mix together to create something unreal?” I also love thinking about that one totally not clean dish I would love to have, and find a way to make it clean, vegan, gluten-free and just as delicious. When I follow my meal plans I usually allow myself 1 off-the-plan meal per week. This is not only to have a little treat but also to keep that creative food side alive. What’s even better about this, is that I have all week to plan that one amazing meal. The other week I was thinking about pecan pie. God knows why since I cannot even remember the last time I had pecan pie, but in any case I determined to improvise a pecan pie flavoured banana ice cream. It turned out just as amazing as I had planned, I even made my roommate and his girlfriend try some, and she recently texted me from LA asking for the recipe; #success. Continue Reading