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Simple Vegan Banana Bread

I always felt like there are certain dishes where an “average” recipe just doesn’t cut it. Hell, for some dishes a “good” recipe doesn’t cut it either. For all those ultimate classics such as chocolate chip cookies, oatmeal cookies andΒ banana bread,Β only an outta-this-world, dis-is-madness kinda recipes will do. It’s the sort of recipes that get passed on generation on generation, with the original recipe being scribbled on some semi-deteriorating old piece of paper kept in a safe somewhere. But in the end, the pen fades out and you can’t really read the recipe all that well and it gets lost forever. So thought I’d save my great grand-children the pain and just publish it here so they can check up on my blog whenever they wanna make some dope-ass nana bread. All jokes aside, this recipe is totally safe-worthy. I made itΒ for the entireΒ Food Matters team a few months back and they absolutely loved it. And that really means something; there’s hardly ever been a crew of such avid foodies πŸ˜‰
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Desserts Recipes

Cashew-Cream Tartlets

I decided that I just absolutely had to put up a recipe for Valentines day. When deciding what to make, I wanted to make sure that whatever I made, it would be a single portion size so that all my single girls #HollaAtMe could enjoy aΒ lil solo v-day treat as well. Plus food is bae and I don’t wanna be sharing that with noooobody, anyone with me? In any case, I tried to think of what is the ultimate cutest and most comforting pastry ever. Obviously mini strawberry tartlets came to mind, cuz how freakin cute are they? Yeah they’re adorbs. So here is my modified version. Way healthier, way lighter, refined sugar-free, dairy-free, gluten-free, grain-free…but equally delicious IF NOT MORE SO πŸ˜‰ Enjoy and happy Valentines day! Remember, it’s the day of love to be spent with those you love the most (AKA the gym & good food in my case) <3 Continue Reading

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Blockbuster Freakshake

Freakshakes have been all the rage lately. TheyΒ have literally taken over my InstaFeed, somehow making me crave chocolate sauce, sprinkles and ice cream immediately. Like man it’s 7am, get out of my face with your drool-worthy, diabetes-inducing megashake. In any case, I just had to try my hand at “healthifying” these beasts of a beverage. When deciding upon a flavour I simply asked myself: “What is my all-time favourite junk food?” Movie theatre snacks came straight to mind. Considering I don’t like movies, the snacks were really the only thing that kept me going back to the box office. I mean, nothing’s better than that popcorn + peanut M&M’s combo. Soooo 2 and 2 came together, and VOILA! The ultimate blockbuster freakshake was born. On top of being NEXT LEVEL DELICIOUS, it’s also vegan, gluten-free, paleo, refined sugar-free…basically veggies. Yes madame, your freakshake is a mix of fruit, veggies and nuts. Now you can go ahead and indulge. See ya on the flip-side, when you’ve died and gone to freakshake heaven.Β  Continue Reading

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WTF: chocolate vs cacao

What do you think when you think chocolate? Probably:

a) YUM – gimme

b) Indulgence, a “treat” or even a “cheat”

Chocolate is known as the “delicious thing you can’t have too much of” or the “forbidden fruit”. Except notΒ fruit… damn if only chocolate were a fruit… I’d have it every day. Right? Oh wait, I do.

Yup no joke. I eat chocolate every. single. day. The answer is yes, chocolateΒ can fit into a health, plant-based, balanced, wholesome diet. Yes you can have it every day without guilt, and yes it’s actuallyΒ good for you.Β The only difference is that the chocolate I’m talking about here is probably a little different from the chocolate you’re thinking of.

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Peanut Butter Chocolate Cheesecake

I have been absolutely obsessed with vegan cheesecake lately. I know right, vegans can’t even eat cheese, how the eff are you making cheesecake? The answer is cashews. The answer is also it actually doesn’t really taste like cheesecake at all BUT it has the same consistency AND it’s bloody delicious, so that’s close enough. I made a strawberry cheesecake a while back (recipe HERE), but my birthday was coming up in May and I was like, hey I wanna make myself a birthday cake (cuz birthdays aren’t complete without cake) so I was like: what’s my dream cake? Peanut butter & chocolate came to mind straight away cuz those are my two favourite things ever so combine those in a vegan cheesecake: MIND BLOWN. I tried this recipe out 3 times (kind of an excuse to eat a shiz ton of cheesecake but also because I was damn determined to make the best recipe in the world). I found that adding chocolate sauce and salted roasted peanuts in the middle of the cake made it EVEN more amazing, but obviously to simplify things you don’t have to include it, and it’s still unreal. All in all this recipe is amazing, I’ve probably eaten enough chocolate-peanut butter cheesecake to last me the next few years but you probably haven’t so TRY THIS RECIPE OUT (it was even approved by my non-vegan flatmates). Oh and feel free to tag me on my social media accounts if you do hehe πŸ™‚ (Instagram, Twitter & Facebook)Β  Continue Reading

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Berry Pie Protein Pudding

Protein shakes are always a constant in my diet. Those of you that regularly follow me probably know (since I’ve repeated it like 400 times) that for almost 2 years now I’ve had theΒ exact same protein shake DAILY. I’ve been awfully faithful to my spinach, banana, peanut butter and cacao combo, and it hasn’t let me down. It’s still my favourite meal and unless my afternoon is spent lying on a beach surrounded by puppies getting a back massage from Big Sean, it’s most probably the best part of my day as well. Buuuuuut as I said in my previous post all about protein powders (HERE), when I’m feeling super fancy (usually Sundays cuz Sunday is glute day and it’s a pretty fancy day you feel me?) then I crank my protein shake up a notch and create a mutant protein shake in the form of a #foodporn-worthy protein pudding jar. NO JOKE these babies are ABSOLUTELY UNREAL. It’s like a thicker, heartier, version of my already fire protein shake, with extra little bits to add some crunch, and usually some chia pudding to add some extra-creamy texture up in there… In any case, here’s one of my favourite extra epic protein pudding jars, plus it TASTES LIKE PIE. PROTEIN, VITAMIN-PACKED, HEATLHY-ASS PIE. Like uhhhh yes puh-leeeeez. Continue Reading

Desserts Recipes

Sweet Citrus Chocolate Bark

I’m not exactly religious, so for me Easter basically has always been synonym for: YAY long weekend where I get to stuff my face with chocolate. My mum used to hide easter eggs in the garden and my brother and I would spend the morning finding about 70% of them (the rest we would become ant-food or would spend the summer chillin til we find them the following October when raking the leaves). This year Easter is combining with Spring Break, and since I’m staying at home taking it easy, it’s perfect timing to spend the weekend doing some Easter recipe testing. So I asked myself k…what’s traditional Easter food I can cook up? Literally have no idea cuz all I remember eating on Easter was those Lindt chocolate bunnies and Cadbury Cream Eggs…guess I’m cooking up chocolate? I got inspired for this citrus chocolate bark by thinking about what colours are usually associated with Easter, and when I thought yellow and orange, plus chocolate…done and done. Citrus chocolate bark sounds amazing, let’s do it. As usual the recipe is vegan, gluten-free and free of refined sugar. Plus it’s easily customizable, add any nut, fruit or spice to switch up the flavour. Oh and it’s pretty much fool-proof cuz chocolate is chocolate, it will always and forever be delicious and loved by everyone (except for those few people out there that feel the need to tell people that they don’t like chocolate… like who are you, where are you from, go back to your home planet pls cuz clearly it’s not this one).Β  Continue Reading

Desserts Recipes

Perfect Oatmeal Raisin Cookies

I’ve never been a huge cookie person, (always been more of a brownie gal) but what I do remember is that as a kid, my favourite day was when they served those biiiig Quacker soft-bake oatmeal cookies at recess (yes those were my favourite days, clearly I lived a very simple life). Last week, one the members of my project-group suggested I bring some type of baked good to our next meeting. Since I love cooking and trying new recipes, but try avoid having too many treats (no matter how healthy) lying around since I will EAT THEM ALL IMMEDIATELY, I thought hey why don’t I bake for my team and then they can do the eating. So as I asked myself what to make, I thought of those big heavenly oatmeal cookies from my childhood that probably contained enough trans fat to clog your arteries in 25 seconds, and decided to make my own less heart-attack-inducingΒ version. I was planning on trying out the recipe a few times to find “the perfect oatmeal cookie” recipe that was vegan and sugar-free but after my first try they were already SO FREAKING GOOD that didn’t even want to alter anything at all. Guess I’m an even better chef than I thought I was #ModestyIsKey. Oh and my team loved emΒ just as much as I did (obviously eating none of them myself didn’t workout at all) hehe oooooopsies.Β  Continue Reading

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Classic Vegan Hazelnut Brownies

I’ve been meaning to make a brownie recipe for a while now. Mainly cuz brownies are God’s gift to the people, and I somehow haven’t cooked up a vegan version yet?!Β If you’ve read my other blog posts, you probably know by now that as a child I used to make myself a little plate with TEN Betty Crocker Two-Bite brownies to munch on in front of Nickelodeon’s finest: 8 Simple Rules (clearly the notion of control and moderation were lost on me). The worst thing is I really thought that abusing brownies was a thing of the past, that I had moved on, I was no longer a certified brownie addict. But what I learnt today was that it wasn’t my control that improved, it was simplyΒ that I haven’t had brownies available (Betty Crocker haven’t come out with a vegan alternative yet). I’m ashamed to say that today, I relapsed. So maybe finally cooking up vegan gluten-free brownies was terrible idea, but I’d say it was definitely a learning experience. Note to self: when there is a rack of fresh from the oven brownies in front of you YOU WILL EAT THEM ALL. See? Wouldn’t have known that if I didn’t try. And knowledge is power, so in conclusion, brownies were a great idea. I learnt that I’m just as weak as my 12 year-old self when faced withΒ these chocolatey bad boys, plus they were absolutely delicious. So no regrets. Aaaaand as usual, they’re vegan, gluten-free and refined sugar free, so I miiiight have had too many of em (wasn’t exactly 10 but was like 5…) but at least these ain’t Betty Crocker style.Β  Continue Reading

Breakfast Desserts Recipes

Pear stuffed Matcha Crepes

So I’ve been trying this thing lately where I colour coordinate my Instagram feed. I was on green which is great because I basically live off green smoothies and spinach-everything. Buuuut the other day it was my first day of end-of-semester holidays and obviously, while other kids usually celebrate by getting drunk the night before, I celebrate by preparing a big-ass brunch to cook up for myself. But sh*t. I want to make pancakes…but my feed’s green. Omg the struggle is so real like I can’t even. Enter: Matcha crepes! Like damn they’re green plus they’re big-ass-brunch worthy aaaannd they’re freaking delicious. So there you go, there’s always a way. Key to success fellas. (Plus they’re of course vegan, gluten-free & refined-sugar free as per usual)Β  Continue Reading