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Breakfast Desserts Recipes

Sweet Pear & Tahini Loaf

I had been really good keeping up my “seasonal eating” posts every month. When November began I had every intention to prepare my “In November we eat pears” post. About mid-November, I had a little freak-out moment, realizing I had committed to too much. I took a bit of time to step back and think about what I wanted to focus on. I realized that my job (teaching yoga & HIIT), and my studies (finishing my final bachelors student business project) had to be my top priorities. I had to let go of all my other projects and understand that until I graduate, I would have to put my all into these two basically full time jobs. I promised myself that I would not feel bad about falling slightly behind on blogging. I would not feel like I was “slacking” or “being lazy” or wasn’t “working hard enough”. Instead I would accept that there are times in life where certain things take priority over others. This all goes to say, I didn’t write up my November post for seasonal eating, and that’s okay. But I did prepare this cake, and it was in fact DELICIOUS and therefore just haaaad to share 🙂 Enjoy!  Continue Reading

Breakfast Desserts Recipes

Simple Vegan Banana Bread

I always felt like there are certain dishes where an “average” recipe just doesn’t cut it. Hell, for some dishes a “good” recipe doesn’t cut it either. For all those ultimate classics such as chocolate chip cookies, oatmeal cookies and banana bread, only an outta-this-world, dis-is-madness kinda recipes will do. It’s the sort of recipes that get passed on generation on generation, with the original recipe being scribbled on some semi-deteriorating old piece of paper kept in a safe somewhere. But in the end, the pen fades out and you can’t really read the recipe all that well and it gets lost forever. So thought I’d save my great grand-children the pain and just publish it here so they can check up on my blog whenever they wanna make some dope-ass nana bread. All jokes aside, this recipe is totally safe-worthy. I made it for the entire Food Matters team a few months back and they absolutely loved it. And that really means something; there’s hardly ever been a crew of such avid foodies 😉
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Beverages Breakfast Recipes

Alkalizing Green Smoothie

As I’ve progressed in my health journey, my pallet has changed immensely. I used to be a huge sweet tooth, with chocolate, brownies and caramel being my ultimate weakness. Hell I used to start my day with 2 slices of the world’s whitest bread, topped with butter AND a crap-tone of chocolate powder…get this…DUNKED IN A HOT CHOCOLATE. Like what is that breakfast!? And then you know what I would bring as a snack to school? Chocolate powder in a zip lock… I’m not even kidding. Everyone would take out their zip-locks full of chocolate powder at recess, link their fingers, dunk in the powder and repeat… Don’t judge me, it’s what the cool kids did. In any case, moving away from eating my body weight in Nestle chocolate powder on a daily basis, has caused my taste buds to change as well. I slowly moved to eating fruit as my only form of sugar, to even cutting down my fruit intake to only about 1 serving a day. Where I used to fill my green smoothies with banana, apple and mango, I now don’t put any fruit in them at all. And you know what? I like them even better without. This is my new go-to green smoothie, so satisfying, so delicious, yet not heavy, not sweet, and jaaaaam packed to the frikin rim with all the vitamins ever. Enjoy!  Continue Reading

Breakfast Recipes

The Ultimate Grain-Free Porridge

Today is National Oatmeal day!!! It’s a day where everyone can come together and enjoy the amazingness that is oatmeal. What a perfect occasion. I had initially planned a full blog post where I rant and praise oatmeal for being the most perfect breakfast food to have reached our kitchens. This post was to include 5 bomb oatmeal recipes, but last Friday I went to the naturopath and she suggested I go gluten-free for a few weeks. My first thought when she said “try keep off oats” was: “kay but like what about that blog post I was gonna write.” Not even kidding. Anyway, I thought I’d still join in on the oatmeal festivities, but instead create a healthy, tasty, grain-free version for all my gluten-free friends out there. This combo is so delish you’ll never guess that it’s ingredients make it arguably a salad…

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Breakfast Health Recipes

Vegan Brunch

When Stef and I are together we’re like this unstoppable power duo. Everything is planned, organized, we get ish done, blog, do yoga, cook, gym, take pictures etc. Everything just sort of works out. So while I was on end-of-semester holidays and her boyfriend was out of town, I took his place (they always joke around that I’m bf #2) and we had a full 3 days together at her’s in Bern. Thursday was Stef’s day off work so we started our day with a 6am gym session. We were actually supposed to make it for a 6:30am spinning class but classic Stef got the times wrong (why I still trust her to check on these things is beyond me, I never learn). So spinning was replaced by a BBG legs circuit and ab work. It’s so good to get home at 8:30 and already have gym out of the way. Since it happened to be #nationalbreakfastweek, cooking up a biiiig-ass brunch was necessary. All was vegan, gluten-free and refined sugar-free, oh and daaaamn tasty.  Continue Reading

Breakfast Recipes

Extra Fluffy Blueberry Pancakes

In  order to celebrate #nationalbreakfastweek Stef and I decided to cook up an absolutely epic brunch. For real this brunch was uuuuunreal, from smoothie bowls to toasts to a beautiful stack of blueberry pancakes (full post about it here). May seem like a lot of food but after 3 hours of cooking, making everything look pretty and taking a bajillion pictures I can tell you we absolutely inhaled it. It was one of those things were it goes: cook for hours, inhale in 45 seconds, take another 2 hours to clean up. But safe to say those 45 seconds where we ate like starved animals were so damn worth it. Of course, these babies are vegan, gluten-free and refined sugar free! Continue Reading

Breakfast Desserts Recipes

Pear stuffed Matcha Crepes

So I’ve been trying this thing lately where I colour coordinate my Instagram feed. I was on green which is great because I basically live off green smoothies and spinach-everything. Buuuut the other day it was my first day of end-of-semester holidays and obviously, while other kids usually celebrate by getting drunk the night before, I celebrate by preparing a big-ass brunch to cook up for myself. But sh*t. I want to make pancakes…but my feed’s green. Omg the struggle is so real like I can’t even. Enter: Matcha crepes! Like damn they’re green plus they’re big-ass-brunch worthy aaaannd they’re freaking delicious. So there you go, there’s always a way. Key to success fellas. (Plus they’re of course vegan, gluten-free & refined-sugar free as per usual)  Continue Reading

Breakfast Recipes

Banana Baobab Pancakes

So I’m officially on my new meal plan (full post about it here). I started it two weeks ago, and the Sunday right before I starting I was like k, if I’m gonna be on lentils and spinach for the next little while, might as well make myself a giant stack of pancakes before getting to it for real. Of course on my meal plan I can still have 1 meal off, which I usually save for pancake Sunday, but regardless, a little celebratory stack felt needed.

I’m pretty bad at following recipes. I usually look at about 5 different ones before thinking, hmm I’m just gonna make my own. So here was the outcome! I had two big super ripe bananas on hand as well as a new pack of Aduna baobab powder  that they sent me as a “thank you” for having shared my smoothie recipe with them on their site. I combined the two along with some stuff I had left in the cupboard and VOILA. This stack was unreal and I inhaled it in seconds. Try it out for yourselves and let me know what you think! Continue Reading

Breakfast Recipes

Blueberry Pie Porridge

I do this every single time. I walk into Wholefoods with this ludicrous idea in my mind that I am actually only going to “have a look”. Of course I must know deep down that I am going to end up being tempted by that box of healthy vegan cookies on sale, or that pack of some type of superfood powder which is really just powder from another magical fruit in the Amazon (how many are there?!?). Buuuuuut I go in anyway, thinking “let’s walk into Wholefoods for a stroll” and end up strolling right up to the cash register with a nice little basket of things I don’t need. But I guess no one’s perfect; some smoke, some drink, some suffer from an addiction to an overpriced health food grocery store. In any case, last night I passed by Wholefoods and decided to go inside “for a stroll” and stumbled upon the Anduna brand baobab powder. I had seen it all over Instagram and recognized it immediately from its cute orange and green container (I’m a huuuuge sucker for packaging). I’ve had baobab before and really like the sweet acidity it brings, so I had to get it (cuz I mean, the packaging is so cute it must taste better right? #logicwithvictoria). So this morning I woke up nice and early on my day off work, decided to make some morning porridge and thought “Hey! I should totally use my baobab powder”. I then remembered that one time I made blueberry oatmeal with baobab and it was the greatest gift the gods had given since the ability to use the internet and home phone simultaneously. Aaaaanyways  the point of all of that was that I made a super yummy almond-baobab-blueberry-coconut concoction in the form of porridge and of course when you combine the 4 greatest things and make it into porridge (the single greatest thing) then can’t be anything other than freeeaaking amazing.  Continue Reading