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Fresh Ginger & Melon Green Smoothie

So I have a confession to make. I never really liked melon much. I remember going to visit my grandparents in France during the summer and cantaloupe melons were always served as an entree. I’d usually have a small sliver just to be polite and to just triple check that yup, they are, in fact, still gross. Recently however I’ve discovered a new appreciation for the ever so humble melon. Although I can’t say for sure if it’s because I actually like the melon or if I just like the positive associations I have with it. Regardless, I could help but chuck some in a blender with some ginger, kiwi and lots of other goodies to make this super fresh summer green smoothie! Bottoms uuupppp

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Alkalizing Green Smoothie

As I’ve progressed in my health journey, my pallet has changed immensely. I used to be a huge sweet tooth, with chocolate, brownies and caramel being my ultimate weakness. Hell I used to start my day with 2 slices of the world’s whitest bread, topped with butter AND a crap-tone of chocolate powder…get this…DUNKED IN A HOT CHOCOLATE. Like what is that breakfast!? And then you know what I would bring as a snack to school? Chocolate powder in a zip lock… I’m not even kidding. Everyone would take out their zip-locks full of chocolate powder at recess, link their fingers, dunk in the powder and repeat… Don’t judge me, it’s what the cool kids did. In any case, moving away from eating my body weight in Nestle chocolate powder on a daily basis, has caused my taste buds to change as well. I slowly moved to eating fruit as my only form of sugar, to even cutting down my fruit intake to only about 1 serving a day. Where I used to fill my green smoothies with banana, apple and mango, I now don’t put any fruit in them at all. And you know what? I like them even better without. This is my new go-to green smoothie, so satisfying, so delicious, yet not heavy, not sweet, and jaaaaam packed to the frikin rim with all the vitamins ever. Enjoy!  Continue Reading

Beverages Desserts Recipes

Blockbuster Freakshake

Freakshakes have been all the rage lately. They have literally taken over my InstaFeed, somehow making me crave chocolate sauce, sprinkles and ice cream immediately. Like man it’s 7am, get out of my face with your drool-worthy, diabetes-inducing megashake. In any case, I just had to try my hand at “healthifying” these beasts of a beverage. When deciding upon a flavour I simply asked myself: “What is my all-time favourite junk food?” Movie theatre snacks came straight to mind. Considering I don’t like movies, the snacks were really the only thing that kept me going back to the box office. I mean, nothing’s better than that popcorn + peanut M&M’s combo. Soooo 2 and 2 came together, and VOILA! The ultimate blockbuster freakshake was born. On top of being NEXT LEVEL DELICIOUS, it’s also vegan, gluten-free, paleo, refined sugar-free…basically veggies. Yes madame, your freakshake is a mix of fruit, veggies and nuts. Now you can go ahead and indulge. See ya on the flip-side, when you’ve died and gone to freakshake heaven.  Continue Reading

Beverages Recipes

Good Morning Green Juice

Since I’ve been here I’ve gotten in the habit of making my breakfast at work. We have a dream kitchen equipped with Nutribullets, Vitamixs and all the healthy superfoods and vegan protein powders you can imagine. I keep frozen bananas in the office freezer and spinach in the fridge and make a big cacao-banana protein shake when I get in in the morning. Since I also like to workout before work this has ultimately lead me to working out on an empty stomach. I’ve always been one to eat breakfast the second I wake up and need something in my system before doing any kind of anything, buuuut weirdly enough, since I’ve been here I’ve been digging this quick wake up, run over to the beach, do a workout with the sunrise and deal with the rest later routine. My answer to having enough energy for fasted workouts is the same as my answer to literally EVERYTHING in life… drink a shit-ton of water. That’s it that’s all. However, I’ve recently made this fresh water infusion concoction which is so freakin high in vitamins and minerals, that it’s got you covered. I’ve been obsessed with the Food Matters Superfood Greens powder which is only good stuff: organic grass & algae powders, high in plant-based proteins etc. Compared to the classic spirulina or wheatgrass powder this actually doesn’t taste like crap, it’s surprisingly delicious. As much I love drinking on it’s own however, this fancy version amps it way way up. I drink one of these babies before my morning workout and there you go. Two birds with one stone. Got my water down plus 20% of my vitamin A for the day… all before 6am. KILLIN IT.  Continue Reading

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Berry Pie Protein Pudding

Protein shakes are always a constant in my diet. Those of you that regularly follow me probably know (since I’ve repeated it like 400 times) that for almost 2 years now I’ve had the exact same protein shake DAILY. I’ve been awfully faithful to my spinach, banana, peanut butter and cacao combo, and it hasn’t let me down. It’s still my favourite meal and unless my afternoon is spent lying on a beach surrounded by puppies getting a back massage from Big Sean, it’s most probably the best part of my day as well. Buuuuuut as I said in my previous post all about protein powders (HERE), when I’m feeling super fancy (usually Sundays cuz Sunday is glute day and it’s a pretty fancy day you feel me?) then I crank my protein shake up a notch and create a mutant protein shake in the form of a #foodporn-worthy protein pudding jar. NO JOKE these babies are ABSOLUTELY UNREAL. It’s like a thicker, heartier, version of my already fire protein shake, with extra little bits to add some crunch, and usually some chia pudding to add some extra-creamy texture up in there… In any case, here’s one of my favourite extra epic protein pudding jars, plus it TASTES LIKE PIE. PROTEIN, VITAMIN-PACKED, HEATLHY-ASS PIE. Like uhhhh yes puh-leeeeez. Continue Reading

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Homemade Almond Milk

I had always been meaning to make my own milk. Since going vegan I had usually stuck to oat milk since I had found the Oatley brand in Barcelona, which was completely clean with the ingredients being only oats and milk. Since moving back to Switzerland however, I haven’t been able to find Oatley, nor actually any non-dairy milk where there isn’t either added sugar or oil. I decided to finally try my hand at making my own. I had read a few blog posts about making your own milk, and while many preached how easy it was, others mentioned that it could be very tricky. I looked around for a nut bag when I was in Singapore, but didn’t find one, so I just tried it out for the first time using a very thin cloth I found at my grandma’s house which resembled cheesecloth. Since then I have just been using any clean kitchen cloth I find in the drawer, and it has worked perfectly every time. I have now gotten into the habit of making a nice big jar of almond milk every Sunday, and use it in my oatmeal every morning for the rest of the week. It’s honestly super easy, quick and not to mention a whole lot cheaper than the store bought alternative!  Continue Reading