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Bella Kinesis: empowering women, 1 sports bra at a time

Alright guys I’m way over-due on this exciting news, but it’s super exciting never-the-less so GUESS WHAT?! I’m now an official ambassador for Bella Kinesis; an activewear start-up based in London. A while ago I saw this new brand pop-up on the Health Bloggers Community page and decided to check them out. I pretty much instantly decided I loved the concept, and here’s why:

  1. The clothes are cute and I’m forever a sucker for cute gym clothes
  2. The founders Roshni and Shaleena have an awesome story I totally respect
  3. With every sale, they donate to a charity in India that funds business education for women

That was enough to get me like k… I need to collaborate with these guys. Well, turns out they were looking for brand ambassadors so VOILA!  Continue Reading

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Update: 13 weeks into the bulk

I am now on week 13 of my “new” weight lifting gym plan. Damn time has gone by so fast, but I swear i’m still not bored of it. I’m still excited every single day to hit the gym, make some gains, lift heavy things, squint in pain, waddle around the following day etc. This is my idea of fun, is that weird? In any case I’ve been pairing this workout plan with goal diet of 2, 100 cals with 50% carbs, 20% fat, 30% protein macros. However I usually end up eating about 1, 900 calories with a 45% carbs, 27% fat, 28% protein. I’ve been pretty lenient with my diet, so as long as I hit a minimum of 1, 900 cal and 25% protein, I’m good. The ultimate goal of this plan was to really gain some muscle and finally get STRONG (no matter how much I’ve worked out in the past I seemed to stay a weak lil shrimp). So 13 weeks later, here’s my full update. Continue Reading

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A little word on YOGA

It feels like the fitness world is divided in two. There’s planet kale, which has lots of magical superfood powders cultivated from the depths of the Amazonian forest, lots of meditation, deep breathing, probably an obscene amount of bananas, oh and the inhabitants of Planet Kale swear by their daily yoga sesh. Then there’s planet barbell. Only foods that “fit the macros” are allowed, people live in GymShark leggings and never go anywhere without a protein shake in hand. Oh and these guys don’t do yoga. I’m somewhere in between. My morning green smoothie fuels my weight lifting session, and I blend kale into my protein shake. I track my macros, yet as much as it makes me cringe to say this,  I just have to start every day with a yoga session. Yeah I know, I’m one of those. I don’t have a carpet in my room, I have a yoga mat constantly lying on the floor in case… I dunno, I get the need to break out into an impromptu sun salutation or something…  Continue Reading


Favourite Build-a-Booty Exercises

I never suffered from a pancake-butt, far from. In fact I actually remember going to my mum crying one day when I was about 8 years-old because a girl in my class said I had a “giant bum”. I guess on my small frame combined with a pretty prevalent “lumbar lordosis” AKA lower-back curved in, made my child’s bum stick out, and little Chloe felt the need to point in out in 3rd grade geometry. In any case my “big” bum stuck with me and added nice curves to my post-pubescent figure. Alllll up until I started marathon training. I lost quite a bit of body fat during my race training, notably from the only 2 places a girl is okay with have a bit of “chubs”; chest and butt. So after my marathon (full post about it here), I was like YEESS just smashed 42km! Buuuut now I look like a pre-pubescent 12 year-old boy. So there began my new weight lifting gym program  which focused on gaining muscle and getting back some curves. Project Build-a-booty is well on it’s way, so I thought I’d share with you all some of my favourite exercises.  Continue Reading

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WTF: protein powder

I’d say like 2/3 of the questions I get about nutrition is about protein powder. They’re everywhere lately and everyone’s taking them: from jacked-AF dudes shaking em up after beastly weightlifiting sessions, to skinny-mini Jen Selter-type chicks with toothpick limbs and giant asses. It’s as though all kinds of people are not only consuming them daily but swearing by them for gym progress. On top of it all they speak about the products as though they’re magical fairy dust that just makes you instantly hot. Heeennce probably why I get so many questions about it. Unfortunately there is no such thing as sexy-dust, you still gotta put the work in to get results, but the good news is that protein powders are sorta magical in their own way, so here’s the 4-1-1 all about em! Continue Reading

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UPDATE: on that muscle-gain grind

Alright so a few weeks ago I said I was starting something completely new. I was starting a new gym program focused on weight-lifting and muscle-building paired with a higher calorie meal plan, therefore I guess you could kind-of call it a “bulk”. I said I would stick to my gym plan and meal plan to the dot for 4 weeks and then re-assess. I tend to be pretty stubborn so when I decide something it’s like I WILL STICK TO THIS TIL THE DEATH OF ME but obviously this can be kinda dumb, and in the past this hasn’t worked for me all that well. Mainly cuz instead of thinking “oh hey, I’m not really getting the results I want maybe I should change something”, my attitude has been “It’s not working yet? I SHOULD DO MORE AND MORE OF IT UNTIL IT DOES”. Yeah that was stupid so I’ve decided not to do that anymore (Yay for maturity!!!). So now it’s 4 weeks down the line and it’s time to do exactly what I said I would; reassess and reevaluate.  Continue Reading

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New meal-plan: more calories, less carbs

As promised, my new meal-plan is fiiiinally posted. I feel like I’ve been promising this blog post for waaay too long now that people must think I’m preparing some type of masterpiece but the truth is that I’ve been mad busy, and I didn’t have pictures of all the meals yet, so I’m only getting to it now. Oppsiesss. In any case, this is the new plan I’ve been following for the past 3 weeks, set to pair up with my current gym-plan (check it out HERE). This gym-plan focuses on weight lifting and building muscle so it was only fitting to have a meal-plan that also helps build muscle. Cuz you can spend hours stacking plate after plate on that barbell, but if what’s on your lunch plate ain’t fitting, you’ll never really recover from your workouts or make progress #TrueStory. I think what’s hard is for girls to be okay with eating more. Last year I tried to go on a mini “bulk” but my “bulk” was really just eating 1, 700 cal instead of 1, 400, which only made me less calorie deficient. And my lifting was interchanged with lots of HITT and plyometrics, great for burning fat, but not the best when you’re really trying to work on them gains. So this semester, I wanted to do something completely different. I wanted to say f*ck the cardio, lets do weights, weights, weights. Focus on HEAVY. Since I’ve never done this, this was a new opportunity to push myself and see what my body was capable of. Continue Reading

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Reformer Pilates at Booster Zurich

I was never a big pilates person. As I’ve said before, I’m often a little all or nothing, so I’m usually either sweating it out doing sprints, or standing on my head and clearing my mind during a yoga class. Pilates to me has always been in that grey area. I’m not necessarily sweating buckets, nor am I really getting a good zen moment in. That was my impression until I tried out Booster. It was my first time doing a class with reformer machines and oh my god. I swear I’ve never actually had my butt cheek quiver until that class (soz for the detail). I went to Booster for the first time in September when I was writing a review of best fitness spots in Zurich for Well To Do London (full article here). Stef and I went back this weekend for another butt-quivering class, this time given to us by the gorgeous and awesome Monika. She recently moved from San Diego to Switzerland (my first comment was of course good god, why would you ever leave sun and beach…) but good thing she did cuz this amazing Cali-trained instructor is now teaching in Zurich! We went round to their Seenfeld location, and although Stef and I took the train in all the way from Bern, Monika made it well worth the trip.  Continue Reading

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Training at Tone-Up Sports Centre

I have a love/hate relationship with vacations. I mean I love them because okay who doesn’t, but there’s part of me that also finds them awfully frustrating. It’s not just cuz I get out of the gym grove, sometimes it’s nice to let your body rest, eat an absurd amount of food unnecessarily (your body really does not need the energy of 6 meals a day when all your doing is sitting on your ass) and relax. It’s nice while it lasts but then you get back to reality, dunno where your head’s at anymore, my mental to-do list is out the effing window, all my clothes are dirty, I have so much washing to do, all I have in my fridge is half an onion and a can of tomatoes, no meals are planned, and then it’s time to get back to the gym… It’s like uuuggghhh I don’t waannaa. No way in hell am I actually  dragging by own butt to the gym, it’s too full of donuts and my baby biceps can’t muster the strength. So after almost 2 weeks of holidays, the personal training session with Stef at Tone Up on Monday was literally my saving grace. It was the perfect way to get my pudgy little bum back into shape.  Continue Reading


New gym plan: Focus on dem weights

Tomorrow is the beginning of a new school semester. To most people that means new classes, new teachers, new books, buying some new pens you’ll lose in a week or some post-its you’ll never actually use. I guess I also have some new pens, inevitably new classes and stuff as well, but that’s not really where my head’s at. What am I thinking bout on the first day of semester?! NEW GYM PLAN BABY. And for real I am so so excited about this one. Continue Reading