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Breakfast at NAMA

After having spent the last 6 weeks working at a completely raw vegan cafe, I have to say I’ve learned quite a bit about raw food. I’ve spoken to many people that have followed fully raw diets for years, really know their stuff, and have told me their honest thoughts about the different raw restaurant options in London (okay I’m speaking as though there are a ton, when really there are veeery few, which I guess makes sense if you think about the point of a restaurant is having someone else COOK for you). Regardless, I’ve heard a lot of talk about NAMA, a fully raw restaurant offering breakfast, lunch and dinner tucked away in the adorable streets of Notting Hill. Words such as “incomparable” and “on another level” were used to describe this place, so it was with these words in mind and pretty big expectations that I strolled off to NAMA for breakfast on my last day in London. 

IMG-20150912-WA0019I was obviously late to meet my new English friend Isy (fellow health & fitness fanatic known on Insta as @ballet_goes_bananas) mainly because NAMA is kind of in the middle of nowhere, but also because I just left the house late and I have no excuse. I pretty much knew the menu before even getting there because of the mad insta stalking I did in the bus on my way over (the 45 minute bus ride gave me time to literally look at every picture not only posted by NAMA but also where they were simply tagged) and the internal conflict was real. Pancakes or raw oat-less porridge?!?! The things I struggle with in life I swear, some time I ask myself how I even cope with the stress and when will my Britney-inspired meltdown take place. Thankfully, the decision was made for me when Isy decided on the pancakes, so porridge it was.

IMG_3441To drink I had the Blood Cleanser with beet, fennel, apple, spinach and lime and Isy had the Green Dream with parsley, fennel, celery, cucumber, lime and ginger. Mine was delicious cuz you can hardly ever go wrong with beet anything but Isy’s was just straight up ginger juice. I guess it’s good if you’re a true ginger fan but in that case you might as well just chew on the root and save yourself the 5 pounds 50.

IMG_3446So it’s safe to say I won round 1 of “who chose the better menu item” (no I don’t always turn everything into a competition, buuuut pretty much most of the time yes). Next was the food round. Unfortunately, I lost this one. Although my porridge was really good, tasted very seasonal with the mix of apple, dates and spices, Isy won this one with the walnut pancakes topped with banana ice-cream. I’ve tried to make myself banana ice cream before (but since my blender’s kinda crap it always just ends up being a banana smoothie), but woah how they got the nanacream to taste so freaking banana-y is beyond me. I will say however, that the porridge was extremely filling and really kept me full til mid-afternoon (I actually had to take a little mini break mid breakfast…and I never take breaks if food is still in front of me), while the pancake portion was smaller and the food lighter.

So in the end, I had a really nice breakfast in the sun with some good food but I think the power words others had used to describe the place were a little too strong. Then again, I went to a restaurant and ordered beet juice and porridge, so my choices could possible have been a little more interesting. I think it would definitely be worth hitting up NAMA for lunch or dinner since their mains sounded really good and I’ve heard amazing things about their cakes.


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