Beach HIIT Workout

Since being in Australia I’ve made it my goal to spend as much time outdoors as possible. I literally live a 5 minute walk to beach so I’ve started incorporating beach workouts into my routine. I always start with my week with a kick-ass beach workout on Monday mornings. My thought process is basically Mondays generally suck, so do something that makes you feel like a bad-ass and there you go: switched feeling like a blob Monday morning to feeling like effing Beyonce ruling the world. 

I decided to make a new HIIT routine which doesn’t require a watch or a timer. It’s basically a decreasing reps routine from 10 of each exercise down to 1 with a 100m sprint between each. What makes it even better is that you can actually chose the difficulty based on the type of sand you train on. The dryer the sand, the more resistance, the harder the exercises.

Here’s the low-down:

-10 burpees

-10 commandos (each side)

-10 pulse squats (or pulse jump-squats for an extra challenge) 

-10 plank cross-digs (each side)

-10 lateral side lunge jumps (each side)

-100m sprint

-Repeat 9 of each exercise

-100m sprint

-Repeat 8 of each exercise 

~ continue with 100m sprint between each set until you do only 1 rep of each exercise

Now what are those exercises and how do I do em? Check out the video below 😉


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