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So Long Vegan Part 1: Why I’m making the switch

A few months ago, I celebrated 2 years of being vegan. Flash forward a few weeks after that, and I was at the Kawana Organic Farmer’s Market buying a bag of beef bones to make myself some homemade bone broth. Wait what?! Yup…after 2 years of strict veganism, not touching a single animal product, there I was in my kitchen staring at a bag of bones; so damn organic there was still some cow hair on it. It might have been easier to make the leap by simply buying some pre-made chicken stock, but I didn’t want to make the switch without staring it right in the face. I wanted to understand exactly what I was doing, what I was eating, and instead of turning my head away from the fact that an animal had died for my lunch, I wanted to stand there mindfully and be thankful for the animal in front of me. Alright I know what you’re thinking. What the F happened to that whole “omg best decision of my life, I love veganism, save the animals, I feel so great, my energy is limitless, this is the diet of the gods” crap. Well you know what, I don’t take back anything I’ve ever said about following a vegan diet. I did have more energy than ever, I did feel my best, I did have improved concentration and lowered risk of heart disease, while also doing the best possible thing for the environment and stand up agains the unethical treatment of animals. But as much as veganism was so right for me 2 years ago, it no longer is, and here is why.  Continue Reading

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November Obsessions

I saw a quote image on Instagram yesterday that said: January, February, March *BLINK* December. So. Damn. Accurate. The year’s almost already over, and although so much has changed in the last few months, I can hardly believe how fast it’s gone by. So, as a little tribute to the month of November which felt like it lasted about 45 minutes, here are the things I fell in love with. Continue Reading

Melbourne Travel

Healthy City Guide to Melbourne

Last month I went to Sydney and basically concluded holy crap, love that place, gotta move there ASAP, where can I sign up. This weekend Stef and I got together for another jam packed #vicandstef adventure, but this time in Melbourne. I’m gonna be super unoriginal here and say OMG I freakin LOVE that city, what’s the rent like? Is that house for sale? Where can I sign up. I sound like a broken record I know, but Melbourne really blew me away. Where Sydney has more of the outdoorsy beachy side, Melbourne is just hustling with such unique energy that I can’t even put my finger on why I love it so much. It probs has something to do with the hustle…y’all know how much I love the hustle. In any case, Stef and I spent 3 days (what seemed like 3 weeks) exploring the city in it’s entirety, walking from one yoga studio to the next and stopping at every brunch spot on the way (let’s just call it #bulking?). We’ve tried and tested many of the city’s best healthy hotspots (we’d need another 2 months to try them all, which in that case we’d probably be rolling down the street not walking cuz vegan pancakes..), and compiled all our favs into this little guide! If you’re off to Melbourne soon, know someone that is, or just want to dream about a future trip, have a scroll, enjoy and make sure you book yourself more than 3 days to get all this done (trust me).  Continue Reading

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Kitchen Essentials Part 1: Health Food Store

I’ve been contemplating putting together a little “kitchen staples” list for a while, including all my “must haves”. And then I realized; I take up 3 drawers, 2 cupboard and 60% of the fridge to store my food AKA my flatmates hate me and that would be an effing long list. So I decided to break it up between the 3 main places I buy my food: health food stores, grocery stores and the farmer’s market. Here is part 1, my health food store kitchen essentials. Why do I buy these products at health food stores and not grocery stores? Well the grocery store version of most of these products tend to be full of crap, so I really make sure I buy the real-deal, organic version. Where as I can find raw, spray-free almonds in the grocery store, I can’t find a good organic, vegan protein powder. So here’s my list, hopefully this will give you some inspiration for next time you’re browsing through your local health food store, wondering what is all this hippie stuff and what do I do with it?! Continue Reading

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Raw Asian-Style Kelp Salad

When people say tell you you can’t eat peanut butter at every meal, challenge them with this salad. I’ve recently gotten into kelp noodles and i’ll be totally honest with you, they don’t taste of much. But mix em up in a big salad, and they add perfect texture while soaking up the flavour of whatever you mix them in (therefore I obviously doused them in peanut butter). Tangy, sweet and savoury, this babe of a salad is such a winner.  Continue Reading

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The Ultimate Aussie Giveaway!

I’ve been in Australia for 4 months now *cue rant about time flying*, and safe to say this place is just as much of a #fitgirl heaven as I thought it would be. There are health food stores everywhere, delicious organic snacks all over, and you can even find specialty vegan & gluten-free goodies in your grocery store. All this to say that that the Aussies are absolutely killing the health & wellness game, and Stef and I thought it would only be fair to share it with you guys. We’ve piled up lots of goodies from our favourite healthy Aussie brands and created an ultimate Aussie giveaway box, open world-wide, with over $100 worth of stuff! We have 3 to give out so listen up for details and how to enter! Continue Reading

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The Ultimate Grain-Free Porridge

Today is National Oatmeal day!!! It’s a day where everyone can come together and enjoy the amazingness that is oatmeal. What a perfect occasion. I had initially planned a full blog post where I rant and praise oatmeal for being the most perfect breakfast food to have reached our kitchens. This post was to include 5 bomb oatmeal recipes, but last Friday I went to the naturopath and she suggested I go gluten-free for a few weeks. My first thought when she said “try keep off oats” was: “kay but like what about that blog post I was gonna write.” Not even kidding. Anyway, I thought I’d still join in on the oatmeal festivities, but instead create a healthy, tasty, grain-free version for all my gluten-free friends out there. This combo is so delish you’ll never guess that it’s ingredients make it arguably a salad…

Continue Reading

Sydney Travel

Healthy City Guide to Sydney

If there was one thing I was not gonna miss out on during my time in Australia, it was a visit to Sydney. Actually, Sydney was #1 on my list before even moving to Australia. If you follow the whole health & wellness scene on Instagram at all, you know what I’m talking about. It’s as if literally EVERYTHING is based in Sydney. Scrolling through my feed would usually look something like:

“Omg that acai bowl looks unreal where’s that cafe?” Sydney.

“Woaah that yoga studio is beautiful, where’s that space?” Sydney.

“I love those leggings, where can I buy them?” Sydney.

“Damn that chick’s fit as hell, is she from here too?” Nope, she’s in Sydney. Obviously. Since she’s probably wearing those leggings, on her way to that yoga studio after picking up a juice at that cafe.

With Sydney being pretty much the furthest city in the world from where I was, the only way to describe how I felt was:  (-.-)  –> unimpressed face

So now that I have fiiiinally made my way to this side of the world, you betcha I did not miss out on my chance to spend a few days in this amazing city.

Stef and I spent 3 days full to the frikin brim (as we do) running around the city frantically (classic) trying out every yoga studio, fitness class, healthy cafe we possibly could. Here’s everything we did compiled into a neat little guide so that you can do the same next time you shoot this place a visit! But maybe go for more than 3 days if you’re actually planning on getting some sleep during your trip. Continue Reading

Sydney Travel

The Sydney Wellness Festival 2016


Sydney is literally health & wellness heaven. They have all those cool cafes you see on Insta with monster vegan pancake stacks, gyms on every street corner, and about 80% of the population is strolling around in activewear. This weekend I finally flew over for a visit. Not only did I get to try all the healthy cafes and sick studios, I spent a full day at the Wellness Festival, hosted by Colour and Coconuts. The event was an inspiration overload to say the least. It was literally like Hey! Let’s throw all the most inspiring people in the industry in this fabulously funky location, open up a big wellness market with healthy food & organic products, invite a shit ton of like-minded people and gift them with ridiculous goodie bags. Like um okay? I dunno, I guess that sounds pretty cool? No. It sounds f-ing amazing. And it was. For those of you that weren’t able to make it, here’s the low-down. Continue Reading