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August Obsessions

Aaaaand August is over. Like what, how, where did the summer go, and how on earth is it already September again. It’s only the first week of the month and I’m already seeing people Instagraming about spiced things or pumpkin this and that, like no I refuse. I absolutely love fall (apple picking, thanksgiving, pumpkin pie, when you can dress cute in boots and scarves but it’s not actually that cold) but like common, give me a minute. The 30th of August were all still rocking jean shorts sipping on strawberry smoothies in the sun and then BAM, next day; hide your legs, it’s all about blankets and soup now. Give a girl at least a 1 day transition time to change her nail polish from white to taupe please. In any case, whether I like it or not, the month is over, so it’s time to go back and look at a few of my August obsessions. 

  1. Charlotte Tibury lipliner. IMG_3393         So this is unrelated to health and fitness, but I was thinking that I shouldn’t restrict my monthly obssessions posts, and just put everything and anything I loved this month. So in August I fell in love with super smooth, sexy red lip liner that will literally last an entire evening, 2 glasses of wine, a 4 coursed meal and a good night kiss. Charlotte Tilbury is a UK brand (how fitting since I spent the month in London) and they don’t test on animals nor do their suppliers (bonus points!).
  2. Spinning at Ride RepublicRR Burn Board-9 copyIf you haven’t already, check out my full review on this awesome, London spin studio here. But to sum it up: although I am one to push myself when I exercise, I rarely feel like I’m about to pass out and this class does that (yes it’s a good thing). It makes me feel like I’m about to fall off the bike, onto the floor and most probably stay there for a bit unless my spin shoes stay fixed on the pedals, in which case I may just hang on the side. The energy, the atmosphere, the organization, everything about this studio is on f-ing point, and I will really miss these killer HIIT sessions when I leave London.
  3. Kale chips. 2015-09-05 13.59.26I know, how basic of me. I’m almost embarrassed to put these in cuz like wow Vic you’re about 2 years behind the trend, I feel like I’ve just moved on from my Blackberry or something. But I will admit, I tried my hand at making my own kale chips for the first time a few weeks ago and who knew it was so easy?!?! Not me. I literally just massaged the leaves with some pumpkin seed oil, threw them in the oven for about 15 minutes, sprinkled with nutritional yeast and voila! The other night I came home after a night out and instead of reaching for the peanut butter (the classic go-to 2am snack am I right?!? Really hoping I’m not alone on this *enter monkey with hands on eyes emoji*), I actually baked some kale chips. When it’s actually managed to replace peanut butter, you know that’s true love.
  4. Aveda smooth infusion hair balm. IMG_3359Another non-health/fitness related obsession because even though most things I like come in the form of food or ways in which I can put my body through strenuous activities, also do like girly hair products. And in terms of girly hair products, this one kills the game. I have quite thin hair and always struggle with hair thickening products since all they actually do is make your hair dry which in turn makes it look “thicker” I guess but it’s like bro, now I have a new problem with dry hair so… Any who, don’t know what they put in this stuff but it makes my hair silky soft while giving it some real volume so it’s a winner in my books.
  5. Medjool dates from Selfidge’s food hall.IMG_3385          I was working at the Tanya’s Cafe food stall in Selfridge’s London, and right opposite us was the fresh produce stall. I was drooling from far over the big plum figs and cute little cherry tomatoes, but then my friend went over and picked up a little take out box with about 8 big fat dates. I honestly never really let myself buy dates because I knew they would all be gone before I’ve even unpacked the grocery bags, but I tried one of the ones she bought and sweeeeeet jesus. Amazing. It was so freaking fleshy and moist, like these must have been mutant dates cuz I swear they’re never this fleshy. But in any case I obviously had to go pick some up for myself. Since I’m not currently following a meal plan, and can snack on what I want, I’m miiilking it and abusing the medjool date + PB combo cuz let’s be real here, nothing beats it. Rien, Nada, Niet.

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